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High School Rapper final performances and winner

Watch the show here 👉 KSHOW123 👈

Lee Dongmin ft Don Mills and G2

Kim Seonjae ft Hyorin

Kim Kyuheon ft Jessi and Babylon

Mark ft Seulgi

Choi Hamin ft FNRL and Homeboy

Yang Hong Won (Young B) ft Crucial Star

Jo Wonwoo (H2ADIN) ft Samuel Seo and Nucksal

[final ranking]Final ranking:

7. Mark - 184 votes
6. Kim Kyuheon - 189 votes
5. Lee Dongmin - 202 votes
4. Kim Seonjae - 224 votes
3. Jo Wonwoo - 243 votes
2. Choi Hamin - 244 votes
1. Yang Hongwon - 246 votes

Yang Hongwon ft Tiger JK

source: mnet official

pleased with the results? favourite performances? i really enjoyed all of them. i'm rooting for these kids to not be khh-messy and i want choi hamin to become big. i'm also rooting for seulgi to step all over me already

the show was picked up for a second season already.
Tags: crucial star, hip hop, hyorin, mnet, nct, red velvet, samuel seo, tiger jk

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