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Korean drama 'Good Doctor' to be remade in U.S.

The popular South Korean TV series "Good Doctor" will be remade in the United States, the local subsidiary of its producer said Saturday.

According to KBS America, the KBS series will be remade by U.S. broadcaster ABC for a pilot run with David Shore of the hit American series "House" writing the script. Sony Pictures Television will be in charge of production, it said.

The Korean series, which aired in 2013, depicted the lives of pediatric surgeons and the romance between an autistic savant (Joo Won) and his senior coworker (Moon Chae-won). The U.S. version will also feature a young surgeon with the same condition who is hired by the pediatric department of the country's top hospital.

"Only eight out of 200 dramas are made into pilot programs in Hollywood," said Yu Konshik, president of KBS America. "In Hollywood, it's considered the same as winning the lottery." Yu expressed hope that the pilot version will be well received by U.S. audiences so that the drama can air formally air in September.

This sounds promising! I loved House and would marathon it for weeks at a time.

Yonhap News
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