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January K-indie post: the smooth R&B edition!

Venirus feat. Rheehab - Hour, minute, second (시간이 가고 있어)

This song combines a watery-sounding backing track and a vocal delivery that almost reminds me of Loco in some places. Venirus also has his own Youtube channel.

Jayci Yucca (Feat. Nodsgn) - About Time

Jayci Yucca delivers some pretty nice vocals in this laid-back R&B track.

SABO feat. Blocka - Unseen

This is a groovy track with an interesting hook, and the vocal contrast between SABO and Blocka provides an extra layer of interest.

#zzuno feat. Twelve - I Know

This fairly minimalist track features a piano chord hook, sparse trap beats and smooth vocals for a relaxing listen.

Koh Nayoung - Cold Night, You Were Warm


Koh Nayoung is formerly an MBK soloist and is currently on B/OND Crew as of this year. She also has a Spotify page.

Limzy (림지) - 자꾸

Although he's featured on others' tracks before, this is Limzy's debut release as a solo artist. You can also watch him perform the song live.

Other Releases This Month:
  • December - Pops in Seoul interview/performances
  • NODAY - Be Cool feat. Andrew Choi
  • Choi Ye Guen Band - Adult M/V

    Source: veniiiocean soundcloud | VENIRUS youtube | jcjcjcjc12 soundcloud | SABO soundcloud | #zzuno だいすき! soundcloud | kt music | itunes | Spotify | Bugs youtube | Vlue Vibe Records youtube
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