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First Teaser for New OCN Drama "Tunnel"

In the teaser, Choi Jin Hyuk rides an old-fashioned bicycle along a tunnel while humming to Cho Young Pil’s famous ’80s hit “Leopard of Kilimanjaro” coming out of the rickety cassette player strapped to his bike. When he emerges on the other side, he’s no longer in his time, but suddenly in a wholly different era—present-day Korea—where the pop song IOI’s “Pick Me” plays loudly from an adolescent’s earphones. Wondering at all the modern marvels, Choi Jin Hyuk thinks inside: “I know I definitely was in 1986…”

Tunnel is about a detective from the past, played by Choi Jin Hyuk, who travels to the future (our present) to solve the cold case of the homicide of a female university student that occurred in 1980. He’s a hot-blooded, humanistic investigator who uses mostly instinct and perseverance to track down his leads.

His methods are a far cry from his urbane present-day counterpart, played by Yoon Hyun Min, who uses only cold cut facts and hard forensic evidence to determine his suspects. Despite their initial misgivings about each other, their unorthodox partnership leads to results in their pursuit of a seemingly unsolvable case. Lee Yoo Young plays a psychology professor who profiles serial killers and joins the investigation.

OCN’s Tunnel will air in March after Voice finishes its run.

Sources: Dramabeans | OCN Youtube
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