June 14th, 2009

『Jang Fucking Seuk』chu

Koyote replaces Kim Jongmin

As you know, Koyote have recently made their comeback after a long hiatus, which would have been further delayed if Shin-ji and Bbeck-ga decided to hold off a little longer for Kim Jong-min to finish his military service and let summer pass them by. Shin-ji and Bbeck-ga have been promoting the track “Nonsense” off their latest “Jumping” album. Shin-ji can sing and Bbeck-ga can rap, but there has been a little something missing in their stages that background dancers cannot just easily make up for.

They know it too, so for June 13th’s Music Core stage, cardboard mask “Kim Jong-min” makes an appearance half way through the performance, doing his signature comedic dancing. Bbeck-ga is clearly having a good time during the performance because he is just constantly smiling and trying to hold his laughter, he must miss his crazy dancing friend. Girls Generation fans also get a glimpse of MCs, Tiffany and Yuri, pretending they can sing as enthusiastically as Shin-ji live on stage.

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Big Bang is going to the Tokyo Dome

With the pending June 24th release of Big Bang's first Japanese single "My Heaven," Big Bang has something special planned for the fans. Big Bang will be holding a special release party at the famed Tokyo Dome for 10,000 people which will include music dignitaries and fans alike.

You usually have to work very hard before holding any type of event at the Tokyo Dome, but Big Bang has the connections because they're signed with a big label (Universal Music). Big Bang is also scheduled to appear on popular music show "Music Japan" on June 28th. Big Bang has everything set in place, now let's see how successful they'll be in Japan.

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How do you think they will fare Omona? Fail? Success? I would like to see new Japanese material from them though. NGL, idk what to think of Big Bang easily getting Tokyo Dome like that. Even if it's for just a fanmeeting. I like Big Bang, but idk idk.
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Another Girl Group: Devil And Angel

As you all know, a new girl group debuts at least every other week in the Kpop world. This time Zero One Interactive, famous for, well, no one, has released a new singing duo called Devil And Angel (Jin Sung Hyun and Kim Sul Yoon). Check out their first single "Bad Girl".

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Thoughts? The song was too slow for me omg. I kept expecting it to speed up.

A compilation of Tohoshinki's secrets during 'The Secret Code' tour-- so far.

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So while DBSK are touring Japan, they have been releasing their 'secrets' to fans. I've trawled through the archives of Sharing Yoochun, and compiled all of the secrets that have been listed so far.

If you know of any I am missing, let me know- and I'll add it in!

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So could the 'beautiful woman with the mole' Jaejoong was attracted to, actually be Yunho?

The fortune teller did say his lip had a 'beautiful woman's mole'. Plus, he does this:

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Fancy going on a date with Lee Yeon Hee?

Well, regardless of who you are, you can now go on a 1-on-1 date with Lee Yeon Hee, not a real one but virtually. This unique First Person Star Date game with Lee Yeon Hee, believed to be the first-ever with a star in Korea, was specially created for LG Telecoms OZ Generation campaign which can be accessed from their official website. Over 200,000 people have since gone on a date with Lee Yeon Hee since it was released online 10 days ago, with 20,000 visitors daily.

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this is a post about heels

It is tough enough to have to synchronised breathless singing with dancing on stage, but some of our favourite Kpop stars bring it up one more notch with performing in some of the killer heels on stage.

Who is your favourite? I have added in some videos in case you guys needed ~visuals~ lol. Feel free to post awesome perfs with even more awesome shoes

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Hines Ward on ESPN's : "Outside the Lines"

Hi, everyone! This is my first post on OMNTD, so please go easy on me. I know it doesn't exactly, fall in the category of Korean news, so it may or may not be appropriate for posting here, but I found it interesting, so I thought that you guys might too.

Hines Ward, half-Korean wide-receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL, was recently featured in ESPN's "outside the lines" Report.

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SHINee: 태민 - year of us
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Yoochun’s Birthday Comment + ‘Thank You’ Mail

Birthday Thank You Message
I received so many messages from everyone, ARIGATO (T/N: spells it out in romaji – Thank you).
This year I’d like to learn the saxophone.
The 23-year-old me, will continue to work hard!!

Birthday Comment (Video)
This is Yoochun, who turned 23 on 4th June.
I received a lot of congratulatory messages from everyone, I’m really thankful.
From now one I’ll work much much harder; to become even better as a member of Tohoshinki I’ll work much much harder. (T/N: Emphasis intended).
I hope that everyone can continue to support us with so much warmth.

Source, togethertvxq.com
Translations: mandasoh@iscreamshinki

■ cillian。a little extra brightness

Heo Ga Yoon of 4Minute Covers "Heart Damage"

We’ve had 2PM boys , Jaebum and TaecYeon, cover Crown J’s rap in this song, but now it’s time for a girl to shine! Here’s 4Minute member, Heo Ga Yoon showing her singing chops.
cr. wintersunuds

And while nothing will compare to Navi’s amazing vocals, I will admit this tidbit sparked some interest in my somewhat meager anticipation for 4Minute’s debut. After taking a gander at that sad excuse of an album cover, it took me a while to remember not to judge a book by its cover. Their title track, Hot Issue, will be revealed on June 15.
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I think she sounds pretty good.

Sun Ye and Ye Eun take leave of absence from school after So Hee and Sun Mi drop out

"Sunmi, Sohee dropped out of school to concentrate on US activities, Yeeun and Sunye apply for absences"

Five member female group Wonder Girls has ceased studies and gone to USA.

On the 14th, it was reported in the media that the youngest members Sohee attending Seoul Changmun High School and Sunmi attending Cheongdam High School might drop their studies.

University attending members Sunye and Yeeun at Dongguk University and Kyunghee University have signed up for absences.

A JYP Entertainment representative for Wonder Girls explained the circumstances for stopping studies, "recently Sohee and Sunmi have dropped out of high school because they will be in US and cannot successfully perform in school."

Yeeun will take a temporary leave of absence from the very difficult Kyunghee Post Modern Music Department while this year Sunye will take leave from Dongguk Theatre program.

In October last year the Hollywood agency CAA reached an agreement and admitted Wonder Girls as a client. Management made a contract with famous idol group Jonas Brothers to open for their North American tour from June 27 to August 29.

Earlier this month filming for a new music video for the US version of Nobody was finished and on the 27th the digital single is expected to be released. US idol band Jonas brothers North American tour will open.


Have a little cup of sexism with your fail

Yesung "Fat women/girls are lazy"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Super Junior Yesung has startled singer Yang HeeEun when saying that he thinks fat woman/girl are lazy.

On the show "Quiz to change the world" (Saebaqui) which was aired on June 13th, Yesung is the one who chose the right answear for the question "The indecent image of woman wear mini-skirt", there were "Woman who has hair on their legs", "Woman who open their legs when sitting", Yesung had chosen "Woman who has fat legs".

When the MC aksed him the reason for his choice, he said "I think that fat woman/girl are lazy". Immediately, singer Yang HeeEun retorted "So you mean that I'm lazy ?" which Yesung said it's just for young woman.

The other guests said "So you mean that Yang HeeEun-sshi is old ?" which Yesung said "Yang HeeEun sunbaenim is not fat" and "(Her body) fits her", saved him from her angry.

Source: evanesco @ sj-world.net
Original article here

The more than occasional sexist remarks made by male idols are one of the biggest downsides of Korean pop... blah.

Baby Key from SHINee!

Who doesn't love looking at baby pictures of our favorite idols? Here are pictures of Key from SHINee when he was just a tiny little baby! He actually looks exactly the same, but with a little more fat all around, but that just makes him that much cuter. What a cutie! Just replace the hair, and you have a miniature, chubby, more adorable version of today's already cute Key (it's still difficult for me to call this 17 year old "hot").

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Anyone have any baby pictures of Onew? I've only seen his middle school pics ):
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VINS want to be the voice in your soul

Mnet Media, home of vocally talented female groups such as SeeYa, DaVichi, and Black Pearl, is launching yet another trio of songstresses with VINS. VINS stands for “Voice IN Soul.” Hmm…that sure sounds familiar…what about Loen Entertainment’s V.O.S (Voice of Soul)? Although Mnet seems to have a knack for picking up actual talent, they are obviously not very creative in the concept department and try a little too hard, as illustrated with their SeeYa, DaVichi, and T-ara’s Ji-yeon project.

VINS consist of three fairly average looking lovely ladies with distinguishable facial features, so even if they aren’t cutter cookie pretty and youthful, at least you can tell them apart from each other. VINS boast experienced singers that Mnet hopes will capture fans with their emotion and talent. Eun-ha (left) is the leader of the group, possessing previous experience as a vocal trainer and a fairly well known jazz singer. Supporting vocals, Jin-seon (middle), released a digital album in 2007 under the title “Rea,” meaning “Soul,” and has garnered the awe of fans with her husky voice. The main vocalist of VINS, Joo-hee (right), graduated from a traditional performing arts university in Seoul and has previous performing experience from musicals.

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lol wow another one? We already had one earlier today. This will be interesting.
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WonderGirls SoHee to quit school?

There has been rumours that group WonderGirls SoHee will be quitting school.

A post was posted on one of the Korean online forums on 10th June about the rumour. Part of the netizens were saying that there has been news that ChangMoon Girls High the school that she is attending will want her to quit school voluntarily. And there was also searches on portal sites on the keywords ‘SoHee quitting’.

JYP representative said, “We were not informed about SoHee’s voluntary quitting.” And a representative from ChangMoon Girls High also revealed that they reveal about their student’s information.

Meanwhile the girls will be releasing official American album in September.

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Daniel Henney and Choi Jung-won heats up red carpet

Daniel Henney and the beautiful Choi Jung-won strutted down the red carpet together at the 12th Shanghai International Film Festival, which runs from June 13 to 21.

The pair was there to promote their 2007 movie, My Father.

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Who do you want to spend your summer vacation with?

Girls Generation? SS501? KARA? or 2PM?
Who do you want to spend your summer vacation with?
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Omona, it's your turn...

So, who would you like to spend your summer vacation with?

F.T. Island
Girls Generation
Epik High
After School
Chung Lim