7:48 pm - 04/03/2017

👫 IU Teases 2nd Album Pre-Release Track (With Oh Hyuk) 👫

[Original caption] dlwlrma: 사랑이 잘 with 오혁 / 4월 7일 / 사진 한다솜언니
[Translation] "'Love is really...' [tentative title as the sentence is kind of cut off] with Oh Hyuk / April 7th / Photo by Han Dasom unni"

sources: picture - IU's Instagram, translation - Team StarCandy's Twitter
mercury_sound 3rd-Apr-2017 08:40 pm (UTC)
Ohh, I didn't know the guys were friends already!
And yeah, it also gives me good vibes about IU & Ki-ha ... in so far as it doesn't sound like they hate each others' guts now.
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