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PENTAGON Members Confirmed To Join HyunA For Cube Entertainment’s New Unit Project

Cube Entertainment has finally confirmed that their new mysterious project is actually their newest unit involving HyunA!

On April 4, a source from the agency stated, “HyunA and PENTAGON’s Hui, and E’Dawn will be promoting as a three-membered unit. They are planning to ‘comeback’ in May.”

The company previously revealed a mysterious countdown that ended up unveiling an even more curiosity-inducing teaser that simply said, “Triple H.” This latest announcement by Cube Entertainment confirmed earlier reports that said that Triple H would be a new unit featuring HyunA, and the two PENTAGON members.

Many are looking forward to seeing what this new unit will bring, given HyunA’s past experience as a part of Troublemaker, and the potential of PENTAGON’s main vocal and rapper, Hui and E’Dawn, respectively.

sources: soompi, naver (1, 2)
Tags: hyuna, pentagon, sub-unit

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