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Backstage @ Seoul Fashion Week SS17 via MUTZINE

Hi Omona!

I haven't posted in here for a while but since I see some fashion posts here doing well, I think you guys would enjoy these backstage videos from Seoul Fashion Week held this past October. They really capture the atmosphere that sets Korea's premiere fashion event apart from the others. Hopefully they also help inspire your looks for the upcoming Spring/Summer season~

NOHANT first gained popularity in 2015 due to the Love City collection produced alongside Yoo Ah In. Riding that wave of success the brand was able to secure a slot to show at Seoul Fashion Week for the FW16 season. The SS17 collection titled Université de Nohant is inspired by the casual silhouettes that mirror student lounges and university hallways. The fun part about SFW is that the models tend to really get into the concepts since the backstage did in fact look like it was full of undergrads loitering about!

[Two more videos! Vlades & Kimmy J]

VLADES first showed at Seoul Fashion Week in SS16 as part of the Generation Next showcase. The brand seemed a bit too edgy at the time but now, a year later, it looks like the whole underground hip-hop/goth look has gone more mainstream as this was a very popular show with the young & trendy crowd. The runway show was pretty intense but backstage the models broke from the From Far East Thug character & goofed off. Haha. (See backstage photos !)

This was one of my personal favorite shows at Seoul Fashion Week. Kimmy J first came onto the SFW roster at the same time VLADES did. Her inspiration has always come from from Rock & Roll and the SS17 collection 7696 Karma mashed 70's psychedelia with 90's holographic dreams. This show was the first one of the last day of fashion week so I think the models' energy levels were a bit low ... but everyone was super psyched that Hyuna came around! (See the full looks + backstage photos!)


These videos were produced (by me) for MUTZINE in collaboration with YoHomeGirl. If you want to see more of these types of videos please show your appreciation & support by liking the video & subscribing to her channel! She's posting up two more backstage videos in the coming weeks & we're working on new content to be up soon too!

If you want to learn a lot more about Korean fashion please buy MUTZINE Issue 01! Sales are literally funding this whole operation! Thanks!

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