August 11th, 2009

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T-ara to cover S.E.S and Fin.K.L

6-member female group T-ara will make a surprising transformation into S.E.S and Fin.K.L.

After causing topic with their debut song ‘Lies’, the girls will be transforming as S.E.S and Fin.K.L on MBC Music Core on 15th August and SBS Inkigayo on 16th August.

They will be performing S.E.S ‘I’m your girl’ and Fin.K.L ‘To my boyfriend’, putting in efforts not only to the vocals but also to the costumes and choreography.

They said, “S.E.S and Fin.K.L are girlgroups who received acknowledge as Korea’ best girlgroups. We are very honoured to be able to sing seonbae’s songs.”

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Korean Youth Study Longest Hours in OECD

Korean youth study an average of three hours more per day than adolescents in 30 other OECD member countries, or 15 hours more per week, according to a report released by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Family Affairs on Thursday. On the other hand, they sleep one hour less compared to their counterparts in five countries -- the U.S., the U.K., Sweden, Finland and Germany -- and exercise 22 minutes less.

According to the comparative study on the life patterns of children and adolescents commissioned by the National Youth Policy Institute, Koreans aged between 15 and 24 spent an average of seven hours and 50 minutes per day on studying at school, private crammers or at home as of 2003, nearly three hours longer per day than the OECD average of five hours. Japanese students spent five hours and 21 minutes per day, Germans five hours and four minutes, and the British three hours and 49 minutes.

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Gagman K Arrested for Gambling!

A popular Gag Concert comedian who has yet to be revealed, but code named "K" was arrested by police on the suspicion of gambling abroad. Gag Concert has been under constant scrutiny as just two months ago, Hangu Kwak (another Gag Concert comedian, pictured above) stole a Benz.

Comedian "K" was gambling at the Venetian in Macau, betting approximately $80,000 USD on a game of Baccarat. Which is also the reason why he was caught, as K had illegally smuggled $80,000 out of the country.

Gag Concert staff held a meeting with K and his entertainment company, and are deciding on whether to discontinue his show. The decision will be made around the 12th.

One of PD's of Gag Concert assume that the cause of this case is due to comedian's high incomes. These comedians, are not only making salary from Gag Concert, but also from Night Club Events after filming. Basically, they are bored and have nothing else to do.


LOL whoopsapparently, "Currency amounts of US $10,000 or more, or equivalent in foreign currencies ⇒ (meaning notes and coins of legal tender), must be reported on arrival or departure."


2PM Cameo in SBS Style!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Idol boy group 2PM will be making a cameo in the sixth episode of SBS drama Style, airing August 16th. The boys will be appearing as celebrities who attend the 200th issue party for Style Magazine.

This is the same episode that girl group 2NE1 will make a cameo in. Aside from 2PM and 2NE1, F.T. Island will make an appearance in the episode as well. It is unknown whether 2PM member Junsu will take part in the cameo since rumor has it that the poor boy was sick.

Other than Chansung, who was part of the High Kick cast, the 2PM boys don't seem to have much acting experience. It'll be interesting to see how this "gag group" will do with their cameo, so watch out for the release of the episode!


SHINee Answers Questions During Japanese Fanmeet

SM Entertainment's new boy band SHINee has traveled out side of their home land of South Korea ( which has a population of 48,379,392 as of July 2008 ) . They went to japan to answered questions from their fans about love, life, girls, food, teenage heartbreak, and their careers. Meanwhile, they also had a meeting with the aformentioned fans.

Q1. Their response when they knew that they were coming to Japan?
Jonghyun said that he was very surprised at first, he never thought it would be so quick before they would come to Japan

Q2. Any members been to Japan before?
The members say that only Minho has been in Japan before. (MC said something about coming after 5th Grade (I think referring to Minho), asking if he had any impressions about then) then apparently Minho paused or took a while to answer and in anticipation, the crowd went ‘crazy’.

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Source translated by _idyllic@soompi!!
Penelope is pretty.
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Wonder Girls Start Over in the U.S.

The Wonder Girls, one of the most popular girl bands in Korea, were totally obscure rookies in the United States, but that did not discourage them. On Saturday at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, they sang their signature song "Nobody" at the ever popular Jonas Brothers' concert. Since the end of June, they have been opening shows for the Jonas Brothers' nationwide 45-city tour.

Most of the audience, of course, come to watch Jonas Brothers, but they find themselves cheering for the girl band, giving the Wonder Girls a reception unusual for unknowns from Korea.

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Alex is next on Mnet Scandal!

What does “Romantic Guy” Alex do on a date in public?

Clazziquai front-man, the Romantic Guy Alex is back on the dating scene. After getting off the show that made him what he is today, what will the romantic guy of Korea will do on a date in public? We shall see on Mnet “Scandal”!

Last month, Mnet came out with this show “Mnet scandal” that mixing up the dating scene of a star with real people. The show has invited a few other singers, such as Kim Joon and former G.O.D. member, Danny Ahn.

Alex, who is known to be the romantic and thoughtful guy, will be the ideal date for most women. Who wouldn’t want to be swept away by his voice and gentle gestures? Buying flowers and gifts for his girlfriend, even cook for her and able to put on an apron for a great candlelight dinner?

The first meeting will be like a surprise meeting in front of the theatre, then like any other ‘normal ‘dates in Korea, the couple walk together, visiting nearby food/accessories stalls. In addition, because of the fans following them, they end up holding each other’s hands to pass through the crowds. Some of them ask Alex, “Who’s the girl next to you?”, and just like the scene in the movie, his date is supposed to come up with an answer like, “I’m his girlfriend.”

Alex’s date had to tell her parents and relative to make sure they know this was all just acting (for the show “Scandal”). And true to his reputation, Alex is able to create a perfect, romantic date.

The episode is due to be aired on Mnet this coming Wednesday, at 11pm (Korea time)

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YAY! I hope someone subs it.
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T-ara barred from using mobile phones

With the Korean music industry still reeling from the TVXQ vs SM Entertainment lawsuit, there was news today that new girl group, T-ara has been barred from using their own mobile phones by their company recently.

T-ara expressed on the 10th, "After discussions with our company (Mnet Media), we have voluntarily handed in our mobile phones to them. If there's any urgent matter, we will borrow our manager's mobile phone." With mobile phones very much an essential part of a young girl's lifestyle, is the management company going too far with this action?

With regards to this, their manager said, "Not just their mobile phones, we are also restricting their time on the internet. We felt that malicious postings against them on the internet will affect their daily training." He added, "More than 80% of the comments posted by netizens are hateful remarks towards individual members. These hateful remarks does nothing useful, and will just make them feel depressed, etc. So we decided on this after consultation with all the members and got their consent."

Weeks before their debut, T-ara would hand over their mobile phones when they wake up at 6am. It will then be returned to them once training is over at night. But the company felt that text messaging by the members were affecting their sleep time, so they decided to raise the bar and take away their mobile phones for a period of time instead.

Their manager ended by saying, "This is nothing new. Others like Lee Seung Gi and F.T Island also didn't have mobile phones when they just debuted. Not just Tara, it's the same with many idol groups. There are of course some instances where certain members would secretly use their mobile phone without the company's notice. This is where I and the innocent members would start "hunting" them down."


Wow! That's really sad. Especially the part about them being attacked on the internet like that. People are really disrespectful towards T-ara for no reason at all.
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Teaser photo to Jewelry’s comeback 6th album revealed!

Jewelry has revealed their image ‘with an edge’ ahead of their 6th album comeback.

After the craze with the ‘E.T dance’ they set last year with the song ‘One More Time’, Jewelry has ended their album jacket filming and they are counting down to their comeback.

Jewelry won the DaeSang during ‘2008 Golden Disk award’ and also many other #1s on music charts. And in the current situation of the ‘war of the girl groups’ in Kpop, Jewelry is back to take back the place of the queen amongst the girlgroups.

As to what dance they will be back with is much anticipated by fans, and also fans are looking to an upgraded Jewelry since members Han JooYeon and Kim EunJung continued with Jewelry S even after their previous album promotions ended.

Their 6th album will be released off and online on 25th August.

Source: sookyeong
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Yoon Eun Hye, “I have no friends in the entertainment zone, and have never been to a club”

Yoon EunHye, who debuted through girlgroup Baby VOX, talks about prejudice that many have on her.

She revealed, “I look like someone who enjoys and plays a lot”. But it seems that this is not true.

Yoon Eun Hye said, “I’ve never been to places like club for even once. I don’t know places outside my house.”

She continued, “Because of this, I have no scandal. It’s been 10 years since I’ve debuted in the entertainment zone, I have not one friend. I only keep in contact occasionally with the Baby VOX members, but we did not eat.”

“Friends would say ‘You are always at home’. I feel that rumours and news about me being playful is unfair.”

Meanwhile, Yoon Eun Hye will be making her comeback in drama ‘My Fair Lady’.

Source: sookyeong
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Is There a Solution for 'Slave Contracts?'

Three members of TVXQ, Xiah, Micky and Hero, stirred the nation when they decided to take legal action against their entertainment agency SM Entertainment. From left, Xiah, Micky, Hero, Max and U-Know.

With Korean pop group TVXQ embroiled in legal action against its agency, SM Entertainment, over an allegedly unfair contract, fans and agencies alike are focusing attention on the validity of so-called "slave contracts." Contracts are dubbed as such for reported disadvantaging the stars and would-be stars who enter into them with management agencies.

These excessively binding contracts came into focus when actress Jang Ja-yeon ended her life earlier this year amid allegations that she was threatened and forced to provide sexual favors by her former agent.

TVXQ brought yet another perspective to ongoing speculations regarding unfair practices carried out by both large- and mid-sized entertainment agencies here.

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Actress Sued Over Opposition to US Beef

A U.S. beef importer filed a 300-million-won ($250,000) compensation suit with a Seoul court against actress Kim Min-sun for allegedly misleading the public into a boycott of their product and damaging sales.

According to the Seoul Southern District Court, A-Meat, which specializes in U.S. beef, filed the suit against the actress, claiming that Kim's comments, along with "twisted reports and comments" made on MBC's investigative program "PD Notebook" about the beef, have caused the company to shut down 47 franchise stores nationwide, inflicting more than 2 billion won in losses.

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Big Bang’s Daesung suffers nose fracture in car accident

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

After breaking the news earlier about Big Bang's Daesung being injured in a car accident, it appears although his condition isn't that good right now, he's not in any serious danger at the moment. But definitely not fit for work.

According to YG Entertainment, "Big Bang's Daesung has suffered a nose fracture and this was the same part that he had injured when he was little. There's also some alignment problem with Daesung's spinal cord although that will clear up by itself in about 4 weeks time. Other that that, Daesung also suffered superficial injuries on his face and arms. His arm which was reported to be injured earlier on, was a non-issue after check-up."

YG also explained what happened, "Daesung was on his way back home from the site of the filming location of Family Outing at around 4. While cruising along the highway near Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi province, there was a lot of water accumulated on the road because of heavy rain, which caused the vehicle to skid and crash onto the divider. Daesung was sitting at the side, behind his coordinator who was in front."

Daesung's manager suffered superficial injuries on his hands and will receive a thorough check-up in Seoul. The coordinator suffered severe bleeding on the leg but luckily there was no damage to the nerves, and will be fine after an operation. Daesung and his manager will return to Seoul for further treatment while the coordinator will go through an operation tonight because of her severe injuries. The car was severely smashed up.

It's unlikely that Daesung will be able to take part in the Shouting musical together with Big Bang member, Seung Ri which starts on 12th August, tomorrow. At this juncture, we wish Daesung, his manager and coordinator a speedy recovery.


GDragon plagiarises with ‘Heartbreaker’? “It’s just a preview, please wait for the full song

Big Bang GDragon
’s solo title song ‘Heartbreaker’ has been said to have plagiarised other’s music.

GDragon released the preview to his solo album title song ‘Heartbreaker’ at about 5pm on 11th August which he has set to reveal on 12th initially, a 30seconds preview on me2day site.

The reason to releasing the previews were said to let fans know of some of the music to be included in his first solo album to be released on 18th August. But with the reveal of ‘Heartbreaker’ there has been debates that it plagiarises Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’.

Netizens went, “Just 30 seconds revealed but it sounds exactly the same”, “Even though there are similarities, the melody is different” etc

With that YG Entertainment said, “Now we only revealed just 30 seconds to the song, it is ridiculous to call it plagiarism. ‘Heartbreaker’ did not plagiarise other’s music. Please look forward to the full song.”


2PM and 2AM parodies Brown Eyed Girls to be ‘Dirty Eyed Girls’

2PM and 2AM has come together to form ‘Dirty Eyed Girls’ parodying idol female group Brown Eyd Girls.

The 2 groups came together recently on Mnet Wild Bunny to do parody on Brown Eyed Girls. There are plans for ‘Dirty Eyed Girls’ to sing and even redo the MV to Brown Eyed Girls‘ ‘Abracadabra’.

A preview to the parody making was also released online receiving overwhelming responses from netizens.

Known to be the worst dresser in 2PM, member TaekYeon was put in charge as the group’s stylist for this parody, and 2PM’s youngest member ChanSung will be the sexy image taking over Brown Eyed Girls GaIn’s place in the group.

Much anticipation is to how the parody will turn out.

video source
Hirasawa Yui

South Korean President calls for "a green way of life"

Addressing the nation, President Lee Myung-bak calls for energy efficiency as it will yield results faster than development of new technology.

by : Morten Andersen

Depending almost entirely on imports for its energy supply, South Korea is one of the countries projected to be most affected by a future of scarce and expensive energy resources. While alternative technologies will need to be found, President Lee Myung-bak encourages a greener way of life as a first effort.

“There is something more important than green technology, and that is a green way of life,” Lee said in a national radio address according to news agency Xinhua, while adding that “it is easier for individuals to change into a green life than to develop green technology in terms of time and money.”

President Lee Myung-bak said a 10 percent reduction in energy consumption would equal 1 billion US dollars saved on imports.

Last week, South Korea’s Presidential Committee on Green Growth presented a range of greenhouse gas mitigation scenarios for 2020 for the government to choose from.

source : via WWF_Climate twitter

FT Island, “Misunderstanding Caused By Similar Guitar Riffs”

5 member band, FT Island, gets involved in plagiarism issues.

Some netizens pointed out that “Bing Bing Bing“, song from FT Island’s 3rd album, resembles English band, McFly’s “Five Colours In Her Hair“. However, it was said that the composer for “Bing Bing Bing” is HOONY and the song is genuinely original.

According to the tele-conversation with Newsen on 10th August, spokesperson from FT Island’s management company explained that, “We have checked with the composer. The guitar riffs for both songs are similar and that’s what caused the misunderstanding.”

The spokesperson also said that, “Just like how in most Bossanova songs, the guitar riffs are similar, Rock ‘n’ Roll is also the same,” he explained, “The melody is different. It’s just the guitar riffs that feels similar.”

FT Island is currently promoting their title song “Barae”.

Source: Newsen + ying1005 @ primanoona (translation)

G-D Solo Album tracklist

Track list

1. 소년이여 ( A Boy)
2. Heartbreaker [Possible title song]
3. Breathe
4. Butterfly (feat. Jin Jung)
5. Hello (feat. Sandara)
6. Gossip man (feat. Kim Gun Mo)
7. Korean Dream (feat. TaeYang)
8. What’s up (feat. Teddy , CL)
9. She’s Gone (feat. KUSH)
10. Hollow
11. 1년 정거장 (Station 1 year)



obligatory macro:
talking bout my girl [Sohee]

Update on GD's "Heartbreaker" Plagiarism Controversy

Group Big Bang GDragon has once again been entangled in the issues of plagiarism. He released a 30s preview to the title song ‘Heartbreaker’ to his first solo album to be released on 18th August on 11st August on me2day site.

The song was said to have plagiarised ‘Right Round’ by American hiphop singer Flo Rida released in February having sounded the same.

But what’s confusing now is that YG claims that the song is not purely produced by GDragon but is a collaboration work between GDragon and a Swiss producer.

Purely GDragon’s creation VS collaborate production work? Problem lies in YG’s contradicting answers.

Initially YG’s refutation to the accusations to plagiarisms on 11th August was that “The song ‘Heartbreaker’ is not plagiarised work but purely GDragon’s works.” But on the 12th, YG’s explanations seems to have changed a little said, “GDragon’s solo album is like what has been so far, collaborate composition. Title song ‘Heartbreaker’ is a collaboration composition between GDragon and a Swiss producer.”

“For the production of GDragon’s solo album, there is a newly added producer to do lyrics and composing. When ‘Heartbreaker’ is revealed in full, accusations for plagiarisms will not stand.”

Many are curious as to why YG’s explanations to the issue changed in just 1 day. Media says that the reason why YG is doing so is to avoid more accusations of plagiarism that GDragon has been receiving so far.


Here it is if you haven't heard.

But ugh, get it together YG. Even though I think that the first verse is way too similar to Right Round, might be too early to start throwing "plagiarism" around.
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Eugene takes on new drama role

Eugene has announced her next acting project, a drama tentatively titled Creating Bonds or Making Fate [인연만들기]. The series is an MBC weekend drama and will follow the just-premiered comic fusion drama Tamra the Island. (That means it airs at an earlier hour and will likely be more family-friendly than the later prime-time shows.)

Based on books written by Hyun Go-woon, the drama combines the novels Finding Fate and Making a Love Destiny, and will be directed by Jang Geun-soo of Chunja’s Happy Events.

Eugene plays the female lead, who moved to Canada when she was ten and has now completed her law studies in the States while caring for her father and grandfather. She decides to marry her Western boyfriend, whom she met in the States, but her father puts his foot down and opposes the match. As she comes to Korea, what arises is a series of comic events. (I dunno, that doesn’t sound all that fun to me. I know this is a drama, but aren’t we beyond the point of opposing matches with Americans, particularly when the girl in question has lived most of her life in America?)

In any case, at least Eugene is an apt choice to play a character who has grown up in English-speaking parts, since she’s one of very few Korean actresses who are completely fluent in English. Her latest movie is the summer horror film Yoga School; before that, she appeared in the romantic comedy Romantic Island, while her last drama series was Three Dads, One Mom. Her new drama will air later this summer.

Source: Osen
Via: dramabeans
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Hometown of Legends adds to a horror-filled August

I have the feeling that the summer horror trend already has its winner in MBC’s drama Hon, but KBS’s Hometown of Legends is trying to catch up when it premieres today for its short (eight-episode) run this month. Here’s its newest poster, featuring new actress Lee Sae-na as a ghost.

The two dramas take pretty different approaches to the genre so I doubt they’ll be overstepping each other’s audiences — Hon is a modern psychological thriller, while Hometown tends to tell its folktales with an allegorical bent and features classic ghost-story characters like bloodsuckers, ghosts, and the gumiho.

Of the two, Hometown faces the more difficult obstacle by going up on Mondays and Tuesdays against established hit Queen Seon-deok. Hon, in comparison, is gaining ground on its Wednesday-Thursday competitor, Swallow the Sun, and may soon challenge it for the top spot; Partner has slipped further behind in third place. Given how strongly Seon-deok is performing, the Monday-Tuesday battle really is for second place; if Hometown scrapes ahead of poorly-performing Dream, it ought to be considered a success.

Hometown of Legends airs its first episode today, August 10.

Source: Hankyung
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Song Hye Gyo for Laneige

Actress Song Hye Gyo has been getting a lot of attention lately, from showing off her S Line for Levi's, to her recently exposed public relationship with Hyun Bin.

Now she's back in the limelight with a photo shoot for Laneige lipstick. Song Hye Gyo wore the new Snow Crystal lipstick for the pictorial shot by Nonhyun. The photo shoot was on and off and took place over the course of 10 days. There were four different themes (1. Matt Pink, 2. Orange Bloom, 3. Pink Fever, and 4. So Pink) and various hairstyles showing sexy, sophisticated, and pink / red lips.

Song Hye Kyo contributed on the development of LANEIGE's 'Snow Crystal lipstick' line. This new line is expected to released some time this month in stores in Korea.

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Idk about you, but some of the pictures look awkward as hale to me.
SJ/hae: in action

SJ member wanted to drop out of sm?

After three of the five members of the Korean pop band Dong Bang Shin Gi, a k a TVXQ, took legal action against the group’s management agency, S.M. Entertainment, on July 31, claiming an unfair contract, officials began examining how other top groups are being managed.

What they’ve found was sometimes startling. Yuna, a member of a band called Girls’ Generation that is under the same agency, is in a 13-year contract similar to the ones claimed by the three TVXQ complainants.

A member of Super Junior, a 13-member pop band managed by S.M., cannot leave the company for between five and 13 years.

“Even though I want to transfer to another management agency, it is not easy because of the long contract period and a large penalty I would have to pay,” the member said during a phone interview with the daily newspaper Ilgan Sports. “Since each member receives 1/13 of total profit earned from the band’s record sales, individual income is not that high.”

“A new management system and culture have to be developed so that new entertainers can also get legal advice when signing contracts,” he said.

more @ source