August 13th, 2009

talking bout my girl [Sohee]

This is the comeback that y'all ain't ready for...

Sean: "Jinusean will make a comeback this year."

After 12 years into debut, singer Sean revealed that Jinusean will make a comeback this year.

He said on MBC ‘Sunday Interview’ recently, “This year we will comeback, though we are not sure what format our comeback will be – digital single, single or minialbum. I talked to Jinu about it. I’m currently busy with my 3rd child, when things settle down a little, we will start working on it.”

He also talked about idol groups recently, “Idol group used to be just looks, but nowadays idol groups have the looks and the capabilities. Especially for Big Bang members, I’ve seen them since they were young. GDragon and TaeYang joined us when they were in elementary 5th grade.”

He also added, “These idols had grown and developed to be one of the most influential idols these days with acknowledgment of their passion and capabilities from the people themselves. They had give up the times when they can spend with their friends playing to chase their passion for music.”

He ended off with, “To say the truth, our company’s Big Bang and 2NE1 may not be as good in terms of looks as compared to other idols. But they are a group of friends who are passionate about music. Many people also look at them as people who make good music as compared to idols.”

This will be aired on 17th August at 12.04am.

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SOURCES: Sookyeong, 2, 3

Sean's just being modest. Of course they're talented but imo Big Bang and 2NE1 members are all smokin'. Anyway, I cannot be more excited. JS is really old YG at its finest (I also used to have the biggest crush on Jinu lmao). Now all that needs to happen is a 1TYM reunion too.
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T-ara: "How to Become a Female Idol Group"

T-ara has received a lot of attention within merely 2 weeks of their debut, and have also become strong candidates in the "girl group battle." Although they are newcomers, they've prepared for multiple years as trainees so even though they only have 2-3 hours of schedule a day, they feel honored. Though only debuted for two weeks, they've been thrown the topic "how to become a female idol group."

Hyomin: Female idols have to be open-minded and brave. If anyone gets jealous of anyone else, small things can be inflated into problems. You also have to be brave on stage. If you make a mistake on stage, you have to learn to not make another mistake later on. Also to be an idol singer, you have to be straight-forward and clear. There can't be any implications.

Q-ri: You have to be able to think like teens. Because there are a lot of teen fans, you have to understand their interests and thoughts to get their attention in return. Whether it's broadcasts or promotions, you have to work hard to understand what sorts of reactions you're getting. You have to think of things like, "Ah, young fans don't see this as a good thing." It's also important to take good care of your skin. Recently we haven't been able to sleep very much, so it's been hard to take care of our faces so we look like a wreck.

Soyeon: Female idol groups can't smoke. It's basically the same stuff as Q-ri said. Simply one cigarette could ruin you. You have to really care about your attitude towards life. You have to pay attention to the trends of teens and understand what they consider to be bad. Female idol groups must be strong. Like our name Tiara, we want to create a high-class trend. Things harmful to the health aren't high-class.

Jiyeon: You have to do well in school, too. In our group, I'm the only one still in high school. The older ones often tell me how important it is to keep up with school. Our management also things school attendance is very important. I often hear of people who, while trainees, miss out on the precious experience at a young age. I want to also make good friends and learn a lot at school.

Eunjung: Female idols need to have their own true image. In the past it was okay to be mysterious, but now the ones who are the most honest and can show their own character are the most charming. Many people like that sort of image. In the past it was important for the team as a whole to have a color, but now it's even more important for each member to have their own character and personality. Ah, and female groups have to become close friends with high heels. Whew, it's tough.

Boram: To be a female idol group, you have to be young. But I'm the oldest one in T-ara. You can see the idol group's charms grow with age. You see the image on stage and also in their personal lives. In addition, it's such a great thing to be able to grow with your fans as well.

With more things they wants to do than to have to give up, we hope they can find their color and the group's identity. With these girls who are strong like the wind and have a charm to "want to be your girlfriend," we have met another female idol group.

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Jewelry Brings Sexy Back With Their Second Teaser Picture

is planning on bringing sexy back with their 6th album which is coming out on August 25th.

In this 2nd teaser picture, Jewelry is dressed in sexy black swimwear showcasing their new chic charms. The 4 members are holding up the their title song, "Variety", in playful and joking appearance. Jewelry recently finished their jacket shooting and will finish up recording and filming their music video.

Star Empire said, "This 6th album will highlight the charms of each member, and will have four very different colors. Expect to see chic solo pictures of the members."


4minute Rocks the “Hot Jeans”

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Korea's new Hot Issue, 4minute will be following in the footsteps of Wonder Girls as the new TBJ models.

4Minute, recently selected as the new models for this casual brand, threw off their "Hot Issue" image and sexied up their "Hot Jeans" with their "Hot body lines". "Hot Jean" gathered popularity last year when the Wonder Girls rocked them. Will 4minute continue the success of "Hot Jeans"?

While filming, 4minute demonstrated very fashionable and confident poses despite their rookie status. Hyuna especially charmed up the scene with her sexy yet cute poses.

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Lee Ji Ah Debuts As A Singer

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Lee Ji Ah, who is currently appearing in SBS's "Style" and was part of hot dramas like MBC's "Great King and Four Gods" and "Beethoven Virus", is planning on raping the music scene as well! On August 14th, she will be releasing a single titled "Cupcake and Alien".

"Cupcake and Alien" is characterized by its bosa nova rhythm and sweet melody. Also, Lee Ji Ah's quirky lyrics are just the cherry on top!

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Kim Bum faints on "Dream"

On August 9th, Kim Bum fainted on the set of SBS drama ‘Dream’, when they were filming at Ilsan’s Hosu Gongwon (Lake Park). Kim Bum rested for a short while and continued filming when his condition had stabilized.

His manager expressed, “Because of all the continuous shooting for ‘Dream’, Kim Bum is a little physically and mentally fatigued. Especially since Kim Bum had to film till late night on the 8th, while on the 9th he had to endure shooting under the scorching sun, thats why he fainted.” “But after some rest, he continued filming, and there is nothing wrong with his health now.”

In SBS ‘Dream’, Kim Bum acts as Lee Jang Seok – a pickpocket who becomes a mixed martial arts fighter. Together with Nam Je Il (Joo Jin Mo), a sports agent fallen from grace, and taebo instructor Park So Yeon (Son Dam Bi), he eventually finds success and real love.


i really hope he's better. i love him and his new drama. ;_; please take care~
zhang liyin » standing in the boundary
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Brown Eyed Girls to be on Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate!

Brown Eyed Girls went onto Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate yesterday, which will be aired on the 21st August. Ga-in is performing a dance of Rain's "Rainism", and all the girls are performing 2PM's "Again and Again", Drunken Tiger's "I Want You", and their own "How?". Cannot wait to see this! Here are some pictures from the show.

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Cambodian Boy Band Steals Super Junior T’s “Rokkugo!”

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Cambodian boy band by the name of RHM Boys has been seen performing a song similar to Super Junior T’s “Rokkugo.” Oh, who am I kidding? They’re completely similar! The only difference (besides language) is the title from “Rokkugo” to “Number 1.” Like that’s not gonna call for a law suit. Right?

Anyways, this RHM group/company is taking all the wrong turns. At least ask for permission first, folks. They screwed up last time with RHM Girls releasing their own MV for their version of “Nobody.” Now, that caused major controversy. Check out the “Rokkugo” I mean, “Number 1” performance.

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【Hyoyeon 】 ─ 8DDD

Clazziquai wants YOU

Well maybe, not exactly you per se.

Clazziquai Project is looking to recruit some hot blooded talent for their upcoming Japanese album to be released this fall. Clazziquai has certainly been busy with their recently released “Mucho Musica” in Japan and the Korean version is set to drop on July 14th under the title “Mucho Punk.” They are going to continue on trucking through the summer though, as they prepare for a new remix album.

If you are between the ages of 16-25, you could possibly be Clazziquai’s next featured vocalist. They’re not just looking for pretty, okay you idol wannabes, you must possess a voice of intense vibrato. If your voice isn’t exactly musically inclined, but you burn a mean mix, Clazziquai is looking to give an opportunity to a remixer for the track, Flea, which is already a dynamic song in its own right.

If you really want a chance to work with Clazziquai (especially smoldering Alex), all the audition details are spelled out for you in Korean through their official website.

Source: Popseoul

Super Junior Ryeowook goes on a date with everyone's favorite Canadian violinist, Henry!

Time: 2009-08-13 15:37
Subject: Super Junior Ryeowook goes on a date with everyone's favorite Canadian violinist, Henry!
From Ryeowook's Chinese Cyworld:

i'm your super ryeok~~!!!^^
09.08.12 23:09


Date: 2009-08-13 Weather: Sunny

I went to the restaurant with HENRY

Today I slept for nine hours
Which I am very happy about
I also went to record for Super Junior M’s second album in the afternoon
I feel that these songs are very good. I hope that ELF will like sjm’s songs
Today in the afternoon I went to Chinese class, and after the class I went
together with HENRY to eat at a restaurant. I ate a lot of dishes, but he didn’t eat
because he was already full. I really wish to eat Chinese dishes soon ^^:
In the evening I returned to the dorms.
Today I missed our fans too.

I can do it!

Credit: JU.IOI @ soompi
Original source: Super Ryeowook @ CY

Apparently he wrote the entry in Chinese romanization, so probably can't actually read Chinese and just understands it when spoken out loud or in romanized form.

HENWOOK! ♥ ♥ ♥ And yay, recording for SJ-M's albums... want now, plz!
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Shin Mina for “Vivien” brand

Shin Mina radiates her sexy charm for ‘비비안’ lingerie brand

On August 13, according to lingerie brand, ‘비비안’ Vivien, actress Shin Mina has unveiled her sexy yet innocent charm as the brand’s new exclusive model. For this Fall new line, wearing a clean white T-shirt, and blue bra peaking out, Shin Mina shows off her seductive, yet sweet, innocent look.

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Cassiopeia puts pressure on SMEnt with boycott

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Idol group Dong Bang Shin Ki’s 800K strong fanclub Cassiopeia has planned to show their support for their idols through their united act.

A fanpage ‘DongNaeBangNae’ recently put up a notice to call out to fans to boycott SM Entertainment by not buying products from SM Entertainment on 12th August.

Recently, with the lawsuit between SM Ent and Dong Bang Shin Ki member Xiah JunSu, Micky YooChun and Hero JaeJoong over contract problems, SMTown Live 09 concert to take place on 16th August was postponed indefinitely.

Full boycott article

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Boys Over Flowers Lee MinHo and Kim HyunJoong meet again for new Anycall CF

Boys Over Flowers cast Lee MinHo and Kim Hyun Joong met again in an upcoming new Anycall CF.

And how will their meeting once again be like?

The captures to the CF were being circulated online yesterday.

The 2 have the funniest facial expressions here. I can’t lol enough at the HyunJoong’s expression in the 6th photo.

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Seohyun and Key are Awkward

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On this week's Star Golden Bell, Girls' Generation / SNSD's Seohyun (God bless her soul) admitted to some awkward relations with fellow SM Entertainment member Key from SHINee.

She admitted, "Although we are the same age, Key and I still only use formal speech (Korean has an informal and formal way of talking) when we talk to each other." When asked, Key also agreed, "We didn't even say hello to one other until I was 4 years into training."

When SNSD won a music show with their single "Tell Me Your Wish / Genie", Key said he got a high five from Sooyoung, but only recieved a 90 degree bow from Seohyun. Seohyun promised on the show that she would try harder to get closer to Key and hoped that the two could become closer and become better friends in the future.

This is not looking good for us Seomates. Let's hope Key gets over his fear of the Ice Princess and gets closer to her instead. Seohyun must remain an innocent maknae until she is ready for yours truly.


G-Dragon On MNET Scandal?!?

There are rumors that Big Bang's G-Dragon will be the next person to be on MNET's scandalous program, Scandal!

The producers of the program nor YG Family has yet confirmed this rumor, but the fan girls are already going crazy! The Scandal's fanpage already has over 8 pages of complaints and threats from G-Dragon fans. Yes, I said threats. If MNET Scandal is planning on having G-Dragon as their next guest, they better get ready for some major damage, because these fans are not kidding! Also, G-Dragon's me2day (Korean Twitter) page is getting raped by fans begging him not to go on the show!


2PM members gets their palm lines read by fortune teller!

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For the recent Y-Star special edition of ‘Let’s see 2PM’s palm lines’, the 2PM members reveals their palm line and through a fortuneteller, they talked about what each 2PM members’ palm line mean, what are their future destinies and also their current personalities.
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lol @ Jay, "Casanova type". this reminds me of the guy who examined SNSD's faces, lol

Aftermath of KBS placards outrage – no more filming of audience

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Much interests has been roused amongst netizens after news went out that KBC Music Bank will not film the audience seats during the show.

This was the aftermath of the stir caused after an audience flashing the placards with the words ‘Lee MyungBak OUT’ was shown during the show on 7th August.

With that many broadcast PDs have voiced, “During a live broadcast, anything can happen. Isn’t this bringing it a little too far?”

Meanwhile, netizens’ responses were, “Ridiculous? This is misuse of power”, “Aren’t they being a little too sensitive about this issue?”, “This is something they should do, isn’t it?” etc

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090813 MNet Countdown Performances

2NE1 Winning Triple Crown!

Source: YgSecret21

Comeback/Special Stage - Hwangbo, Outsider & Narsha, Hwayobi,
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Usual Stages - BEG, Hong Jin Young, T-ara, Bada, F.T. Island, Chae Yeon, Kara
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Rest of the video sources: jaeuraznmv1

Today's abit slow innit? Where are the rest of the MNet videos? :(