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WHAT HAVE SECRET BEEN UP TO LATELY? More than you'd expect, surprisingly!

Celebrating Their Seven Year Anniversary With Fans!
(click on the image for a link)

(a second one, because tech-grandma Hana accidentally turned off their vlive)

It's a really funny and illuminating VLIVE, and though it's SUPER long, I would highly recommend it, if only for the frequent interruptions from Bling and a little insight into how they've been managing since Sunhwa's departure

[Hyosung wins SBS Drama Award for Best Genre Actress!]

She wins it for her work in Wanted! She plays a genius hacker who works at a TV broadcasting station and helps Kim ah Joong's character of top actress, to save her son from a kidnapper!

@secrettimehs: #SBS #연기대상 #원티드#Wanted #2016SBSDramaAwards #전효성
#서수경실장님 #채연언니 #민지 #제니하우스 #혜민샘 #지수샘 Thank you to the staff who took our beautiful photos today. The last day of 2016 #HappyNewYear 🙏🏻💕🎉✨📷

[Jieun at the KBS Drama Awards!]

she didn't win any awards, but looked cute as a bun ^__^

[Hyosung creates an instagram solely for her cat, Bling]
Continuing to be an old cat lady (as shown by her fancams where she ignores fans in favour for their pets at fansigns), Hyosung creates cat_blingdarling for her baby.

The full experience is to scroll through her whole feed, but some gems include:

[Secret FanMeeting in Japan!]
A Christmas themed fanmeet, there was a lot of cheer and happiness to go around! Japan remains one of Secret's bigger audiences for music, so there's been a steady flow of trips over there!

[Hana and her Instagram Photoshoot]
Unfortunately, I left this post too late! Hana's instagram got hacked/deleted near the end of November, so I don't have the original post and the photographer's name anymore, but I do have copies, bc I saved all of them!

Plus bonus:

[Jieun does V-LIVE with Lee Wongeun!]

click on image for link to v live! skip to @11:00 for Jieun's segment!

[Hana gets a V-APP channel and uploads Periscope!]

click on image for vlive! Although nothing has been uploaded yet, Hana's been excited about it on her instagram and twitter, so something might be upcoming, if only more livestreams like her livestreams on periscope

speaking of periscopes, she had one the other day! No subtitles however, though she does attempt to speak english, japanese and french.

[Jieun in My Secret Romance!]

Actor Sung Hoon and member of the Korean girl group Secret Song Ji-Eun are cast for the new drama “My Secret Romance.” The drama is still in pre-production.

Confirmation about Song’s appearance is reported by Yonhap News Agency. This will be her first time to be the lead character in the drama.

Song is a lead singer of Secret, a girl group which was debuted in 2009. Aside from her activity in Secret, she also released one solo album in 2013 “Hope Torture” and some singles. In her acting job, she made a cameo appearance in the 2012 KBS2 drama “Family” and a guest role in two KBS dramas “Pure Love” in 2013 and “Sweet Home, Sweet Honey” in 2015.

Prior to Song joining the cast member of “My Secret Romance,” Sung Hoon has already confirmed to play the male lead character few days earlier as reported by SE Daily. The 33-year old actor’s latest project was a lead character in the movie “Come Back to Busan Port” as twin brother of Lee Jung-Jin and KBS drama “Five Enough.” He is mostly known to play personal trainer of So Ji-Sub in tvN drama “Oh My Venus.”

Production of “My Secret Romance” is handled by the production company that produce the currently air drama “Something About 1%” Godin Media. The drama tells about a story of a one night stand between a second generation chaebol played by Sung-Hoon and a woman (Song). After she left him in the morning, they never meet again for three years.

When they meet again, things have completely changed. The chaebol party-goers has transformed into a serious workaholic director of a company, and the woman is now a professional nutritionist hired by his company.

Their encounter slowly ignites the spark of the short term romance three years before. So, they start to think about a fresh relationship that is more meaningful than three years ago.

this article is from a couple of months back! Now there are a couple of teasers and some behind the scenes pictures, although they're still in filming/post-production stage!

there seems to be a webtoon based on the series starting in feb 4th, if you're interested in spoilers and can read korean!

the official teaser below!

[Jieun stars on Beauty Show with fashion and makeup tips for everybody!]

Jieun's been in a large series about beauty and makeup for the Beauty Station for the past couple of months, and she's been both a model for it and an advisor? i've only seen a couple of episodes, because i'm not really interested in that stuff, but it looks pretty awesome!

The full playlist is here with english subs provided by the website themselves!

[Jieun for BNT International!]

[All of Secret Go On Duet Song Festival!]

Unfortunately, not at the same time! Hyosung was on a while back, when she was still promoting Find Me, and Jieun went with Hana and Daehyun!

Although Jieun's piece is uploaded to Youtube, Hana's song was not! However, the link to the full episode of their feauturing is here!

[Jieun's Bobby Doll Promotions]
I'm getting a little tired, so not going to do too many of these, but some memorable outfits were:

I wish I had the individual links, but i stole all of these from her instagram back when Bobby Doll was still promoting! I hope that's okay mods ;;

[Hyosung on Knowing Brothers with Kyungri!]
Hell this was supposed to have been done back during my roundup in July, but I missed it somehow. Hyosung was on Knowing Brothers with Kyungri and she has a lot of fun on the show, involving making Heechul stutter and taking off her outerpants with her feet.

watch here!

[Hyosung for Noblesse Men!]

For lack of better things, they've been going to a LOT of fashion shows. Hyosung was at the Busan Fashion Show, the Shanghai fashion show, and the usual Hera Seoul Fashion Week, the latter with Hana. Jieun's been to one in Japan. I'm not linking to all of them, because their fashion was questionable at best, with huge fur pimp coats and leather skirts, but they met a lot of old white people who supposedly big names in the fashion industry, so I'm happy for them.

[Hyosung with B.A.P at Thats My Jam set]

zelo said something like, sonamoo came to the set as well, but he didn't take a picture with them?

himchan said something like, hyosung noona, who is an actress came to the mv set, i must put on my manner face.

daehyun said something that links to tadah bap, saying that the Governor came to the filming set, and that he'll do more in the future!

[Hana releases snippet of potential new song?]

And finally, I'm ending with pure delusion! Hana recently published this on her twitter, and I'm desperately hoping that it's for their new album or her solo release. Or something.

there have been a lot of dance practise videos from Hana ever since she got her pilates teaching certificate as well! She looks better than ever! Maybe this will lead to a cb, who knows?

Don't forget to watch Introverted Boss as it comes out, and support Hyosung! She's been doing a really good job with acting from the clips that I've seen posted to omona so far, so I'm really excited. This took three hours to make, and it's 4am now, but I hope it's okay mods!

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