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Lee Jun Ki Wants What We All Want - Him in a Rom Com

During the episode of tvN’s “My Ear’s Candy” that aired on April 1, actor Lee Jun Ki brought up a complaint that he never gets any offers to appear in romantic comedies. The staff marveled at the cinematic and romantic shots they got of Lee Jun Ki and asked him why he hasn’t starred in any romantic comedies yet. As if he’d been waiting for someone to ask him that, the actor immediately replied, “It’s not that I haven’t been in any, it’s that I don’t get any offers for romantic comedies.”

He explained, “I get a lot of hero fantasy projects. Because I’ve done a lot of action scenes, I think my image as an actor has become set as an action star in the eyes of many. It’s frustrating, especially as I get older.”

Sources: Soompi/Naver

Omona, who would you want cast in a romcom with Lee Jun Ki?
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