August 3rd, 2009

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Online Korean, Japanese Celebrity News Outlets Use Fake Twitters as Sources Concerning DBSK

So, I was looking at Google news and I stumbled across that some news articles are using the fake TVXQ twitters as sources.

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The articles basically describe twitter and the current legal stuff with TVXQ and SM but they honestly think that this is actually Jaejoong from TVXQ. It's not, but I guess we can be happy that they're getting some exposure, despite the fact that it's using non-credible sources.

Source: Google news and me (also one and two) Sorry mods about lapsing on the actual sources first time around!
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Actor Lee MinKi for singer debut

Actor Lee MinKi is set to have his singer debut.

He is currently preparing to perform as an artiste for ‘Beach Party Week & T’ on 8th August. Lee MinKi has recently received good reviews for his acting in recent movie ‘HaeWoonDae’ which talks about tsunami disaster.

It is set for Lee MinKi to release a debut album ‘No Kidding’ on 11th August. It has been his dream since young to be a musician.

For this album, there are many producers who took part in the producing like Kid Loco, Popular Computer and ONE TWO etc. Lee MinKi has also been taking guitar and piano lesson so that he can do promotions as a musician.

The filming to the MV to his debut title song ‘Forever Summer’ has also been completed and he is currently practising performing with a band.

Source: sookyeong

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Source: dramabeans
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Sneak peek at Kim Bum’s training session for Dream

In the first two episodes of SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama Dream, lead actor Kim Bum hasn’t yet begun training his way to mixed martial arts glory, but in these latest preview stills, we get a glimpse of some of his Rocky-esque moments as his Jang-seok character begins physical training.

So far in the drama (MILD SPOILERS AHEAD), we’ve seen his Jang-seok knock out amateur boxing champ Jung-chul with one blow. Sure, Jung-chul was drunk at the time, but given his winning streak of 125 consecutive victories, this feat grabs the attention of sports agent Joo Jin-mo. The next step has Jang-seok joining up with the agent to be trained into a fighter; hence this scene, wherein Jang-seok races up and down a beach dragging a tire. (END SPOILERS)

This beach scene was shot on the morning of July 30 in Incheon (which suggests that Dream is already filming pretty close to real time… I wonder how that bodes for its future, given that it’s just started airing). After repeating his 100 meter dash approximately twenty times, Kim Bum waved his hand as he said, panting, “Even walking is difficult now.”

The scene in question airs on August 4 (in episode 4).

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Source: Osen
Via: dramabeans

Dedicated to burmecia as usual, the one with the Kim Bum bias.

SHINee challenges "1 vs. 100", Displays Knowledge Way Beyond Their Years

Currently promoting their hit song "Juliette", idol group SHINee went on KBS's quiz show "1 vs. 100" as members of the entertainers team. In this show, they displayed their hidden quiz talent/strengths.

SHINee members Onew, Key, and Minho answered questions regarding traditional proverbs, literature/stories, and current events without any hesitation, thus dispelling the the common idea that "young people are ignorant". During round two, which was a one on one round with Mr. 김어흥, their skills/abilities at answering quiz questions were an eye-opener to all.

Throughout all of the questions, SHINee always chose the correct answer, showing that their knowledge was way beyond their years. In this game show, where one wrong answer will get you out immediately, high school students Key and Minho were able to continue/stay on till the very end -- a result that surprised many.

This episode of "1 vs. 100" will be shown on KBS2TV at 9PM on August 4th.

Source; translated by amourette @ soompi
Onew → warmth

SHINee to end promotional activities for "Romeo" on the 9th with a fanmeeting

Idol group SHINee will be ending all promotional activities for their second mini-album "Romeo" with a fanmeeting on the 9th.

SHINee will be holding a fansign event on that day, which would be the last official activity for "Romeo". It will also be a special event for them to thank their enthusiatic fans.

Also, at the request of their fans, they will be publishing more copies of their photobook. SHINee's photobook "Day" has achieved a record after being sold out in 5 days.

Translated by amourette @ soompi

What? Already?

But at least we can expect or hope for a better concept for the next mini album/album.
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sme's new official statement

TVXQ's agency SM Entertainment has put forth another official statement to refute the one given by YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu's side today.

SM sent their statement to various reporters at 8 o'clock on August 3rd and the content was full of points that refuted what Sejong had stated.

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Source: [joy news + DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5 @ iscreamshinki

It's not much different from the other post, but a bit more direct in wording.

In short, SME is trying to say that TVXQ/Sejong are lying and the real reason for all of this is Crebeau cosmetics. I guess they're using HoMin's absence as a tool now.

Additional Info

xiaheart posted here: Unnamed third party source intimate with TVXQ reveals JaeChunSu's frustrations with SME's twisting of words - may have to break with SME, but determined to stick with HoMin as a group under the same name (TVXQ).
jing_16 posted here: 2 points of views - fans v producers/staff - insiders point out benefits to TVXQ's contract and how well they've been treated - but all sides agree they do not want TVXQ to disband.
nappoccino posted here: Lawyer and former member of National Assembly considers SME's contract a fraud against minors.
nappoccino posted here: Fans divided on the issue of disbandment - some oppose it entirely, others are okay if it is beneficial to the members in the end
I posted here: Im SangHyuk (JaeChunSu's lawyer) remarks briefly on SME's refutation - a more thorough response to be given after a meeting with the firm
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SNSD's Trainer - 'Yoona Has the Prettiest S-Line Body'

Girl group SNSD (Yoona, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny, and Seohyun) were chosen by females in their twenties as the stars with the most beautiful leg lines.

Meanwhile, SBS's 'Bae Giwan, Choi Younga, and Jo Hyungki's Good Morning' on August 4 picked SNSD as the stars with the most envious S-line bodies.

As such, 'Good Morning' sought out SNSD's trainer to ask what the members' secrets are to maintaining their bodies.

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translated by jreddevil07 @ soshified

SoShi eats? Also, I wouldn't say YoonA has the best S-line, but her leg line is great!
Siwon → good job

Rain to debut a 5-member boyband coming September

World Star Rain will be debuting a 5-member boyband whom he has groomed and trained personally.

Rain will be the producer of this group and he has been helping with the preparations of their debut.

The group is given the nickname ‘5-member Rain’, is a project which Rain has worked on for quite a period even though he has been busying doing filming overseas.

Rain has been preparing to debut a solo male singer and a male group since last year. And the female new singer whom he plans to debut this year has been set to debut beginning of next year instead. And the 5-member boyband will debut before the other singer projects.

Many eyes are on how Rain will perform as a producer, after the great names that have come out in the Kpop industry like SM, JYP and YG.

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Sources: 1 + 2

SM Entertainment’s refutation, “They made 11b KRW after debut”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

SM Entertainment, with which Dong Bang Shin Ki member Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu has have a dispute with, came out to reveal their official stand.

SM Entertainment said on 3rd August, “Dong Bang Shin Ki has earn 11billion KRW from after their debut till 2009 July (dividend payout 9.2 billion KRW + beforehand provision 1.77 billion KRW). Also they also received many high-end foreign products in the process even though SM Entertainment was suffering from a business deficit in the 4 years after the group’s debut. And even though there is a distributive ratio, they would have raised it with proftis from their endorsement in CFs, doing events and also photoshoots.”

And about how the 3 members have said that they were given unjust treatment, SM Entertainment said, “About their health and schedule, we have discussed them before they were put through it.”

And about the cosmetic enterprise, SM said, “Looking at this case, this holds substantial reasons to it. It is evident since there is only 3 members involved in this case. They wanted to reduce the loss of image and harm to them as soon as possible with this plan as they will be used for the enterprise in terms of having their images used as part of marketing and also to participate in events for the enterprise.”

Also, “According to the Fair Trade commission, there is no provision saying that singers cannot be signed for beyond a period of 7 years, and there is no exceptional provision limiting the contract of singers promoting overseas. We did amendments to the exclusive rights clause for 5 times after the contract was contracted, 2 times were to address the compensation of loss, and after checking and confirmation by the Fair Trade Commission. The rest of the 3 times were to address the profits distribution ratio and for renewal – in 2004 January, then in 2007 February and 2009 February.”

SM “We will solve this case with the 3 members regarding the application for retractile in the contract and the lawsuit confrontation as soon as possible.”

K Bites

Unfortunately, Sookyeong hasn't listed the original Korean article. I've sent this through as most would agree she's a valid source, as she translates the articles herself.
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New female duo Honeysh gets attention even before debut

New female duo Honeysh received criticisms even before the full MV of their title song is revealed. .

The group released a teaser to their debut song ‘시집이나 갈까’ online recently. The video was criticised for use of sexual content after it was released.

But the girls’ company came out to say that, “The song depicts the real stories for females who can’t get married, to encourage them to go on a mind vacation.”

Source: sookyeong
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HwangBo releases new album in England before Korea

HwangBo will release her new album in England first.

The title song to this new album called ‘Arisong – HwangBo vs Shimty vs Postino’ was #2 on English dance music site ‘JunoDownload’ 2 weeks back.

The producer to the song Kim TaeYoon, who composed the song in Korean, said, “This is a way to let Korean be known in the world. The mastering and mixing to the song are done in London, and a Korean version will be released in Korea on 18th August.”

Source: sookyeong

Girl is looking fly.

About Jae Hee

Last year, on May 10, Jungsoo played the piano for this beautiful little girl ㅡ if you watch the video at the bottom of this post, and listen to it carefully, you can hear him sing along towards the end. Her name is Son Jaehee, and she was twelve years old at that time. I felt really touched by her story, I wrote on my blog about her a few times, and I kept reading her family's blog for about a year.

When Jaehee was only ten, on the day of her birthday she was diagnosed with a brain tumour. She got surgery twice, and had to go through the strenuous process of chemotherapy (anti-tumour treatment) ten times to get through it. She liked to watch Star King because Kang Hodong made her laugh. She loved singing, but unfortunately she didn't have the strength to do it when she was getting treatment; however, two years after the first diagnosis she started getting better, so she was discharged from the hospital, and was able to release a no-profit single album.

Son Jae Hee's music video: 한걸음씩 (One Step at a Time)

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Man... condolences to the family :( At least she's in a better place now.

Source here

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