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B1A4 The First Males (Ever) To Appear on The Cover Of Donga Magazine

Woman Donga Magazine is Korea's 1st Woman Magazine established on 1933..
B1A4 are their first male cover models in 84 years

March 6th 9am. 5 members of idol group B1A4 - Jinyoung, CNU, Sandeul, Baro, Gongchan, entered the studio with bright smiles on their faces.

After ending their solo concert in Feb and completing the promotions for their 3rd full length album, B1A4 was scheduled to fly into Japan that day's afternoon. Even with their Japan schedules, we managed to finished a 10 pages shoot and interview by 3:30pm successfully without any problems. In order to keep to our promised with fans, we revealed the filming scene through Instagram and Facebook live. At the scene where 1 hour felt like 1 minute, the laughters never ceased in the building. This was all thanks to the member's team work.

Debuting in 2011 with mini album Let's Fly, B1A4 has become a group that is receiving praises for their outstanding musicianship and acting skills. Leader Jinyoung who acted in Love in the Moonlight as the pure and noble Flower scholar is also a talented song writer, composer and producer. Sandeul who has gotten acknowledgement for his singing skills through MBC King of Masked singer as well as Shinwoo who inherited the talent from his trot singer Mother are becoming topics after participating in musicals. After 2013's drama Reply 1994, rapper Baro has gotten acknowledgement for his possibility as an actor and subsequently, he is coming back and forth on the small screens and acting actively. Gongchan has appeared in web drama "Taste of Love" and variety "Celebrity bromance". All these while as they grow constantly and widening the age group of the people giving them love, B1A4 who has matured into "National Idol", what kind of thoughts will they be having now?
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Q: Your fans age group are from the 10s all the way to the 50s. You seems to bond very well with BANAs, is there any know-how on how you communicate with your fans?

JY: Whenever we are unable to meet the fans, we head into the fan cafe. Over there, we leave messages, upload pictures, even though other singers are probably the same too, to us, fans are number 1. Since we are always treating them with sincerely, the fans knows our heart well too.

Q: You guys are famous for having good relationship with the members. Is it a result of working hard on it together?

BR: I was first picked up, followed by Jinyoung, Shinwoo, Gongchan and eventually Sandeul. When we first started out, in order for us to become close, we worked really hard. During our trainee days, the hyungs lead the younger ones well so whenever there are unhappiness, we will talk things out and meditate on the differences in opinions. As we do that, we realised we don't get into fights.

CNU: Everyone is good-hearted by nature.

JY: When we have our own activities, we become each other's fans and cheer on one another. We also do monitoring for one another.

Q: What is B1A4 for each of you?

CNU: Feels like myself. Feels like its contains everything of me.

BR: I came to know the hyungs since my first year in high school and because we spend our youths together, they are like my friends. My first and long-lasting friends.

JY: Family. I spent almost half my life with them, and they feel just like my family.

SD: My name. At first when we first started out as a singer, it was awkward. Now that I have spent 6 years together with the members, I want to be called B1A4 for the rest of my life.

GC: My heart. It has the meaning of five guys all running as one. (laughs)

BR: Wa! Then I want to change mine. Feels like people who can detoxify you when you are tired. Haha.

We did a on the spot "Awards among ourselves" questions. CNU and Sandeul fought neck-to-neck for the "Best eater award". CNU won the award for "No chilly days in the fridge" (means no empty fridge). Baro received the award for "No matter how tired I am, I have to set my clothes for the next day". As for the "Mood maker award", "Giving strength and comfort to each other when tired and difficult", "Nerd award", "Doing my best no matter what the rest gives me", we agreed that the awards goes to all of the members. For the most sensitive "Cry-baby award", we thought it would be Gongchan who cried buckets that day at the concert but surprisingly, everyone won that award.

BR: We are all crybabies when we speak our hearts. When Jinyoung makes a song, he is very sensitive. As for me, when I talk about my family or members whom I treasure a lot, I will swell up in tears.

SD: Shinwoo hyung cried in the shower when we first debuted.

CNU: However, it is not always that we pour our hearts. I hope you can know us as manly guys who play jokes on each other and are tough side too. (laughs)

Q: What do you mostly do when its rest time?

JY: I either write songs or watch movie. When I watch movie, I get experiences indirectly and because of that inspirations will also come when I write songs.

CNU: I like writing songs or resting in my spare time.

SD: Its good that I find it comfortable being by myself occasionally. At times like this, I will go to the cinema or the amusement park to play.

BR: Walking my dog, reading books, watching movies comfortably at home, as I do that, I study English too.

GC: I either exercise or in order to release stress, I play games. Haha.

Q: You are at the age you are interested in the opposite gender isn't it? What kind of girls attracts you?

JY: A girl who has good manners.

BR: Someone who matches well with me in terms of thoughts and words.

CNU: Someone who can embrace me well, as an example, someone with a motherly style would attract me.

GC: A girl who only has eyes for me and loves me.

SD: Someone who has my heart and is a pro at knowing how to be hot and cold.

Q: If you meet your ideal type, what kind of presents would you give them on White day?

BR: I would want to give her a soft and sweet chocolate milk as a gift. Especially Namyang Dairy Product's chocolate milk. I don't really drink the other brands.

JY: Rather than international brands, we like local brands more. (laughs).

CNU: I am mad about chocolate. It is to the point that I would fill my fridge with lots of chocolate milk in the beverages compartment. When we are at the filming site, I will also occasionally drink it. There are days you need sweet stuffs.

GC: I also like giving chocolates as gifts compared to candies. I like that it leaves a sweet after-feeling

Q: Who is the person you respect the most?

JY: Parents. When I was young I think that my parents are really cool and I respect them. I will definitely work hard to be someone like my parents.

CNU: Members. There are a lot of times when I feel like "It seems like I am working with the artist I like the most!" There are always friends whom I respect and are proud of.

SD: My father. As I get older and older, I come to feel even more strongly my father has as he carried such heavy burdens silently and came this far.

BR: The father of Korean's hip hop, Tiger JK. I started rapping because I heard his rapping. I respect his rapping style, as a person, he is also very nice and cool, there are a lot of things to learn from him.

GC: I also respect my father the most. I want to be a guy and father who is like my father, always being cool and shining.

Q: As B1A4 promotes, what is the stage that is the most memorable for you?

JY: Our debut stage. It is the first stage of our fulfilled dreams, and it is also the place where we first met our fans.

CNU: The concert we had in February. I am the most happy when I meet fans and spend time with them.

SD: I was very touched in that concert when the fans held up the slogan "We will be here no matter when". It is a moment that I would be able to forget.

GC: I also cannot forget that concert. My little brother came all the way to Seoul by himself in order to watch the concert, so I was really proud of him. I always feel that he is a young child, Doing well even by himself, as I see my brother growing up into a respectable young man, for some reason, I choked up.

BR: Our first concert. It is a dream since young to do live as we perform, to put into words the happiness I have to have that dream fulfilled, its hard.

Q: Are there any wishes you wish to fulfil this year?

JY: There are a lot of fans who are worried because I look weak, this year, I want to make "create a healthy body" as a goal. I am working out very hard now.

BR: It would be good if we can have another concert outdoors in summer this year. Personally, I want to be able to go on a solo backpacking trip in Europe.

SD: I want to travel into every inch of Korea with a tour-use bike with my bags on it. After that, I also want to challenge travelling overseas.

CNU: It would be good if we can release several albums. I want to spend another shining year with the members. Personally, there is nothing else other than health that I wish for. Healthy is the best.

GC: I want to show fans lots of good performances. I also want to travel around with the little brother who came to Seoul to watch the concert. When my family went for a trip, it was really a pity that he wasn't able to come along.

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