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Leads Finalized for New TVN Drama 'Circle'

Upcoming tvN sci-fi mystery drama Circle has its leading lady with the casting of Gong Seung Yeon. Kim Kang Woo and Yeo Jin Goo have already confirmed their roles.

Boasting an experimental format with segments from two timelines (2017 and 2037), Circle deals with alien visitors (who believe that emotions have to be eradicated in order for there to be a future for humanity) arriving on Earth. In the 2017 story, they’re recent arrivals, and humans learn skills from them and also how to take advantage of them. In the 2037 timeline, we see how events have transpired in the intervening years.

Gong Seung Yeon’s character is in the 2017 storyline, and is a university student alongside Yeo Jin Goo’s character who’s described as the crux of a mysterious event that links present and future. It’s not clear how either of them will be linked to Kim Kang Woo’s character, who’s a violent-crimes detective in the 2037 storyline, but I expect some Signal-like interplay between the two realities.

Circle is being considered for a late-night timeslot on Fridays and Saturdays on tvN.

Sources: Soompi | Dramabeans

This seems very ambitious but I'm excited for it. The writers of Six Flying Dragons and Tree With Deep Roots are the showrunners and they have a team of four scriptwriters.
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