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jonghyun to release story. op. 2 in first half of year!

so, earlier today on a (prerecording) of blue night radio jonghyun was asked by weekly fixed guest (and resident super shawol) soran's go young bae what his plans are for the year - you know, musically. he responded by saying the above: that his second compilation album, story. op. 2, will be related this year, tentatively in the first half of the year though he still has to discuss it with sm.

the date is new but the release happening isn't new!information! to most shawols because: during his last two solo concerts last month jonghyun confirmed his working on the album. he said it was going to be released during the first concert and then, the following day, came back to say that sm's a&r team had sent him a message after hearing what he said that was like: "ah, so we're releasing story. op. 2?" so, basically. jonghyun wanted to release it. he said it publicly and now it's happening, lol.

it's likely that he's gonna follow the same format as he did last time around: the album including enhanced / redone versions of songs that he released on his radio show. so far his unreleased include: "warm winter", "staring into space", "my friend", "love is so nice" and "1000". so, he'll probably have a few new / unheard songs on there as well.

source(s): fyjjong (via @z0eyyy) ■ k-pop world *-* ■ @thatcoolcatmeow (i / ii)
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