August 6th, 2009


SHINee Beach Beauties Photoshoot!

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SM Entertainments new boyband SHINee shows off their muscular beach bodies in a sexy beach pictorial. In an attempt to shed their young innocent image, the boys wore shorts to show off their toned and manly legs with a masculine yet light coating of leg hair. Pedo Noonas all over korea are swooning over Taemin's cute little toes! Only Jonghyun and Key solo shots for now.

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Supreme Team puts a spell over fans with “Super Magic”

For sheezy, my neezies, we are now one swagger step closer to a total hip-hop KPop domination! The fresh hip-hop duo, Supreme Team, who officially made their mainstream KPop debut a month ago has already turned fans into a dizzy tizzy over their supremely addicting song, “Super Magic.”

In fact, neti-fans helped the Team nab the “Rookie of the Month” award at the Cyworld Digital Music Awards ceremony, which will formally be held on the 20th of this month. This is quite impressive for a debut hip-hop group/album in the fickle world of KPop. And they are certainly gracious for it, “the support that our fans are giving us is significant and we will unwaveringly continue to work hard for them.”

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:")))) They are seriously one of my favourites ever ♥ I was expecting, and sort of wished, that they kept the underground sound that they rocked.. underground.. but I won't lie when I say I think this album is fun, haha
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All SM Artists Are Under The Same Contract

In relation to 3 TVXQ members, Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun who filed injunction application to suspend exclusive clause contract, Seoul Court has been collecting all contracts of other singers under SM Entertainment and miraculously, their contract with the agency is completely similar with TVXQ.

SM artists’ contract mostly last for a long period (averagely 10 years), unfair income distribution (50,000,000 won is paid only if the album sold more than 500,000 copies), and penalty termination (3 times of initial investment and 2 times of loss). Many SM idol stars have been in the same shoes as TVXQ for exclusive contract clause.

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Key - Shhh

Another Special Stage for Inkigayo

On the August 9th episode of Inkigayo, besides the special girl group stage, we'll also be getting a joint performance of SNSD's Genie, from none other than SHINee's Key and Taemin, and 2PM's Wooyoung and Taecyeon. There's one more person in the group that has yet to be revealed.

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Yes to more SHINeePM. ♥ Keeping my fingers crossed for Jokwon as the 5th person, lol.

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Hon goes underwater, on rooftops to build up horror

Hon looks like it’s really building up the creep factor with its bloody promo pictures, its adult rating, and eerie shoots, like this one which involved submerging lead actress Im Joo-eun underwater for ten hours.

Such was the harshness of the conditions that Im suffered symptoms of hypothermic shock; the shoot began in the afternoon and extended till dawn the next morning. This particular scene which will air in the drama’s second episode..

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Notsry2say, I will not be watching this cos I'm one big pussy when it comes to watching horror myself LOL.

Big Bang Beethoven Virus - Behind the Scenes

I'm slowly making my way through all the extras on the Big Show 2009 DVD (which is fantastic by the way, I urge you guys to go and buy it) and uploading them to my Youtube account. Some have been shown here already, like the solo videos and amusement park videos, but I've also ripped this one from the Extras disc.

I don't know what made me laugh more; G-D and Seungri's 'kiss' scene, or T.O.P. and Seungri's XD. Seungri and G-Dragon collapsing in a tangle to the floor isn't bad either!

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Kang Eunbi's Suicide Attempt

Actress Kang Eunbi, who is debuting as a singer, confessed recently that she had attempted suicide.

On tvN ENEWS on 6th August, Kang Eunbi expressed her feelings about how she had to suffer through hurtful rumors and hateful comments about her singing debut.

Kang Eunbi said, "Anti-fans followed me on set, threw milk, eggs and tissues at me. I had to go around with a bucket on my head. I even had to get psychiatric consultation."

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Ugh, it's ridiculous how many entertainers go through this.
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New girlgroup: Ten

If you guessed “girl group” then you are correct! This new female duo, Ten, have been causing quite a stir with promotional pictures for their debut single album “Cheer up“. Netizens aren’t pleased with the duo’s “homosexual marketing” tactics, as you may assume from these shots. Their label, CMG, has bluntly replied “no comment” to these accusations.

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SNSD performs for Starcraft fanboys

Believe it or not, Korea actually has a professional league for gamers. If you didn't know before, THE biggest game in Korea is Starcraft (SC), and there are entire T.V channels dedicated to broadcasting Pro SC Games and the like. Starcraft pros have tons of fans and are considered celebrities in Korea... with some gamers making 6 figure plus salaries.

On August 6th, one of the bigger SC tournaments, the S.F. Pro League, held it's final match and to help attract people to the event, SNSD came and performed! They sang three songs, Gee, Genie, and Etude, rocking the stage. It was good seeing Gee performed on stage again after such a long time.

With the crowd being mostly comprised of nerdy guys wanting to watch some SC, the usually high pitched chants took on a much lower octave, and it was pretty hilarious. I'm hearing lots of "Nuclear Launch Detected" while the ladies performed for the Starcraft boys... especially from their southern regions. Matter of fact, I'm sure their favorite characters are Ghosts, so they could camouflage inside their dressing rooms.

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Lee Min-jung gets her first leading role

Lee Min-jung, most well-known for her recent role playing Lee Min-ho’s annoying (but endearing) fiancée in Boys Before Flowers, is getting her first leading role. It’ll be in the new SBS weekend drama Smile (more literally, Smile, You [그대, 웃어요], which is a working title).

At first glance, the story seems somewhat reminiscent of early descriptions for My Fair Lady — Lee Min-jung’s character is the immature second daughter in a chaebol family. However, one key difference is that this chaebol family is on the decline (while Yoon Eun-hye’s is very much still rolling in the riches). After they are thrown into sudden ruin, they are taken in by the family of their longtime chauffeur (played by Choi Bool-am, the grand chef in SBS’s Gourmet). One can only imagine all the sorts of shenanigans that arise.

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Lee Min Ho models for Trugen

After an onslaught of stories about Boys Over Flowers / Boys Before Flowers star Lee Min Ho during the show's hey-day, things have been very quiet for the F4 leader in recent times. Some of you know by now that he took over Jo In Sung's role as model for the fashion company Trugen. Well, Trugen has come out with a new Fall collection and have recently updated their website with new photos of Lee Min Ho. He looks very fashionable and very different from the style he had as Goo Jun Pyo.

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no crown no crown

So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ is #1 encouraging song for examinees

So Nyeo Shi Dae has been voted #1 amongst students to be the most encouraging song for them while they prepare for their exams.
A survey ‘#1 most encouraging song for students preparing for exam’ was conducted on Monkey3, and So Nyeo Shi Dae’s ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ was voted #1.

100 days ahead the graduation exams, 147 out 440 students (33%) have voted for ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ for this survey. They said, “Like ‘Tell Me Your Wish’, it’s like I can say my wish of getting the marks I want and will have it fulfilled”, “When I listen to this song, it felt like I can score well for the exams” etc

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Ok so this totally reminded me of this rofl

SNSD Grants Cancer-Fighting Patient's Wish

SNSD members have become wish-granting genies for a little girl.

On SBS's 'Park Soohong's Feel Good Mission' that was broadcast on the 5th, SNSD performed a mission for Hyewon (11).

Today's heroine is the eleven-year-old Hyewon, who thinks of her family before herself. She used to be as healthy and bright as anybody else. When she was around five years old, her frequent headaches caused her to visit a hospital and she found out that she had a brain tumor.

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AWWWWWWW. genie gals granting 1 wish true at a time. :D

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I The Tri Top's - The Words To Express My Love MV

I The Tri Top's releases their newest single 사랑한단 말 (The Words To Express My Love). The song itself reverts back to their old style of what I'd like to call 'OST worthy ballads.' As for the MV, it has a storyline (albeit, with an ambiguous ending)! This MV focuses more on Hyungmoon (my bias is fed ♥).

I The Tri Top's is a ballad duo from label Paramount Music that debuted in 2007 with the release of their first album 'Boorish Love,' promoting 청개구리 (Green Frog). They now consist of Ban Hyung Moon (lead vocals) and Jang Yoo Joon (vocals) with former member Kim Ilgoon leaving around the time of the release of their first digital single 내 여자친구에게 (To My Girlfriend) due to personal reasons.

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2NE1 renews record set by seonbae Big Bang

‘Scary newcomer’ 2NE1’s ‘I Don’t Care’ has won the award of the ‘Song of the Month’ on Cyworld Digital Music Awards (DMA) with one of best album sales, renewing the record set by group Big Bang.

Big Bang had won the ‘Song of The Month’ with their previous hit ‘Haru Haru’ and now 2NE1 is back to renew the record set by their seonbae.

Also 2NE1 has received the honours of the highest winning records this year – winning awards with ‘Lollipop’ for the 34th DMA, and also 2 awards with ‘Fire’ on the 35th DMA, and this month they won again with ‘I Don’t Care’.

Not only so, 2NE1 is taking music charts and music shows countdown by storm. ‘I Don’t Care’ has so far won #1 for 3 weeks through on KBS Music Bank, #1 on SBS Inkigayo for 2 weeks through, and also a #1 on Mnet M!Countdown. Also they have sold over 70K copies of their 1st minialbum up till now.

Even though we have many singers and seonbae coming back to release their album recently, 2NE1 continues to sell about 1K album copies per day.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 did the telerecording for SBS ‘Kim JungEun’s Chocoloate’ on 5th August and will be attending the DMA ceremony coming 20th August.

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F.T Island ~ Lee Jaejin fake sleep

FT Island, “How About Betting Ice Cream On Wrestling Battles?”

FT Island will share with us stories on their music and lives in the coming episode of “MY 樂 STORY“.

FT Island is gaining lots of popularity along with the recent release of their 3rd album “Cross & Change“. It’s also their first time going on a 3 day 2 night vacation ever since their debut.

Creating a new paradigm in the current music industry, FT Island not only sings, the members are also active in emcee-ing, musicals and dramas. Though they have never been on any vacations since their debut, they have decided to go on one to reward themselves for the hard work they put in for their 3rd album.

FT Island had a short vacation at the beach. They shared thoughts and confided in one another; betting ice cream on wrestling battles on the beach, showing the strong ties of friendship between them. Things which we normally do not see on stage like members without make up as well as their playful side were all revealed.

FT Island’s “Splendid Vacation” on “MY 樂 STORY” will broadcast on 7th August at 10pm on tvN.

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Lee Byung-Hun criticized by a Japanese reporter for being Korean

"Why is a Korean actor playing a Japanese ninja?"

One Japanese movie reporter has complained about Lee ByungHun playing a Japanese character in the upcoming movie G.I. Joe. Lee ByungHun plays Storm Shadow in the movie, and in the reporter's article, he stated that G.I. Joe was "a very stupid movie that showed Lee ByungHun as a perfect Japanese when he's not."

He also mentioned that this movie became useless due to Lee ByungHun and couldn't accept why he plays a Japanese ninja.

The reporter also criticized the directors, saying "Stupid old men just made the movie for themselves."

Japanese netizens who read the article mentioned "Kimchi Ninja," and said "All Koreans who enter Japan are all spies."

One netizen said, "He can't do secret missions as a spy because he smells like kimchi." (LOL WAT?) They also mentioned their superiority over all Asians by saying "Stop putting all Asians together, because Japanese are special."

However, other Japanese netizens have mentioned, "Is there any Japanese actors that can do Hollywood action?" and "It's no problem because he portrays a Korean born in Japan."


Why are they picking on Lee Byung Hun? What about Gianna Jun playing a ninja vampire or Rain in a movie called "Ninja Assassin?"

Wonder Girls to Attend Teen Choice Awards

The Wonder Girls have graced many red carpet events back home in South Korea, but now they're moving on to bigger things here in the United States!

The girls have finally been confirmed to attend this year's Teen Choice Awards at the Gibson Ampitheatre in Universal City, CA. Be there on August 9, 2008 and show our girls some love as they strut their stuff down the famous red carpet!

Without a doubt, this event will draw much media attention and perhaps bring the Wonder Girls closer to their goal of U.S. domination!

source : allkpop

yay!! I'm excited for them. it's on FOX if anyone is wondering~
and Britney Spears is getting the honorary person award!! yay!! :)
EDIT : the show is recorded on the 9th, but showed on the 10th. So if you're planning on watching it take note~ ;)

girls aloud ► gonna make me love you.

heechul to show off his charms in a new drama

Heechul (26) will be back as an actor for weekend drama ‘I Love You Ten Million Times'.

He previously appeared on SBS weekend drama ‘Golden Bride’ as a university student, Yeongsoo, and this time he will be acting as a part-time worker at a snack bar named ‘Lee Baedal’.

The drama will start airing on August 29th. According to Kim Chungja, a drama scriptwriter in his 50s, Kim Heechul will have a comedic role in the drama as Lee Baedal, who gets dumped by girls the morning after going after them.

Kim Heechul was chosen for the role because of his brave and comedic side.

source: sookyeong

*cleaned up some of the really awk english with samloves' help

Gill is dating Jewelry's Park Jung Ah

It was revealed that Jewelry's leader, Park Jung Ah (28) is currently in a dating relationship with LeeSsang member, Gill (32). They have been dating a year.

Star Empire expressed on the 7th, "Both Park Jung Ah and Gill got to know each better through Kko Kko Single last year and progressed into a dating relationship thereafter. Their relationship was pretty much unknown to many of their friends because they always kept a low profile while they went on dates. We wish them well in their relationship and hope that everyone can support them as well."

Nice to see that Kko Kko Single has been really successful in spawning new celebrity couples although the much publicised Minwoo and Amy ended in rather dramatic fashion. It has certainly been a happening week in Korea with so many celebrity couples, for example Hyun Bin and Song Hye Gyo who announced that they were dating.

This means that all of the Infinity Challenge members are now attached although I am not sure why Gill keeps appearing on that show. Park Jung Ah is currently preparing for a comeback together with her Jewelry group members. Jewelry are expected to make a belated return at the end of August with their 6th album.

source : allkpop

I'm still healing from hearing about Minwoo and Amy dating and learning in fact that he is straight.. but it's ok Gill w/ Jung Ah cause Gill... is un-tasty. :/

history girl couch

Official Post of Omona's Infinite Dreams of Seoul

Alright, Omona!

Remember that Seoul Infinite Dream Contest thing we all oohed and ahhhed over a couple weeks ago (the one where you win the "opportunity" to hang out with TVXQ, SuJu, and SNSD, if you recall)?
Well, today's August 7 and that means submissions have clooooosed.

When the info first came out 93475892746 people said they were going to how many Omonans (Omonians? Omona-ers?) jumped in and went for it?

POST THEM in the comments ! Let the talented talents of Omona be shared!

I'll start the entertainment/total loss of pride:
After a thousand hours of stressing out about it, I ended up posting this wacko little medley during which I play the cello in a bear hat. Yep. Pretty proud.

Source: Seoul Infinite Dream's Youtube Channel

Sori for mishap female lead to new group 'Astro' MV

Singer Sori will be having her first acting challenge with her appearance as the female lead to composite group Astro’s debut song ‘We Will Go’.

The teaser video to the MV was revealed on 4th August showing a sneakpeek to Sori’s acting in the MV. In the MV, she throws away her strong and sexy image showing the side of a woman hurt after being dumped by her lover.

Astro is a 4-member R&B House composite group consisting of 1 male and 1 female vocals and 2 rappers.

The group’s first minialbum ‘We Will Go’ will be released in full online on 7th August.


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source : kbites & sookyungie @ youtube

The teaser looked average, but I love Sori so I'm excited! :D



Hwayobi's MV preview for new song 'Rose'

The singer changes things up in the MV teaser for “Rose”.


Hwayobi’s latest mini-album, “Summer”, was originally hyped by many as a having a more up-tempo and lighter sound, unlike anything we’ve heard from the singer thus far.

While that may be true, it seems that the singer is going in a completely different direction with her look. The latest MV teaser for the album’s title track “Rose” isn’t as sugary as one might have originally expected. The singer has adopted a more dramatic and somber image. Hwayobi isn’t going for cute or sexy. She looks sharp and tragic.

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source : popseoul & Hwayobihavennet @ youtube
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some fortune teller tells us his ~opinions~ about SNSD

Cable channel Y-STAR’s ‘Curiosity’ aired a segment titled ‘Fortune-Telling Using Faces! SNSD’s Episode.’ The producers of the show first showed a fortune-teller the faces of SNSD members. They then visited the group at a CF filming site and got their opinions on the fortunes.

According to the fortune-teller, “Yoona’s eyes are shaped like those of a bird. Her will is strong and she is extremely competitive. She has a habit of finishing things she starts, and it seems like she would be a good disciplinarian. Jessica’s high nose ridge means that she has the most popularity among guys. This is because she has a high nose ridge and it looks like the tip of her nose protects the rest of her nose.”

The fortune-teller also said, “Maknae [the youngest] Seohyun’s ‘charming fat’ under her eyes stand out. ‘Charming fat’ under the eyes is the symbol of sexiness. She is the type of person who can achieve great success if she uses her sexiness. Sunny has a nose that brings money. Either she will be rich or those around her, like her parents, will be rich.”

The responses from SNSD were varied.

Yoona was surprised by the fortune-teller’s comment about her being very competitive, saying, “Once I concentrate on doing something, I have to finish it.” Jessica was satisfied and clapped her hands after hearing that will be popular among guys. However, Seohyun felt awkward after hearing her fortune, saying, “I’m not sexy.” When hearing about Sunny’s ‘Good Fortune Nose,’ Tiffany responded by saying, “Sunny normally gives and buys a lot of stuff for other members.”

‘Fortune-Telling Using Faces! SNSD’s Episode’ broadcasts at 10:30 AM on the 5th.

Source: Naver
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