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lyric video for g-r-boy's “HIGH SPEED” + 신고식 5곡 (5 SONGS FOR INITIATION) listening post

( cc for eng subs )


01. 고속_HIGH SPEED [prod. by big pie]
02. 섞어_MIX IT UP [prod. by cosmicboy]
03. 농밀_INTIMATE (ft. mad clown, olnl,
han yohan)
[prod. by fisherman]
04. 우주_SPACE (cosmicboy remix)
05. 암인_I'M IN (yunji remix)

as of the 3am kst melon chart, “고속 (high speed)” is charting in the top 25—at position #24, but still. “우주 (space)” is a remix of “wybh1” off the mechanical album; “암인 (i'm in)” can also be translated to cancer and that's a remix of “i'm in trouble (ft. loco).” was too hopeful thinking that it'd be literally 5 new songs tbh!

SOURCE: @1thek (2); @giriboy91; @jeff hwang (2, 3, 4, 5); @babo park

album available streaming on melon, spotify, and apple music! and for purchase on itunes
Tags: album listening post, hip hop, music

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