August 8th, 2009

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Kim Hyun-joong has his eyes on CL

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On the August 7th episode of MBC’s “Section TV”, Kim Hyun-joong confessed that he’s been closely watching 2NE1’s CL. During his interview on “Section TV”, Kim Hyun-joong was asked by the reporter, “among all the girl groups out there, is there any one member you’ve had your eyes set on?”. Kim Hyung Joong didn’t hesitate from replying that it was CL he’s been watching and leaving her a short video message stating,

CL of 2NE1. I have yet to CL in person…Although i’m a few years your senior, I hope you will carry out a great career as a singer. Thank you for being a junior that provokes me (to do better).

Is that really all he’s been watching CL for?!


Idol drama "You're Beautiful" plot details

PD Hong Sung Chang has confirmed that Jang Keun Suk and Park Shin Hye will star in his upcoming SBS drama series, You’re Handsome* (English title unconfirmed; 미남이시네요). He said that Jang and Park were cast because of their acting skills, and at ages 22 and 19 respectively, they are well-suited to convey “fresh” idol stars.

Jang Keun Suk will play Hwang Tae Kyung, an aspiring singer from the countryside who becomes a member of an idol group. Park Shin Hye is playing fraternal twins – one male and one female. The older, male twin is named Go Mi Nam while the younger, female twin is named Go Mi Nyeo. (KP’s note: Minam and minyeo are the Korean words for a handsome man and a female beauty, respectively.)

Mi Nam has been chosen to join as the fourth member of an already-famous, three-member idol group. However, when he gets into a serious injury, Mi Nyeo is forced to take her brother’s place and identity. (In other words, Mi Nyeo must pretend that she’s Mi Nam in front of the entire public.) Although she and fellow group member Tae Kyung squabble and don’t get along at first, a loving relationship develops.

Other members of the main cast – particularly the two other idol group members – are expected to be confirmed and announced by next week.

The SBS drama series is being written by Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran, the sisters who wrote the scripts for Hong Gil Dong, Fantasy Couple, My Girl, and Delightful Girl Choon Hyang.

You’re Handsome is expected to premiere on October 17, following the end of SBS’s current Wednesday-Thursday drama, Swallow the Sun.

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Well, now I'm very interested. The plot sounds really fun and I'm curious to know who else will be cast.

MBC Music Core Performances (090808)

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SHINee - Goodbye Intro / Juliette

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  • Special stages by SNSD, Kara, Brown Eyed Girls, MC Mong, 4minute, F.T Island, and SS501.
  • Soul sisters Bada and Eugene reunite for a special performance.
  • SHINee says goodbye with their last performance of Juliette.
  • HyunAh debuts a new hairstyle.
  • Comeback stages by Drunken Tiger, Mighty Mouth, and Park Hye Kyung.

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DBSK on Music Japan (subbed)

Changmin, I see you in your godawful slippers lmfao.

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- Junsu really likes hitsumabushi. Eel is good for ~strength~
- Junsu says to Yoochun "When you were a kid, weren't you always at your parent's house?!!?!" Yoochun's face falls and awkward silence is all around lol :(
- Everytime Junsu is talking, Changmin, the elitist bitch is giving him a scathing withering look.
- Junsu would like to "take the milk out" of a cow.
- Yoochun asks Junsu to gtfo to South Pole and never come back.

In other words, Junsu is one big mess here who talks incessantly and has no mind of his own because Jaejoong constantly mindufucks him. And I say that in the most endearing way possible. ♥♥♥

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『Jang Fucking Seuk』chu

WWIB? singer turned actor edition

Both started their careers as singers. Both decided to jump into acting. In one corner we have ballad singer turned bratty rich boy (Brilliant Legacy) Lee Seung Gi. In the other corner we have SS501 leader and cool violin player (Boys Over Flowers) Kim Hyunjoong.

Who wore it better?

Lee Seung Gi
Kim Hyunjoong


4 Minute reveals themselves in MTV 20 Episodes

4Minute, 5 members girl group who joined the stardom, will be revealing their daily lifestyle secret.

Starting from August 10th, through cable channel MTV, 4Minute will be recording their ordinary life outside the stage to be shown to public. For now, 4Minute's MTV project broadcast time has yet to be announced.

MTV '4Minute' is composed of members who are all born in the 90s and one of them is 'HyunAh' a former member of Wondergirls who filmed 'MTV Wondergirls episodes' before. Just like their names, all of them will show their charms within 4 minutes.

Although on stage 4Minute has continuously shown powerful dance however, in reality, they are still young girls. So far, we could only see their stage side, and now, we could see their pure ordinary livestyle of 4Minute.

Starting from August 10, there will be a total of 20 episodes in MTV Channel. All the fans who missed the first broadcast will be able to watch a rebroadcast.

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『Jang Fucking Seuk』chu

One Day (+Joo) skips off for a vacation

Some lucky JYP singers got to go on a vacation, or rather, an overnight workshop designed to improve teamwork between idols and their staff. Most of 2PM and 2AM were there, minus Jaebum who's still in America, Junsu who went back to his home town for a visit and Junho who wasn't feeling well. The lone female (minus staff) Joo also tagged along.

The group went to Chulwon, and it looks like they spent some time water rafting during the day and also had fun with karoake at night.

They were also split into teams for some sort of competition:
team 1) Four seasons team / leader: taecyeon
team 2) Urusa (??) team / leader: seul ong
team 3) Kwon Jo team/ leader: Jo Kwon

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How I Met Your Mother; Barney & Robin

What happened to SE7EN returning to the US shortly?

Last month allkpop broke the news on YG Entertainment's plans to kill Se7en's career in the US, turning down major deals and breakthrough's in the US market to monetize off of Se7en as much as possible in the Korean/Japanese market. Well, as soon as we released the news, fans were outraged and YG Entertainment had no choice but to quickly make a PR move to save face, stating that "YG Entertainment has no plans for Se7en to release any albums in Korean or Japan and that Se7en would be returning to the US shortly."
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Outrage over signboard flashed behind MCs during KBS Music Bank

It is the MC debut for actors Song JoongGi and Seo HyoRim on KBS Music Bank aired on 7th August.

During the show, the 2 had not only awed the audience with their smooth MC skills, they also showed off their dance skills on stage performing with 4Minute. But there has also been an outrage going on about the signboard flashed by one of the audience that day before the MCs which writes ‘Lee MyungBak OUT’ during the show.

After the show was aired, many netizens had upload captures and stills from the show which shows the signboard flashing behind the MCs.

Netizens had gone, “This is a very symbolic move. The youngsters who like their idol singers had shown some awareness” while government supporters commented, “Humiliation to the country” etc.

source : kbites
umg screw my other post, i give up. i h8 lj cut. x___x'
BUT YA. this is scandalous, i guess.
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Se7en to release an album in Korea after 3 years

Singer Se7en will be back releasing a new album in Korea after 3 years.

Se7en, who has started working on his American music market advance in 2006 and has been preparing for his debut in America recently, is back in Korea recently, and had announced the released of his upcoming album, resuming his promotional activities in Korea. Also, there are also plans for him to promote in Japan. This is definitely good news for Korean and Japanese fans who have been waiting for his comeback.

A YG Entertainment representative said, “We have decided that Se7en will release a new album this year. The album will be released simultaneously in Korea and Japan and he will also be doing the promotions.”

The representative added, “This is not the end to this American activities. He will be advancing the American market looking at it in the long term view.”

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Korean Singer Runs Ads on East Sea in U.S.

Korean pop singer Kim Jang-hoon, who has been actively promoting international awareness of Korea's sovereignty over the Dokdo islets, is now on a mission to inform the world about the name of the sea that separates Korea and Japan.

According to public relations expert Seo Kyoung-duk, he and Kim plan to run a full-page advertisement in the New York Times, Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal showing why the sea should be labeled as the East Sea rather than the Sea of Japan.*

The ads, which have been paid for by the singer, will begin appearing on the pages of the three dailies as early as this week.


I guess he has lots of money to waste.

*Sea of Japan naming dispute
거기거기 mister~

KARA's Nicole: "I don't want TVXQ to disband."

Nicole, member of group KARA, who are currently busy promoting their second full length album <Revolution>, expressed how she felt about the news regarding Dong Bang Shin Ki (TVXQ).

While in the waiting room for KBS 2's Music Bank where KARA had a special stage with Brown Eyed Girls, Nicole was asked by reporters about her thoughts on the on-going trouble in SM Entertainment regarding the case filed by the 3 members of TVXQ against the management.

Nicole expressed outright that she did not want the group to disband.

She says "I'm really sad about the rumors regarding the disbanding of TVXQ. As a fan that really likes TVXQ, I hope that this problem can be solved amicably. I don't think it will be the same if any one member quits the group. I think they shine the brightest when the 5 of them take the stage as a group, as TVXQ. I hope they don't disband and that they continue to be together just like how they are right now."

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