August 12th, 2009

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T-ara's 'Lies' Music Video Recieves 1,000,000 Clicks In Two Weeks

T-ara's 'Lies' Music Video Recieves 1,000,000 Clicks In Two Weeks

Girl group T-ara's new music video 'Lies' recieves at least 1,000,000 clicks after two weeks of release.

On the 11th (of August), since the music video's release on the 29th, it recieved at least 1,000,000 clicks from internet sharing websites and GomTV. By 11:00AM of the 12th the click amount on the 'Lies' music video have already went up to 1,040,000.

'Through the history of GomTV, not once did a rookie achieve this number of music video streams in a matter of two weeks,' said GomTV.

T-ara debuted as singers on the arts program 'Golden Fishery' on the 29th of July. While their digital single 'Lies' has been on top of music charts on online music sites, and has been named a 'hot' rookie group for the half of the year.

Meanwhile, T-ara will be performing on MBC's 'Music Core', and will also be on the SBS Inkigayo stage performing as their sunbaes S.E.S. and Fin.KL.

Translated by: Elly@diadem

T-ara on Star News (08/11)

Talented new girl group T-Ara shows off another side of themselves and reveals their daily lives of training, practice, makeup, and feeding. From these personal pictures released you can see that these girls (the 6 members of T-Ara) are without a doubt the hardest working people in K-pop today. Best of luck to them in their future endaviors!

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Lee Min Ki's 1st Mini Album 'No Kidding' and 'Eternal Summer' MV

Lee Min Ki has just recently released his 1st Mini Album 'No Kidding' in Korea.

'No Kidding' Tracklist:
1. 영원한 여름 (Eternal Summer)
2. Dreaming
3. Joujou (Let me see the love)
4. Play My Way
5. Tonite, Tonite
6. Joujou (Minki Remix)

'Eternal Summer' MV:

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Wow. Awesome EP.

If you liked what you were hearing please buy the EP: YesAsia US / YesAsia Global
taking jjang to new heights. [백경]

YG Family Post

Earlier on the audio for the preview of GD's new solo song "The Leaders (What's Up)" was posted, but here is the video (cut from 2NE1TV/GD TV) of Teddy, GD and CL in the studio working on it.

Regardless of my personal feelings of the song itself, it's always nice to see three generations of YG being so family-like! Plus I always love Teddy's random English. And I love how CL is so normal here :) I like off-stage CL more than on-stage.

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miki zdziwko

no more pimpin' for Yoochun


You can read the full article at here

Summary: Yoochun is known to have a sexy car Audi R8 model, and he sold his car to the dealer a while ago. The car taken by Yoochun is a leased one, paying 400,000 KRW per month.

This captured image is from the car dealer's website.


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I'm shocked.. *__*
sorry Yoochun, but this is the end of our relationship..

btw who wants to have Yoochun's car? ^^
Hirasawa Yui

Sandara Park is the female idol star Koreans ‘wish to eat tonics with during midsummer’

2NE1 member Sandara Park has been chosen to the be the #1 star with whom Koreans want to “eat tonics during midsummer with”.

Music portal site Bugs did a survey on netizens about with which promoting female idol group member they “Wish to eat tonics together during midsummer” and Sandara Park came in #1 with 51% of the votes.

Sandara Park’s popularity came from that of 2NE1 which she is part of. 2NE1 debuted with the digital single ‘Lollipop’ in March and then went on to release 2 other hits ‘Fire’ in May and ‘I Don’t Care’ in July, and they are said to be one of the best hit maker girl groups for the year.

The rest of the survey results:

1. 2NE1 Sandara Park
2. KARA Goo Hara
3. Brown Eyed Girls GaIn
4. 4Minute HyunA
5. After School GaHee
6. T-ara EunJung

Koreans believe to eat tonics like ginseng chicken during midsummer when it is the hottest, fighting the heat with heat.

Meanwhile, members have been said to have taken a 4-5 days break from 12th August. Sandara Park has flown back to the Philippines, Park Bom to the States, CL to Japan and MinJi to visit her grandmother. YG said to give then well deserved break off from promoting the pass 3 months.

SJ → all for one

Super Junior, how is the profit shared among the members?

Recently, with the issue between DBSG members and SM about sharing the income, Super Junior's story below will bring a warm feeling to you.

On the show MBC Every1 "Now it's time of handsome guys" which was aired on August 11th, MC Park Myungsoo had asked Super Junior's members Donghae & Sungmin, who attended that episode, about the profit sharing among SJ members.

Park Myungsoo said "Super Junior has 13 members, the member who has more activities will earn more, right? So do you guys have any difficulty with it, and how do you do about it?"

Super Junior Donghae said, "Although money is quite a sensitive topic, but we share the money with the members who earn less" and "(so that) they can use in case of necessity" which brought a warm feeling to the filming studio. Park Myungsoo said "it's such a good example" and praise the strong friendship among Super Junior members.

Netizens also show good response toward this "It's such a good example about team mates" and "While (everybody) continues to care about money, I feel relieved (after knowing this)."

Translated by evanesco @

Aww ♥

4Minute HyunA to be featured for Navi’s new song

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

4Minute HyunA will be helping out with singer Navi’s new song.

HyunA will be featured for Navi’s new song ‘눈물도 아까워 (Wasteful Tears)’. HyunA had volunteered for the featuring after persuasion from acquaintances and listening to the song.

The song is a electronic R&B number and is composed by Jo YoungSoo and written by Kang EunKyung. The song writes about a woman who will not forgive her boyfriend for cheating on her.

Jo YoungSoo also composed Navi’s previous hit ‘Heart Damage’.

The song will be revealed online on various music sites on 13th August.


2NE1 goes on summer vacation!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

2NE1 will be going their separate ways for the time being as they go off to enjoy their summer vacation from today.

YG Entertainment expressed on the 12th, "2NE1's Dara, Bom, CL and Minzy will be going for their own vacation from today until 16th August. Since making their debut in May 2009 (sounds like a long time, isn't it?), the 4 girls have been busy practically everyday with training, rehearsals and performances without a break for the past 3 months. We decided to give them a short vacation of five days to let them re-energize themselves."

It's believed that all 4 members will take the opportunity to visit places where they spent their childhood. Bom will head to America, Dara to Philippines, CL to Japan and Minzy will go to her granny's place.

After ending their short summer vacation, 2NE1 will restart their promotions from the 3rd week of August.

It's a semi vacation though as they will be on camera, which you can catch on 2NE1TV soon, so look out for that.


.•.•♥♦♣♠ THIS IS A !!OVER 5000 CHARMS FFA!! ♠♣♦♥•.•.

Welcome members to the famous/epik OMNTD Free For All. This is a once a week post where you can post OT comments/questions along with ones that are relevant to the community. As well as make friends with your fellow OMNTD members.

Wednesday FFA will be posted at 3-4 pm Vancouver time. Need help?

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Recent happenings in the world of Omona....
BoA & Akon released Beautiful also featuring Kardinal Offishal. Some video from 1997 feat Taecyeon. *twirls glowsticks* Omona wanted to know what's up? & WTF. moar wtf BB Yoochun lost his pimp ride. It was a close call for Daesung O____O. GD keeps teasing us.You know how those Gay rappers like to tease!
Getting arrested is so funny. "LOL" is all some can say about THIS. Brown Eyed Girl's learn from porn. Beautiful Heechul is cast in a new drama. If you arent Japanese and you play a ninja, YOU WILL BE CRITICIZED because "Kimchi Ninja," and "All Koreans who enter Japan are all spies."

Rest In Peace Korean Naked News
Korea's 'Naked News' shuts down

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~*GHOST HAND*~, Miss J & the Wonder Girls thank you for dropping by

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Actress Hwang Returns to Movie

Actress Hwang Soo-jung will return to the silver screen for the first time in two years.

Hwang, 37, starred in "A Time to Leave," the first episode of the omnibus movie "Sai" directed by Eo Il-seon, with actor Ki Tae-young.

She played the role of a wife who falls victim to habitual violence inflicted by her husband. She meets Ki, a seaman and jail-breaker, while traveling and the two fall into love.

In the movie, Hwang shakes off her fixed image of a good-natured woman and shows a much stronger image. The movie is to be released early next year.

Hwang had her acting career suspended in 2001 after being arrested on drug charges. She made a comeback in 2007 with the TV drama "Salt Doll." She starred in the movie "Day and Night" last year.

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Dispute Arise Over Suit Against Actress Opposing US Beef Import

Politicians and some civic groups are adding fuel to the public dispute over the suit against actress Kim Min-sun, who allegedly "misled the public to boycott U.S. beef consumption."

Conservative politicians accused her of making ignorant comments while liberals defended her for saying what she believed in.

Rep. Chun Yu-ok of the ruling Grand National Party wrote on her Web site that Kim should be held accountable for what she had said. "I respect the diversity of ideas but when a public figure like Kim makes such an open comment, it should be based on facts. She has a social responsibility to those she speaks to."

The conservative civic group "Liberal Progressive Association" urged Kim to make an apology. "This case shows how much a business corporation can be damaged due to the groundless rumors a single person spreads. We hope Kim will step forward and do what she has to do," it stated.

Liberals, on the other hand, said the suit itself is ridiculous and called Kim a scapegoat of the conservatives and businessmen.

Choi Jae-cheon, lawyer and former lawmaker of the opposition Democratic Party, said there is no reason Kim should be accused.

"There were many other people who made similar comments and A-Meat (which filed the suit) said nothing about them. Kim is a scapegoat: they blame her for everything," he wrote on his Web site.

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Hmmm flattery will get you anywhere

EBS Apologizes for Copying Japanese TV Program

The Korea Education Broadcasting System (EBS) apologized Tuesday for plagiarizing a Japanese television program. It said "Sci-Fun", a science experiment program, outsourced to a subcontractor, was found to have copycatted a similar Japanese TV program.

The program in question was aired July 23 and carried out experiments regarding musical instruments and paper cup phones.

However, the experiments borrowed ideas from the Japanese program "Odoroki no Arashi", a science experiment program hosted by the popular Japanese pop group Arashi. Plagiarism was first raised as an issue by Arashi fans in Korea.

"We issued an apology to our audience and cancelled the contract with the subcontract producer", an EBS official said. "We will take all steps to stem piracy in the future".

EBS also admitted that another episode of the program, aired last week, involving grafting watermelons and other melons, is suspected of being a copy as well.

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tiffany on her family

SNSD's member Tiffany talks about her mother for the first time since the debut with tears.

During the recording of SBS 'Kim Jungeun's Chocolate' in Seoul Kangseogu Dungcheondong in 29th of July, SNSD (Yoona, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny, Seohyun)'s member Seohyun's mother appeared which resulted in emotional tears.

Overwhelmed with emotions, Tiffany shed tears when Seohyun and her mother embraced each other warmly. Tiffany, who was more emotional than other members, confessed, "I thought of something that I want to say to my mom. This is the first time mentioning my mom in broadcast. Mom, you left this world before I have, but you gave me 8 sisters. I want to thank my mom and God".

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translated by definition @ soshified

Aw at their manager, looking out for them like that.

At the scene of Big Bang DaeSung’s car accident

All the 5 members have got together on 12th August at the hospital after Big Bang DaeSung got into a car accident on 11th August.

A Big Bang representative said, “Big Bang members GDragon, TOP, SeungRi and TaeYang went to visit DaeSung at the hospital in Seoul. The members were worried about DaeSung.”

The rep added, “The truth is that the Big Bang members had wanted to visit him late last night, but DaeSung was receiving diagnosis yesterday. So they only came today.”

The photos above were the scenes at the car accident which DaeSung was in.

source: kbites

CT scan results shows eye bone fractures, Big Bang's Daesung will need 8 weeks of treatment

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

After getting in a car accident on 11th August, it has been revealed that Big Bang DaeSung’s injuries are more serious as they were made out to be.

A representative said on 13th August, “The CT scan results came out on 12th August, the bone that encompasses the left eye is also fractured. This part will have to be treated when DaeSung undergoes surgery for his nose injuries.”

With that, the rep said, “With the diagnosis results out, we will have to extend the treatment period from 6 weeks to 8 weeks.” Before the precise diagnosis, DaeSung has already have 15 stitches for the injuries on his arm.

DaeSung is currently hospitalised at a hospital in Seoul.

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preview to stevie hoang's eng cover of thsk's doushite

The 24-year-old, Stevie Hoang (24) a Chinese-blood born who was born in London grew up in Birmingham. Majoring in Music Technology and after loaded himself experiences for being a backseat person in recording, he finally tried to become a singer. Stevie has been being called a melody genius just like NeYo, and has price-y voice.

His new album entitled “ALL NIGHT LONG” with one of the song “Make It To The End” (sounds similar like Jaejoong’s tattoo?? lol) which is an english cover version of Tohoshinki’s “Doushite Kimi wo Suki Ni Natta Shimattan Darou?” will be released on September 16th.


source: + dnbn
translated by sharing yoochun

I hope posts with previews are okay...? Or is it just for MVs?
You have to be in IE to hear the preview.
talking bout my girl [Sohee]

Seungri performing "Shouting" without Daesung

Big Bang members Seungri and Daesung were supposed to perform together starting on August 12th for the musical SHOUTING, however because of Daesung's unfortunate accident and needed recovery time, he will not be able to participate in the musical.

Because of this, Seungri started the first performance of SHOUTING without Daesung and had to perform with a backup, most likely they will use this same backup throughout the running of the musical. Many people thought he performed very well. The musical will continue to run until August 23rd.

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It has also been reported that all the Big Bang members went to visit Daesung in the hospital as they were all concerned about his well being. Here are the supposed photos of the accident.


tbh I'm not even sure what this musical is about. I know it's based on their success story book released earlier this year, so I thought Seungri would be playing himself, but it doesn't look like it. Also hope Dae gets better soon as well T_T