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OMONA'S PICK: 15 amazing English Covers by K-Pop Artists

This one was as fun to make as it was difficult.
Over the years k-pop artist have graced us with many beautiful covers of their favorite english song, and when I say many I mean A LOT.
Choices had to be made, maybe your fave cover made the list maybe it didn't, good thing is you can always spam the comment section with what you think are some of the greatest covers.

OP's note: I tried to focus on artist who had already debuted and avoid any reality television competition show like K-pop Star otherwise the list would be too damn long.
That being said, SuPearls rendition of "Fame", Lee Hi's “Rolling in the Deep” and Jimin cover of "Over the rainbow" are pretty great.

♪ Day6 - "She will be loved" ♪
Picking a cover from day6 is like chosing your favorite star in the night sky: impossible
There's just too many to choose from and all of them are excellent.
And I'm not saying you should listen to all of their covers, but I'm saying exactly that.

The next 3 covers don't really need much introduction.
You just have to listen and be blown away

♫ Ailee - "Girl On Fire" ♫

♪ HyoRin Ft. Yiruma - "Halo"♪

♫ Bo Hyung - "Hello" ♫

♪ LUNAFLY - "When I was your man" ♪
O Lunafly, Lunafly! wherefore art thou Lunafly?

♫ VROMANCE - "Love On Top" ♫
I know, I know, I might be a bit biased here but you can't deny those harmonies, those voices, ...
Those puppies have constantly delivered some pretty amazing covers incuding some oldies but goodies like Boyz II Men - I Do. I wish I sounded that good in my car or anywhere really.

♪ The Barberettes - "Be My Baby" ♪
The Barberettes, very much like DAY6, Lunafly or Vromance, never disappoint with their covers or any of their release really. These queens can do no wrong. Their retro sound is a delight for anyone whose in the mood for some doo-wop and their Xmas release are simply a must.

♫ Sam Kim - Stay With Me ♫

♪ Rap Monster x Jungkook – "Fools" ♪
I wasn't really expecting any k-pop act to cover Troye Sivan, but I'm very happy they did
The softness in their voices is perfect for this song and carry the emotions right to the listener's heart

♫ Yonghwa and IU – “Lucky” ♫
Smooth, well harmonized, perfectly delivered, what more do you need?
I these two were to release an whole album full of collab I wouldn't complain

♪ Super Junior - "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You" ♪

♫ CNBlue - "Wherever You Will Go" ♫
Remember when it was impossible to escape this song (yeah, I'm that ancient)

♪ MAMAMOO & BUMKEY - "All Of Me" ♪

♫ DreamCatcher - "Lucky Strike" ♫
Omona's new crush might still be nugus but they sure know how to make an entrance
Weeks after releasing one of the best debut song, they bewitched everybody with their fiery cover of Maroon 5's "Lucky Strike". Heartcatcher, Wigsnatcher, Moneygrabber, call them how you will but watch out for them all the same.

♪ Spica- "Get Lucky" ♪
And last but not least the fun one
The one that should be 4 minutes long, the one that'll put a smile on your face

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