May 28th, 2009

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Rain for Nature Republic

World Star Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) is the face and body of Korea's new cosmetics brand Nature Republic.

Rain shows off his famous body in a series of black and white photos for Nature Republic's website.

What is the brand's philosophy? It says on the Nature Republic website:

"Nature Republic", based on Mother nature's law, is a new cosmetic brand, created by combining both state-of-the-art technology as well as natural substances of the utmost quality.

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Source: kpopped.

ohlilu, have you decided whether to throb his breasts already or not?
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so you think taemin is young? well here's some predebut (young) pics

I know every SHINee fangirl has probably seen this, but this is new on our comm anyway. I dedicate this post to shineebear who will be right click saving everything (unless he/she already has all these).

This is how our pedobait looks like now.

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Source: here as well as changmim who said that "its like he's come from the womb".
Hirasawa Yui

[TRANS] AVEX CEO Matsuro’s Blog Update on TSC Tour

東方神起 札幌ライブでジュンス復活!
동방신기 삿포로라이브에서 준수 부활!
At DBSK’s Sapporo Live, Junsu has resurrected (recovered)!

준수가 춤을 췄습니다.
Junsu danced.

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Translations: zhuuzhuusoba @ iscreamshinki

He's back on his feet and seems really thankful for that! :D

bi • pout

Wheesung Is “The Man” of Concerts

Wheesung is about to start his string of concerts entitled "The Man" from June 4th to June 7th. The concerts will be held at the LG Art Center in the Gangnam province of Seoul. Fans are taking a great interest in the concert due to all the all-star guest artists that will be performing.

Kim Bum Soo, Park Jung Hyun (aka Lena Park), Yoon Mi Rae (aka Tasha or T) and Dynamic Duo are all set to grace the stage before Wheesung. DAMN. Now that's what I call a concert!

Lena Park spoke on the matter, "I'm happy that we will be able to meet together again on stage. It will be a very cool performance." Kim Bum Soo also left us with his thoughts, "Wheesung is a singer that is working harder than ever to become great. The way he locks himself up inside working and the way he challenges the things he doesn't like is very cool. A great performance will unfold."

Hirasawa Yui

BoA’s brother Kwon Soon-hwon puts himself out there

BoA’s eldest brother is taking baby steps with his music.

As BoA is diving head first into the American music scene, Kwon Soon-hwon, is finally making his way into the general music stream of Korea. The 28 year old sibling’s style is different from his little sister’s mainstream pop hits. Trained as a classical pianist who composes his own music, big brother holds a degree in musical studies from the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in London, and cites world renowned Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto as his role model.

Last year, he set up his own digital music label, “Neo Musica,” through which he produces his own music. Although he strictly distributes his music through the internet, his music garners high rankings in the classical music categories on the popular music streaming websites.

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not really happy with popseoul comment "a nostalgic melancholy mood, but not dynamically impressive" :/
i think it's a good thing he does a different kind of music. good luck for him! :)

Min-ki & Eun-hye, Sittin in a Tree…

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Actually they were just taking pictures at Lee Sun Gyun’s (White Tower, Coffee Prince) wedding last week. It’s not much of a secret that Lee Min-ki has had a crush on Yoon Eun-hye probably since he met her on “X-Man” way back when. He’s even admitted his crush for her in two magazine interviews. So it’s no surprise that fans are going nuts with the oooohh’s and the aaaahh’s when they posed for a picture right next to each other. I’m going to go ahead and go with an, “awwww” for the fellow because he looks as happy as a clam.

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I had to post this, as it continues the chronicles of Lee Min Ki and his quest for Eun-Hye's love. WILL HE EVER GET THE GIRL, OMONA?


Lee Min Ki tells CeCi mag he wants Eun-Hye

Who is Lee Min Ki?
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Singer Harisu opens club for transexuals

Singer Harisu has opened a transexual club in Seoul ApGooJung.

She wrote on her minihompy recently that she has opened a transexual club named ‘MIX-TRANS CLUB’.

She wrote on her minihompy, “Me and the seonbae I love have opened MIX-TRANS for people like me. There has been heartbreaking incidents where my friends or seonbae had committed suicide. So we have opened a space for people like us and we can get some respect.”

Source: sookyeong
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Busy May for group SomeDay

KBS 2TV drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ OST singer SomeDay had a busy month of May.

After singing the hit song ‘I Know’ off the OST, the boys can’t even rest of the weekend. Since the release of their official 1st album in March, they have been invited to sing for weddings for the whole month of May and the members are starting to fall ill from fatigue.

Their schedule is so tight that they cannot fit in another activity to it. In addition their hit song ‘I Know’ off the drama OST has become the next popular wedding song.

The group is currently promoting the song ‘I can’t be like a man’ off their 1st album.

Source: sookyeong

They can't be busier than BB aka Busy Bitches aka Big Ban (... or DBSK).

But hwaiting. And don't fall sick.

'ROMEO' is a story, y'all!

SHINee has just recently released their new mini-album 'ROMEO' on the 25th with the new concept of 'Romeo & Juliet' in mind. The title song 'Juliette' also contains a special meaning: SHINee is Romeo and their fans are Juliet. Therefore, this new album is a gift from Romeo to his most beloved Juliet.

The album's songs are mapped out as a story that is similar to 'Romeo & Juliet'. SHINee explains, "If you look at the tracklist, you will realize that the whole album actually tells a story. Starting from the first song, the content of each song resembles 'Romeo and Juliet'.

From the boy and girl's first meeting (Talk to You), the boy confesses that he will 'give up his soul for her' (Juliette). But the couple suddenly has a fight with each other (Hit Me Baby). The girl leaves and the boy becomes depressed because of his newfound loneliness (Senorita). The boy tries his hardest to beg the girl not to leave (Please, Don't Go), but their story ends as tragically as Romeo & Juliet's (Romeo + Juliette).

After Jonghyun watched Olivia Hussey's 'Romeo & Juliet', he wrote the lyrics to the title song, "Juliette". He says, "I wanted a love story that was recognizable to everyone, and at the time, I had just finished watching 'Romeo & Juliet'. So in my lyrics, I tried to incorporate the beautiful language that was in the movie."

Ever since debut, SHINee has captured the hearts of noonas everywhere. Onew says, "On Rose Day, we went around to many places to give out roses in order to promote our new album. At the time, I was really happy that so many women screamed for us in the streets."

In just a year, SHINee has had many hit songs and won numerous awards. By dressing in really colorful clothing and singing different genres of songs, SHINee's image is deeply embedded in the audience's minds.

On their first year anniversary, Onew said, "We are not newcomers anymore. Now is the time for SHINee to create their own image and place in the industry. After debut, we have experienced many new things. Even though our voices, dances, and fashion sense has improved, we are still not satisfied."

The members currently live in an apartment with 4 bedrooms. But everyone still sleeps together in one room with bunk beds. They originally decided to sleep in the same room in order to build up their team unity, but now the members say that if they do not sleep together in the same room, then it feels really strange.

Key also insisted, "Although our personalities and habits are different, everyone is able to learn a lot from everyone else. Instead of saying that we are good friends, we should be a called a family instead. We are a family."

Source (Translation thanks to amourette @ Soompi)

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so this is what Shinae's very private wedding looks like

Shinae’s wedding held earlier today, May 28 at 1pm in Walkerhill Hotel, Seoul. Her groom, Park Jae Gwan is 2 years older than her, a foreign graduate student from Seattle, Washington.

Only 250 guests attended her private wedding, which some of them are Shinae’s co-stars from KBS2 “Empress Cheonchu”. Also among them, group singers Big Mama and the amazing voice, K.Will attended the wedding and performed songs for the happy couple.

The two of them will spend their 2-3 days honeymoon in Jeju island. And as she keeps on saying from the beginning, she’ll resume her entertaiment activites even after the wedding.

Btw, need to clear something up. Looks like Shinae wanted this to be a closed, private wedding because the whole country is still in mourning period for ex-President Roh Moo Hyun. Therefore, she decided not to have a press conference, nor the photo session for her guestlist. (Shucks for us). Now that I can understand her reason, though it’s still sucks for us, I wish her all the happiness in the world! Park Jae Gwan-ssi, you’re one lucky man, dude!

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Hallyu Stars Concerned

With concerts and fan meeting planned in Japan and the new spread of influenza the Japanese government have taken serious actions and are being very sensitive about it due to the large scale of fans that will attend.

Korean entertainers who have such activities planned in Japan are nervous and are watching the situation closely.

Hallyu Star, Shinhwa member Jun jin which has a fan meeting and concert planned with Japanese fans have been in contact with Japanese organizators almost every day. Because of the new spread of influenza Jun Jin management company are watching closely the development of the situation.

An Official stated that a large number of tickets has already been sold, and to be able to continue with concert and fan meeting plans, the fans will voluntarily wear a mask as a precautionary measure.

On June 6 and 7 Japanese fans will meet with Jun jin for a mini concert followed by a fan meeting. Although, the situation is being watch closely the upcming even is expected to proceed as scheduled

On July 11 theres also a fan meeting planned by then they expect the situation to be in control.

Japan/Korea please wake up to the fact swine flu isn't happening....

Swine flu = new SARS

Son DamBi to give Hollywood a miss

Singer Son DamBi will give advancing into the Hollywood a miss for now.

On the 29th, Son DamBi’s company revealed in a phone interview, “We have decided that Son DamBi will not participate in the Hollywood movie ‘Hype Nation’.”

Because the crank in date to the movie for Son DamBi has been postponed many times, the company has turned down the proposal in the end so that she can focus on activities in Korea.

‘Hype Nation’ is a movie under Universal and includes other stars like B2K and Whoopi Goldberg etc.

Her company also added, “Even though her acting plans have been pushed back, we are still looking into make it happen. It’s a shame that we have to let go of this good opportunity, but we are looking out for the next good ones.”

Meanwhile, Son DamBi will star in upcoming SBS drama ‘Dream’.



KARA to model and sing for rhythm game

Music company Mnet has decided to work with game enterprise Com2us to work on the OST of their new stylish rhythm game i-Musician, and group KARA will be the ones singing them.

i-Musician is a rhythm game, concept similar to DJ Max. Players can choose from the different songs in the song list to play with, and the music which they will choose from will be produced by Mnet.

 Mnet said, “We will throw away the idea that this music is just for game, we want to produce music with greatest audiovisual and that one can enjoyed it no matter what occasion. And KARA members will be in charge of singing them.”

The KARA members will also be the models to this upcoming game.


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Kim Bum drops "71"

Kim Bum has decided to drop his movie '71'. Earlier this year, Kim Bum along with Big Bang's Seung-ri and Yoo Seung Ho was reported to have been cast in the war movie.

'71' relates the story of seventy-one South Korean trainee soldiers who valiantly fought the war on the morning of 10 August, 1950 against the North Korean army. It was planned that Kim Bum would play their commander Park Ha Seob.

Kim Bum decided to drop the movie because of his tight shooting schedule. He will also be in the SBS drama Dream and another movie Emergency thus has decided to drop '71' due to a clash in his shooting schedule. The current prime time saguek drama Ja Myung-go will see an early exit due to low ratings. This pushes up the shooting schedule of Dream, which will begin this June.

Kim Bum is now learning two kinds of martial arts in preparation for his role in the drama Dream. He plays a struggling mixed martial arts athlete, who meets a hot-shot sports agent (Joo Jin-moo) in the drama.

Source: osen
Via: kpopped

Darn it. I would have liked to see Kim Bum as a commander.
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KARA Holds Their First Ever Mini-Concert

Idol group KARA who gained much popularity through and will be holding their first ever mini-concert since their debut last 2007.

They will be holding a 70-90 minute concert in the MTV studio on May 30, at 5:30 in the afternoon as part of their newest reality program, MTV’s KARA’s MetaFriends. The lucky participants of the program will be part of this concert as well, as they will be introduced as KARA’s friends at this event. The lucky five fans had to overcome the odds 100:1 to be able to become KARA’s friend.

The 5 members of KARA will be singing around 7-8 songs together. Not only will there be the group performances, but the individual members will be able to showcase their talents as Nicole is set to sing Park Jung Hyun’s Secret while Gyuri will be playing the piano and singing a ballad version of Pretty Girl.

This episode of MetaFriends is scheduled to be broadcasted on July 7, 2009, at 4pm on MTV.

Source: My Daily + Star.MK
Translations: Coffeebeanie@KARAholic
Via: Minsarang
Hirasawa Yui

2PM’s Nichkhun is emerging as a Hallyu star on Youtube

Idol group 2pm’s member Nichkhun (Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul) is emerging as a Hallyu star in Youtube.

The Thai and English subbed version of the show Mnet Scandal that was broadcasted on the 20th is gaining immense popularity on Youtube. International netizens have raised questions such as, “who is Khun?” and “Is he a singer? and in which country?” which led to rising interest in Khun. There are even versions on the internet of Khun’s cuts alone; his girlfriend’s parts were deleted. wow :3

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he's recognized so easily, he will never know how a real date feels like. X3

video credit : Symbelmyns