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Jo Seung Woo And Bae Doona To Make Return To TV

Bae Doona and Jo Seung Woo will be making their return to TV in the upcoming tvN drama Forest of Secrets.

Jo Seung Woo stars as a cold and lonely prosecutor who lost the ability to feel emotions following a brain surgery in his youth. He's lonely because the prosecutor’s office is full of corruption, and for eight years he’s stood alone as the sole prosecutor who’s held onto his integrity. One day, a corpse is dropped in front of him, and in chasing a serial murderer, he ends up in a labyrinth of mysteries and corruption within his department.

Bae Doona will play a warm and lonely cop who graduated from the police academy and served her time in bottom-rung positions, and finally earned her spot in the violent crimes unit. She’s only two months into her shiny new job as a detective, but she’s respected by the veterans and acknowledged for her skills. She’s the first on the scene when Jo Seung Woo discovers the corpse, and they’ll end up cooperating on the case.

[More Character Descriptions]
Lee Jun Hyuk has been confirmed to  play Jo Seung Woo’s colleague, a handsome and successful prosecutor who has an inferiority complex because of his background. Shin Hye Sun is considering the part of a prosecutor trainee from a prestigious background, full of pride but eager to prove herself. And Lee Kyung Young has joined the cast in an unspecified role, though I can guess that he’s probably not a very nice character. The actor specializes in cold executives and is practically dramaland’s representative for The Man. At least he’s good at it.

The drama will be 100 percent pre-produced and is preparing to start filming soon. The drama is currently in discussion for either a Monday-Tuesday or Friday-Saturday time slot.

Sources: Soompi Dramabeans
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