adenar (adenar) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

Guesthouse Daughters: Episode 2

Highlights include:

  • Ultimate clean freak Lee Dahae and The Great Sock Folding Debate of 2017

  • First guest: senior actor Park Joong-hoon (Two Cops, Nowhere To Hide, Radio Star), Misook's #1 fan

  • Going through Park Joong-hoon's luggage

  • Heartfelt discussion about aging as an actor/actress, being typecast and the difficulties of acting

  • Trying to eat black bean sauce noodles with four-foot-long chopsticks and trying to eat a whole lime in one go

KBS World TV

this episode was really fun! an hour and a half is a bit too long for me though.
Tags: actor/actress, comedian / mc, kbs, lee da hae, tv shows

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