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DGNA, Cross Gene, MYNAME and APEACE members to star in Power Rangers!

It was revelead today that members of DGNA, Cross Gene, MYNAME and APEACE will be staring in Power Rangers Dino Force Brave! The show was shot last year in october and it's finally airing! It will have 12 episodes and be broadcast in Korea starting on April 1st on Champ, Anione and Anibox (from April 5th on JEITV, Animax, Daekyo and KBS kids). There is still no information about when it will air in Japan. There will be two episodes per week.

The cast includes: DGNA's Injun (Green Ranger), Cross Gene's Seyoung (Gold Ranger), APEACE's Sehyun (Blue Ranger) and Sungho (Black Ranger), MYNAME's Seyong (Red Ranger) and Lee Yujin (Pink Ranger).

Small video previewCollapse )

credit: daikokudanji.com, tuesmontresor
Tags: cross gene, drama, myname, nugu

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