August 7th, 2009

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AVEX Announcement on DBSK

Our Tohoshinki members, JEJUNG, YUCHON, and JUNSU have been confronting with SM Entertainment Co.Ltd (headquarters: Seoul, Korea), to apply provisional disposition to stop the exclusive contract effect to Korean court. Regarding this matter, the members have said, “This is a temporary injunction application, do not make any assumption that TVXQ will be disbanded.”

In return, SM Entertainment Co.Ltd also stated, “TVXQ is not a thing such as individual or an enterprise, it’s a group that represents the country as well as Asia. We think TVXQ’s activities should continue.”

From each side statement, it’s clear that both parties do not desire for the disbandment of TVXQ.

Meanwhile, since our company is coordinating with SM Entertainment in planning the future activities of TVXQ in Japan, “Basically we’re the (three) members legal office for activities in Japan.”

However, we have to apologize for everyone’s uneasiness and inconvenience, as we also feel the same way. We will work hard to support TVXQ in Japan, watching the warm future of TVXQ. Thank you.

source: toho-jp
trans: SYC

lmao old school pic. So meanwhile, all the freaking out can stop. A lawsuit is gonna take awhile.
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Bada who used to be from S.E.S will be getting fellow ex-member Eugene’s support for her comeback stage.

Coming 8th August, Bada will be having a special comeback stage for her solo 4th album. Eugene will be appearing on stage together with her, even though she is currently busy with the filming of her new movie ‘Yoga School’, showing their friendship.

They will be performing the song ‘MAD’ together. The 2 are taking time out of their own busy schedule to practice for the performance together, and much anticipation from the fans are for this special stage.

Meanwhile, also on the show will be So Nyeo Shi Dae’s performance of Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ for summer special and also other performing artistes like Brown Eyed Girls, FT Island, MC Mong, KARA etc.

mithra jin, epik high

Inkigayo Girl Groups Mix & Match Special? TOTALLY FALSE.

We reported earlier about the girl groups special taking place on Inkigayo this Sunday. Well, apparently, that was a fake list drawn up by a fan and that has been confirmed by bug@soshified who gave us the original tip. Many of you are going to be disappointed and so am I, but life goes on.

It will still be an afternoon to look forward to on Inkigayo's Summer Break Special though with 2 planned special stages.

Girl Groups Special: Sorry, Sorry (Super Junior) + Again & Again (2PM)
- Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Jessica [SNSD]
- Seungyeon and Nicole [Kara]
- Hyuna and Jihyun [4minute]
- Dara and Minzy [2NE1]

Boy Groups Special: Tell Me Your Wish (SNSD)
- Wooyoung, Taecyeon [2PM]
- Taemin, Key [SHINee]
- Mystery member


Damn, I knew it was too good to be true. *cries* LOL whoever said it was a fan-made list had some really good instincts...
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Basically, SM TOWN 09' has been postponed.

Due to lawsuit from TVXQ SM Entertainment (SM)’s SM Concert was postponed.

On August 7th, SM representative said, “SMTOWN LIVE’09 which will be held August 16 at the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium will be temporarily postponed,” he said. For the sake of quality of performance, since there’s still TVXQ dispositition running against SM, the current time is not a good environtment to make decision regarding the concert, thus it need to be temporarily postponed.

“We’re really sorry to tell you the unfortunate news.” SM representative closed his statement.
For ticket refund, please contact: G-Market ( number 1566-5702)

credit: newsen
translation: sharingyoochun@wordpress
source: infatuated@soompi
original source: here

my heart breaks. it's gotten this far then huh. thoughts omona?
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T-ara: Hyomin's 'Plastic Surgery Controvery', Mnet: "Photo Capture Misunderstanding"


Idol group T-ara's member Hyomin (21, real name Park Sunyoung) has gotten into a plastic surgery controversy due to some pictures. Some netizens took screen shots of roles Hyomin played in the past and said, "Her face is so different from now," sparking a controversy.

It started when a title was posted on various portal sites called "T-ara's Hyomin's pre-plastic surgery look." It was posted with a picture from 2005 KBS's Drama Sassy Girl Chunhyang. Netizens posted "this is Hyomins real face" "shocking pictures of the real Hyomin" and other provoking titles and then compared with her recent photos from her blog.

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Translated by:

I think she's so beautiful! I never thought those pictures were her anyway. She was such a gorgeous little girl, and she grew up to be a beautiful young woman. T-ara is quickly becoming my favorite girl group ATM.

2NE1 To Perform Big Bang's "Last Farewell"

2NE1 is really going to attempt Big Bang. 2NE1, who is called female Big Bang, will really attempt Big Bang at SBS 'Inkigayo' on August 9th. The hurricane rookies who shook up the music industry in 2009 will present 'Last Farewell,' 2007's greatest hit song as well as Big Bang's representative song.

2NE1 will re-enact Big Bang's performance with their own character; being a 'girl group,' it is anticipated that they will have a more fresh dance routine and a more stylish performance and are gathering a lot of anticipation and interest.

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Translation Credits: Bigbangnyuh

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Alex & Gu Hye Sun are chosen to be the host of 5th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival

Singer-turned-actor “Romantic Guy” Alex and talented actress Gu Hye Sun have both been chosen to be the host for the opening ceremony of the 5th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival (read more about it here)

Last month, JMFF secretariat held a press conference on July 14 at the Cultural Hall, Shinsegae dept. store, Seoul to announce that Alex & Gu Hye Sun will be this year’s hosts for the opening ceremony.

On the opening day, Aug 13, a list of classical musicians as well as other top orchestra musicians will be performing for the opening ceremony. “Price & Prejudice” will be screened as the opening film.

The 5th Jecheon International Music & Film Festival will be held for 6 days, from August 13 to August 18.

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Source: jazzholic
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Itazura na Kiss comes to Korea

Group Eight, the producers who butchered adapted Hana Yori Dango into the hot mess that was Boys Before Flowers, is adapting another popular Japanese manga for Korean television: Itazura na Kiss, or Playful Kiss, which was turned into an anime series as well as the Taiwanese drama It Started With a Kiss.

Normally, I’d be all for a kdrama adaptation of what sounds like a cute romantic trendy drama, but Group Eight has pretty much lost its credibility with me after Boys Before Flowers. Not that I didn’t enjoy watching it, but it was nowhere near what it could, and should, have been. Group Eight is often mentioned as producing Goong, but that’s not strictly true (there was that production company split with Group Eight and Eight Peaks). The titles that Group Eight can claim as exclusively theirs are Fantasy Couple (okay) and Goong S (highly disappointing). On the other hand, they’re also doing Tamna the Island, which looks promising.

According to Group Eight president Song Byung-joon, the adaptation of Itazua na Kiss is next on their slate after Tamna, and they are currently in the planning stages. The licensing has been finalized and they are currently in the process of finding a scriptwriter. They are aiming to broadcast the series (I’ll use the Korean title, 장난스런 키스 or Playful Kiss) next summer.

Song did add that because the original manga never had an official ending (the writer passed away before finishing the series), the Korean version of Playful Kiss may choose to make its own, “entirely different, Korean-style ending.” Just as long as nobody dies of sudden cancer harboring a hidden birth secret, we hope.

Source: joy news
Via: dramabeans

omg I just had to post this okay. WHO IS EXCITED. I AM. I am IN LOVE with the TW adaptation! I freaking love Ariel Lin x Joe Cheng.

Cast for "I Love You Ten Million Times"

I Love You Ten Million Times [천만번 사랑해] is a new SBS weekend drama whose main cast has already been filled by Lee Soo-kyung, Ryu Jin, and Jung Kyeo-woon. I’d noted the interesting-sounding plot when the drama was first announced; it deals with surrogacy and the complications that arise when the surrogate ends up marrying into the family of the infertile couple she is helping out.

Adding some color to the younger supporting cast are Super Junior’s resident oddball
Kim Heechul
and Boys Before Flowers‘
Lee Shi-young
(both of whom are known for their rather offbeat “fourth-dimensional” personalities). Heechul plays a cheerful, saucy character who works a part-time job at a restaurant. He has a romantic storyline with
Park Su-jin
(mehhh), the singer-turned-actress who played Kim Bum’s ex-girlfriend in Boys Before Flowers.

Meanwhile, Lee Shi-young plays a woman who works at the information desk at the same office as Ryu Jin. She harbors a crush on him, while he is attempting to have a child with his wife (Go Eun-mi) via surrogate (Lee Soo-kyung); the story hints at a possible affair between him and Lee Shi-young.

I’m hesitant about the story (though I like that it’s different), but I like all the actors involved (minus Park Su-jin). Lee Shi-young was much better than expected in BBF, while Heechul has a fair amount of acting experience; his last drama was Golden Bride, and he was quite sweet in Bad Family.


I'm excited.

T-ara Jiyeon: I'm Having A Real Tough Time

6-member girl group T-ara member Jiyeon confesses about how she feels.

Jiyeon, the girl nicknamed the '2nd Kim Taehee' speaks up about how the netizens' comments have caused a deep wound within her.

In an interview she held on the 4th, she said that she has been 'suffering immensely'. Moreover, almost crying the MBC 'Soul' drama actress talked about how her 'heart is in a lot of pain. You're always worried about what people say and the controversies that might spring up.'

Therefore, her co-member Soyeon speaks up to say that, 'Jiyeon as a 17-year old girl (Korean Age -- she's 16) would not be able to resist things like this,'. She adds that 'Jiyeon is still a young'in'.

Previously when T-ara guested on MBC's Radio Star on the 29th, Jiyeon spoke about how her nickname, 'The Second Kim Taehee' has put a lot of pressure on her and had caused her to be scolded often.

Meanwhile, T-ara released their digital single on the 27th entitled 'Lies'.

source : hkn24
translated by : elly@diadem
picture credit : JJ.biased@diadem

T-ara Will Be Featured in This Week's 'Exciting Live Chat'

Girl group T-ara will have a special live chat with their fans.

On August 10th at 6PM, T-ara will have an 'Exciting Live Chat' with their fans and Economic Today. This live chat will enable T-ara's fans to interview them and ask them questions themselves.

T-ara was a girl group that has been under training for almost three years already. The group makes up Eunjeong, Hyomin, Jiyeon, Soyeon, Boram, and Qri. Last month, the girls released their title track and digital single titled 'Lies' and along with it, they display a cute, innocent, and pure girl image.

Last week, group SHINee took part in something exactly like this.

T-ara's 'Exciting Live Chat' will be shown live on Economic Today (, and all the questions and comments regarding T-ara can be left in the blog (

source : here
translated by : elly@diadem

『Brilliant Legacy』baby face

Could K-pop make it without the Western mix?

Over the years, as the Korean wave has touched the shores of Asian countries, several popular singers have tried to make it in the Asian market. Rain, Se7en and Yangpa have been among the notable flops, and BoA is currently releasing singles and videos in the United States. Now the group Wonder Girls is trying, with much fanfare, to make an impact. The group made its television debut on "The Wendy Williams Show" in July and is currently an opening act for the insanely popular Jonas Brothers.

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These stars have adapted their styles to suit what they believe is the American audience, but it's worth wondering whether young Americans - not just Korean-Americans - would appreciate more authentic Korean pop music, rather than knock-offs or English translations.


[News] TeleCinema Gala Event at Seoul University

Korea-Japan joint project Tele Cinema will take screen in theater in upcoming September and is expected to gain a lot of popularity.
The drama publisher, Samhwa Networks who is known to produce a lot of Japan’s top movies and TV dramas cooperates with high class movie personnels range from popular Hallyu stars, well known producer and writers to produce 7 series of Tele Cinema.
The first promoting event will be held on September 18th, entitled “Tele Cinema Gala Event” which is planned to take place at the gymnasium of Seoul University, Korea. Tele Cinema Gala Event will release trailers, making film, and others while the leading actors of the 7 series will participate in this great stage.

The OST to the series’ theme songs are expected to be performed by the singers as well and the expectation of fans of the event seems to be great.


Brown Eyed Girls in a Car Accident

Right after the Brown Eyed Girls performance on Music Bank, the girls were headed to another scheduled event near the Han River at around 8pm, when they slightly collided with the car in front of them. The car in front of them stalled because of a flat tire and the vehicle in which the Brown Eyed Girls were in slightly collided with the car in front. The members didn't have any injuries of note, but some were reportedly a bit shocked about the whole ordeal. They changed vehicles and continued onto their next schedule.

Luckily no one was hurt, just the other day SNSD got in a minor accident as well, hopefully everyone drives more carefully.

source : allkpop


2NE1 nearing 100K copies of 1st minialbum sold

Group 2NE1’s first debut album is just a few steps away from reaching the 100K album sales mark.

The title song ‘I Don’t Care’ off their 1st minialbum is also #1 on various music charts. Their achievements as a newcomer singer group is almost unbelievable, and threatening the stronghold of the existing strong singers.

YG Entertainment said, “Even though it is about 1 month since the album is released, it is still selling about 1000 copies a day. We are continuously adding to the production of 2NE1’s minialbum, and up till now we have produced 80K copies, and we have just recently produced anohter 20K. With that the production for 2NE1’s minialbum has crossed the 100K mark.”


All these while, for a new singer to do well on album chart is not easy. For existing singers, it has to depend on a certain degree of fandom to achieve it and the effect can only be seen at the start of their album release.

YG Entertainment added, “2NE1, who has just released their 1st album, is a group with more to show. Do anticipate more from them as they will be showing more new sides of them.”

Meanwhile, 2NE1 is #1 for 3 weeks through on KBS Music Bank, and #1 2 weeks through on SBS Inkiagyo, doing very well on music shows.


congrats girls!


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T-Ara: What Was the Meanest Question on Radio Star? Boyfriends!

T-ara thought about what was the "meanest" question on Radio Star.

T-ara said on a recent interview that as newcomers on their first broadcast, Radio Star was quite burdensome. "We didn't decorate or exaggerate ourselves, but instead tried to be honest and entertaining."

Later they were asked what question was the most memorable, and they all replied, "the ones regarding boyfriends."

Eunjung said, "the night before we were all very scared. We tried to forecast what questions would be asked, but thought 'if only the boyfriend questions would not come up, then that'd be great.' But then suddenly the ex-boyfriend question was asked and all of us were rather surprised," she said with a laugh.

"If we said 'we don't have boyfriends' then netizens would all say we were lying. So we thought the best thing to do would be to just be honest and frank about answering it," she added.

translated by tinggg here
SJ/hae: in action

Gdragon= Gay rapper?

Rapper 60row has criticised Big Bang GDragon and SG Wannabe.
All this while known for his malicious tongue towards other celebrities in the zone and getting noise marketing out of it, singer 60row is back with a new album ‘Loving WonderLand’ after 1.5 years. And this time he critcises Big Bang GDragon and SG Wannabe.
60row begins with, “People who feels awkward and curious listening to my songs, don’t listen to it. And for people who are prepared to listen and have listened to it, listen to the other songs too. Then I’ll earn some money.”
He continued, “For people who are angry after listening to ‘Stop ya music’ and knowing my crticisms and labels for others, are you still curious? Big Bang? From ‘Lies’ and like ‘Lies’, they have been alright right now. GDragon who has the very gay rap tone. If the kid appears on the TV, I immediately switch channels. SG Wannabe? These people after 2 years their music are still very like trash.”
But on the other hand, 60row, “Yoon JongShin hyung’s lyric’s sentiments. Toy HeeYeol hyung’s wiseness and calmness. The swag that joins the DOC hyungs’ generation. Ra.d’s swag that goes ahead time. And even the Broccoli Nomajo’s 2oth century’s feel” He talks about the artistes he looks up to.
Lastly he said, “Qualifications? I don’t know anything about it. I say what my heart likes. Ivy said ‘himnae’ but was scolded, saying it is dirty when it is dirty, being scolded, always looking at others, and saying my piece. But whether it is good or not, it is the personality to blame, and if you don’t like it, don’t take interests in me.”
Meanwhile, rapper 60row will have his album showcase on 15th August in CoEX.

Disgusting*. Who the fuck is 60row anyway?
How I Met Your Mother; Barney & Robin

Lee Hyori is not leaving Family Outing

There have been rumors going around recently that singer, Lee Hyori will be leaving SBS Family Outing. This was immediately shot down by the program's PD, Jang Hyuk Jae, "This is such a ridiculous rumor!".
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yessss! this means moar kookri (Kim Jong Kook & Lee Hyori) moments ^^~! <3 btw, i cant seem to tag my entires D: sorry!

chen tongue
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090807 Baek Jiyoung + 2PM Taecyeon, Exceptional Sexy Dance

Singer, Baek Jiyoung and idol group 2PM's Taecyeon are working together.

Baek Jiyoung's mini-album will be selling in stores on the 13th, with the title song, "My Ear Candy". The plan is to feature Taecyeon in the music video, of course, but also in all of her music performances.

Baek Jiyoung and Taecyeon recorded SBS "Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate" on the 5th and performed "My Ear Candy". During the song, Taecyeon put his hand on Baek Jiyoung's waist and revealed a bold, sexy dance.

A representative from Baek Jiyoung's company said, "We needed a person to fit Baek Jiyoung's mature, but feminine charisma on stage" and "also someone to bring a manly charm and intense stage. Taecyeon seemed to be the best fit amongst fans, so we asked him to feature in the song".

On the other hand, Baek Jiyoung is planning to make her comeback performance on the 15th at MBC's "Show Music Core".



'someone to bring a manly charm and intense stage'

090807 FT Island Widget Service Launched

Megacoms launched the FT Island widget in their widget community “Talk On” on 7th August.

Users can now download the FT Island widget and install it in their PC. This widget allows you to select and view the members’ pictures, shop online as well as to listen to their album songs.

As a special feature, tokens will be given as mileage points whenever you purchase items online using the FT Island widget.

Recently, many sites are launching widgets using famous entertainers as their models, like Naver, Daum, AllBlog and others.

The FT Island widget can be downloaded at Talk On’s homepage here.

Do not hotlink and takeout only with proper credits.
Credit: Talk On + ZDnet Korea + ying1005 @ primanoona (translation)

first time posting. did i did it right?

090807 FT Island, Clashing Schedules?

Fans are puzzled how FT Island can appear on two live programmes at the same time.

FT Island will be performing on both KBS Music Bank and Incheon Global City Festival on 7th August. The live broadcast of KBS Music Bank will start at 6.40pm while that of Incheon Global City Festival will start at 7.00pm.

It is almost impossible for the band to appear on both live programmes at similar time slots, however, Music Bank made it seem like it’s magic.

Their management company had an agreement with Music Bank’s personnel to have a pre-recording session for the band. Thereafter, they will make their way to Incheon for their next schedule. They also revealed that, most of the time, the band does not pre-record their performances unless it is a comeback or special stage. This time round, the band had to pre-record their performance because their busy schedule.

FT Island is much busier than before. They are making use of their spare time at waiting rooms to do magazine photoshoots and interviews.

Their new album is selling well and their title track “Barae” remains at top positions in various digital music charts.

Do not hotlink and takeout only with proper credits.
Credit: Newsen + ying1005 @ primanoona (translation)

gd yay

'Solo' G-Dragon officially starts his big-scale project

G-Dragon shot a music video in Nam Yang Joo, Kyung Ki Do on the 7th. He is working hard to prepare for his solo album debut which will be released on the 18th.

This day, according to an associate who participated in the shoot, G-Dragon surprised even staff members with a big-scale project consisting of 10 huge sets for a ground-breaking music video.

Translated by bigbangnyuh