1:30 pm - 04/03/2017

Be.A releases individual videos showing off the members' skill

Ahead of their impending Spring comeback, Chrome Entertainment, Be.A's company, has released a series of videos of each member showcasing their particular talent.

Beginning with rapper MILLY and ending with leader and main vocal Honggyu, the videos have inspired excitement amongst the fans as they anticipate the group's much-delayed comeback.

MILLY (main rapper); Don't Worry
-- mixtape/rap song (self-written) (eng sub version here)

Yeongkyun (sub-vocal, dancer); First Time - Ginuwine
-- dance video (self-choreographed)

BomB (maknae, former contestent on Boys24); Acrobatics
-- actually a repurposed video uploaded to his Insta pre-debut

ATO (lead dancer); All That Matters - Justin Bieber
-- dance video (self-choreographed)

Honggyu (leader, main vocialist); 나비 (Butterfly) - XIA of JYJ
-- cover video

sources: don't worry - milly @ be.a official yt / ginuwine - first time by yeongkyun @ be.a official yt / bomb - acrobatic practice video @ be.a official yt / justin bieber - all that matters by ato @ be.a official yt / xia - butterfly by honggyu @ be.a official yt
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