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Hello OMONA!

As a frequent submitter of posts (my record is 7 posts a day, yes I have no life) I know the struggle of finding good sources. Especially new users that want to submit a post but don't know where to get good information might choose not to post at all. But don't worry cause the good sis goshipgurl is here today to bring you an

updated list of sources that are

Our last post with a list of possible sources was in 2009, wtf. Since then many sites have shut down (R.I.P.), new ones have seen the light and others got banned *cough* akpoop *cough*. I took time out of my busy life (ha who am I kidding) and tracked down as many news sites as possible. I'm dividing this post into three categories: General K-Entertainment Websites/Blogs/Forums, Newspapers and Sites in English and Translated Netizen Content. You can also always post content from your oppa's Instagram, Twitter or Youtube, as long as you credit them! If you know other sites just drop them in the comments below and I'll add them to the list.

General K-Entertainment Websites/Blogs/Forums

Translated Netizen Content

Korean Newspaper & Websites (in English)

Sites you should avoid

  • allkpoop - Ever since the Ailee nude picture scandal the self-proclaimed premier source for all the latest K-pop celebrity gossip is a banned site here at OMONA. Submitted posts with content from their site will get rejected!

  • Koreaboo - to quote CEO-nim shanny_w, "Koreaboo is someone we are careful with since sometimes they print iffy stuff and sometimes we repost it and get an angry email from someone threatening us to take it down." So before you submit a post from Koreaboo, try and find the same article on another site.

Disclaimer: omonatheydidnt is not responsible for any of these websites.

benihime99 4th-Apr-2017 08:25 am (UTC)
There's good and a lot of bad on AJ but most of the time I think they do it on purpose
However they do have a tendency to attack people and take comments out of context, I don't think they've done it in a while though. Most of the time the issue can be with some of their readers more than themselves.

They are a lot better than Koreaboo in my opinon, in the sense that they don't invent content and I think most of their translation are accurate which cannot be said about koreaboo
showminomoney 5th-Apr-2017 02:18 am (UTC)
Yeah, I don't like the fact that they attack specific people. Like our member synatri for example. She mentioned asianjunkie in a throwaway comment a few weeks back, then AJ screencapped and posted about it on their twitter. Sure other people on the internet do that, but AJ has 11k followers. It's not cool to be so petty about something so small.
bob_dabuilda 5th-Apr-2017 09:06 pm (UTC)
Oh I remember that. I usually don't mind when he uses delulu comments but her's wasn't bad; she was just stating a legit opinion (and one that I agreed with. Even though AJ was right about snake Hwayoung he rode that a bit hard. It's like "allright, allright, we get it. Hwayoung is a bitch").
showminomoney 6th-Apr-2017 02:37 am (UTC)
He definitely holds a grudge against this comm, and "calling people out" like that is bullying. The irony! haha
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