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The Return of Bangtan Gayo! Track 10: 2016 BTS Ranking

(VLIVE link)

[Ranking spoilers]What's the best Killing Part that made your heart race?
1. Intro to Blood Sweat & Tears
2. Yoongi's line in Miss Right
3. Jungkook's line in Whalien 52 (we learn that Hoseok wrote it in this ep)

Which song relieves your stress?
1. Cypher pt.3: Killer
2. Fire
3. Cypher pt.4
4. Heungtan/Boyz with Fun
5. Am I Wrong

What's the best sweet song (to listen to) before you go to bed?
1. Butterfly
2. Just One Day
3. Miss Right
4. Blanket Kick
5. I Like It

Which song describes BTS' identity the best?
1. Fire
2. Dope
3. Blood Sweat & Tears
4. I Need U
5. Heungtan/Boyz With Fun

Which song made you a fan of BTS?
1. I Need U
2. Dope
3. Boy In Luv
4. Etc. (Note: I'm guessing various songs?)
5. War of Hormone

Best BTS songs picked by fans in 2016
1. 2! 3! (Still Wishing There Will Be Better Days)
2. Save Me
3. I Need U
4. Blood Sweat & Tears

5. Tomorrow

SOURCE: vhynie09 | VLIVE
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