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BTS Talks About Billboard Top 100, Sewol Ferry Tragedy & "Glass Ceiling"

Group BTS kicks off their world tour. On the 18th afternoon at 3PM, BTS held "2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III in Seoul" press conference at Gocheok Sky Dome.

On this day, J Hope stated, "The choreography of Spring Day is energetic yet detailed and delicate. We planned our moves philosophically to fit the sentiments of contemporary dance.". He continued, "We could say that "Not Today" is going to be great. The biggest characteristics of this song is that its powerful and energetic but  it's amazing because there's a story in hit.", he emphasized, "It's the greatest.". He then added, "I think you'll be able to watch the new song performances in 1 hour on Gocheok stage.  I think our fans will enjoy.".

Regarding the 700,000 in pre-order for "WINGS Extension", BTS replied, "Pre-order for "WINGS" was 500,000 copies and until last year, we recorded 770,000 copies in sale but we were very surprised when we heard that we received 700,000 copies in pre-order. We think we are able to have high album sales because of the love they give us. We think it's right for us to repay them with better music."
They expressed their happiness for the great love they received. BTS said, "We don't know if we deserve all this love. We received love from around the world. We even entered the Billboard Chart 200 and UK Chart. We learned that many happy moments like this can exist.".

Jin talked about their secret behind popularity. He said, "We have grown/improved continuously. There's no one who hasn't grown/improved.", he then joked," Some of our members have improved a lot visually. But I've been good looking from the beginning.". He continued, "We have great chemistry between our members. Recently, we were asked what was the strength of our members and all 7 of us wrote "our chemistry" which surprised us all.".

BTS said with a smile, "Our personal goal for 2017 would be to enter the Billboard Hot 100 and that is our biggest goal. Billboard Hot 100 is the "100" that's dreamed by every artist." When they were asked about the secret behind their popularity in the US and around the world, they replied, "We believe familiar sound is the secret. We think the message that's beyond the emotions and language which connects the youths are conveyed well."

Regarding the interpretation of "Spring Day" music video talks about the Sewol Ferry tragedy, Rap Monster revealed, "I'm careful to talk about the Sewol Ferry tragedy but as a citizen of the country, I do believe we should feel responsible.", he continued, "We thought we could send our condolences if we could. We donated because we wanted to help the Sewol Ferry tragedy projects, psychology consultations for the victim families, etc.".

Rap Monster also explained, "I did read a post that said the music video of "Spring Day" reminded them of Sewol Ferry Tragedy. As for the music video of "Spring Day", every viewer can have a different interpretation of the music or the music video because it depends on their mind so we wish to leave this open."

They also answered to the "Glass Ceiling" controversy. Rap Monster first explained the meaning they tried to convey with "Glass ceiling" and emphasized that they did not use "Glass Ceiling" without proper understanding. He replied, "I read "Does BTS have the right to talk about "glass ceiling" when they are a successful idol group?". We used the word to state that we won't stay silent about the social and unreasonable matters and we will join them in breaking these problems and problem-posing." He added, "We read books together and discuss the problems together with experts from each field. It's true that we still lack a lot but we believe that we can grow by listening to criticisms and by thinking. We will humbly accept criticisms and accept to improve."

BTS who holds different records as an idol group, Rap Monster said, "The most meaningful record was entering the Billboard 200 at No. 26 but we also believe that being the first Korean artist to enter the UK Chart is very meaningful. "Spring Day" entered "iTunes Song Chart" at No. 8 and we heard we're the first Korean artist after PSY senior."
BTS smiled and said, "We would like to stand in the stadiums performed by the US top singers like Madonna and Maroon 5. As a result, our another goal is to do a stadium tour. We also want to meet the fans in Africa.".

1. As expected from BTS who we trust listening to +2737 -494
2. BTS fighting! I really love Spring Day and Not Today +2146 -338
3. Spring Day is so mellow and nice +2000 -301
4. Should they be criticized and judged for mentioning the irrationalities of the society and voicing out to make changes just because they're popular, well off and loved by the people? They're actually in the position to lose more things by making such remarks but they're thinking about these issues with us at a young age so shouldn't they be clapped for supporting? +1961 -302
5. Let's end the concert successfully! +1929 -305
6. I can feel how thoughtful they are from their words. I can't believe they're so young... kids like them should succeed no matter what +491 -43
7. Looks like they are a thoughtful group. It's cool +454 -37
8. As a person who supports the families of Sewol tragedy, I'm very grateful when idols support like this.. there are so many people who say public figures shouldn't make such statements but it's nice to see them supporting and I support you +416 -37
9. They are a mature group that's not like an idol group +431 -43
10. Rap Monster talks well.. I'm enjoying all the nice songs by BTS ^^ I hope you will end your tour safely. +384 -28
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