August 1st, 2009

Giselle - in the throng
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summary of heading to ground making of video

Group 'TVXQ''s U-Know Yunho finished his first filming for the new MBC Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Heading to the Ground' [script: Park Sol Ji, Directing: Park Sungsoo] with co-star Lee Yoonji.
U-Know Yunho plays 'Bong-goon,' a soccer player who has nothing and lives an unlucky life but lives passionately to fulfill his dream of becoming a national soccer player while surviving three near-death experiences. This is U-Know Yunho's first attempt at acting since debuting five years ago.

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Reporter Jung Yoonhee
Video: Reporter Shim Jae Min

Source: [tvian+DNBN]
translated by jeeelim5 @ iscreamshinki

lol No wonder he got this role...

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Brown Eyed Girls ‘Abracadabra’ s #1 on illegal music download sites

For this week, Brown Eyed Girls has overtaken 2NE1 and MC Mong to be the #1 download song on illegal download site P2P.

Downloads for the group’s comeback title song ‘Abracadabra’ makes up 24% of all the downloads on the site.
With the sexy and topic-causing MV and performance of ‘Abracadabra’ put up by the group, their comeback was a heated on with much interests coming from music fans. There was also the ‘noise marketing’ with all the criticisms on how the performance and MV to the song was deemed inappropriate for broadcast. But that made the interests for their comeback even heated.

At #2 this week is MC Mong with his comeback hit ‘Indian Boy’. And 2NE1 with ‘I don’t care’, their other songs from their 1st minialbum like ‘In the Club’ and ‘Pretty Boy’ are both in the top 10 positions on the download charts.

‘Infinite Challenge’ special collaboration ‘NaengMyun’ by Park Myung Soo and Jessica; and also ‘Let’s Dance’ by Future Liger is at #5 and #6 respectively.

Coming back with their 11th album, Cool is also up at #7 on the chart with their comeback hit ‘Bogo Bogo’.

source: sookyeong

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First off, this post is mostly about Omona biznass that we need to take care of righ quick. If you don't like anything or have a problem with it, please email us on omonamods [at] gmail [dot] com instead of treating a hate meme like our comm email, okay? Cos we don't stalk that shit.

I did this post last night in a fairly humorous manner, but this accusations and finger pointing at the mods are getting frustrating. We try to make this place fun but I'm guessing it's not enough for some of your demands. You can choose not to read it, just don't get butthurt when you have no idea what's going on.

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When i start ballin yall start ballin with me i gotchyall no matter what u guys take care and stay outta trouble

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Stillcuts to Bada’s comeback MV filming released!

Ahead of her comeback, singer Bada has filmed for her new MV and still cuts to the filming were revealed on 31st July.

In the still cuts, we get a sneakpeek into the atmosphere of her comeback songs, Bada monitoring the MV filming and also some shots of her with her backdancers.

The MV was filmed on 13th July in a filming set in GyeongGiDo.

The veil to Bada’s comeback will be lifted from 3rd August, and more details to her comeback 4th album will be released.

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Source: sookyeong

Just an OT note: The mods and I will not be accepting ANY articles regarding the DBSK situation if it does not have a legit source or translation. Speculations, whether from a legit news source or not, are ftl. It has to be from a Korean official source (links and all) and the links to LEGIT translations (meaning Google Translator or BabelFish is not allowed). Opinion pieces from sites like Newsen, Hankooki or Chosun Ilbo will not be allowed through either. Only official legit news will be let in.
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An interview with Yunho

A dream to be prosecutor

The fact why U-Know Yunho (23) was chosen as the group’s leader.

All members said that it’s because his “charismatic charisma”, and he himself is someone who has a high awareness about the surroundings (T/N: care with other people).

His father is very strict. He’s been taught about a sincere manliness for a belief that “a man should be like this” in him. Due to his father’s lesson, from the very young age, he’s trained to not easily whinny when he made mistakes.

He becomes a natural leader and always been chosen as captain. His dream was to be a public prosecutor back then.

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Source: SYC