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MAMAMOO Concert Tickets Sold Out Within 1 Minute

[INFO] 170126 MAMAMOO's 2nd concert '2017 MAMAMOO CONCERT MOOSICAL Curtain Call' tickets sold out in just 1 minute

Girl group MAMAMOO has proven their popularity through ticket sales.

On January 25, tickets for MAMAMOO′s solo concert MAMAMOO CONCERT MOOSICAL Curtain Call opened at 8PM KST and sold out within 1 minute of opening.

As soon as ticketing for MAMAMOO′s solo concert opened, thousands of users rushed into the ticketing site and 10,000 seats were immediately sold out.

Although this concert only comes 7 months after their first solo concert, which was held in August 2016, the demand has shown to be extremely high, especially for a girl group.

A representative of MAMAMOO shared, "The concert, which will be held on March 3-5, will feature a huge live band as well as a variety of performances of the group′s hit songs. The concert, which will last for three days, will feature a special stage with a slight change for each concert day."

Meanwhile, MAMAMOO will be holding their solo concert MAMAMOO CONCERT MOOSICAL Curtain Call on March 3-5.

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