August 14th, 2009

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Foreign Porn Producers Sue 10,000 Koreans

American and Japanese pornography producers have filed a collective lawsuit against 10,000 Korean Internet users for piracy ― but local lawyers are divided over the litigation.

One group of lawyers said their copyright must be protected even though the porn business is illegal here, but other lawyers said the lawsuit does not make sense as the business is not legal in Korea.

Police said Thursday that a group of 50 pornography producers in the two countries have filed a lawsuit against the Koreans for allegedly uploading films onto file-sharing Web sites and then charging subscribers to download them.

Police said the film producers hired a domestic law firm to present their cases. Nearly 10 police stations are involved in investigating the accused because so many are implicated in the litigation.

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Copyright owners of "Right Round" speak out!

G-Dragon & Right Round: we've heard from netizens, we've heard from YG Entertainment, and now, we're hearing from the owners of "Right Round".

On August 14th, the company which owns the rights to Flo Rida's "Right Round" in Korea made an official statement on the plagiarism controversy, disclosing that they, along with American copyright owners Warner Music America, have acknowledged the alleged similarities between G-Dragon's teaser and Flo Rida's song. But, the company said, because all that has come out is a teaser - which does not directly earn G-Dragon or YG Entertainment any money - there is still time for changes and amendments before any official release. Both the Korean company and Warner Music America will continue to monitor the situation, and will make any actions they feel are necessary after August 18th, the album and song's official release date.


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I have to say, I hope GD pulls through with this. I don't know how this will work out for him, but he has been one of my favorite players in KPop and I hope he stays on top.

KBS Music Bank Performances (090814)

Kara, 4minute, and T-Ara - Two Of Us

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  • SNSD says goodbye with a special performance of Boyfriend and Tell Me Your Wish (Genie).
  • Classic Song stages by Bada, Minwoo, and Chae Yeon feat 4minute, Kara, and T-Ara.
  • 2PM performs their hits Again & Again and Hate You.
  • Other performances by Kara, Drunken Tiger, 4minute, T-Ara, FT Island, MC Mong, 3 Chongsa, 2NE1, IU, Mighty Mouth, Brown Eyed Girls.
  • 2NE1 wins for the 100th time.

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Heated debate over accusations for racial discrimination for B.I. featuring MC Mong’s ‘Indian Boy’

With accusations for racial discrimination for B.I.'s new song featuring MC Mong ‘Indian Boy’, netizens get into heated debate over their responses too.

The core of the accusations start from the assertion that the word ‘Indian’ in ‘Indian Boy’ to the American natives. Also in the MV to the song, the back dancers had posed as football players and cheerleaders, pointing towards indications to the Americans again.

Netizens commented, “Do you think that MC Mong would do a song that is discriminating?”, “Criticising him unconditionally for the song, and how are you going to explain the American folk song ‘Ten Little Indian Boys’?”

While others said, “I can see the racial discrimination in the song. But in Korea, we use ‘Native American’ instead of ‘Indian Boy.”

With that MC Mong’s company said on the 14th, “It is a shame that everyone focused on what is not really meant to be of importance of the song. And the scenes from the MV are for merriment purporses and have no other meaning to it.”

“If it is wrong to use the words ‘Indian Boy’, then many trademarks outside Korea should disappear too. Enjoy the song with a big heart.”


‘Idol Special’ on SBS Inkigayo this week – KARA, 2PM, 2NE1, BEG, 4Minute

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The members from the different girlgroups will come together for a dance battle.

Members from the 4 female groups will come together for a hot dance battle on SBS Inkigayo on 16th August.

The members are Nicole from KARA, GaIn from Brown Eyed Girls, HyunA from 4Minute and MinJi from 2NE1.

They will show off their sexiness and charms through their individual dance performances.

Who will emerge victory for the dance battle? The members are currently practising for the dance battle. Much anticipation and curiosity as to what songs they will dance to for the dance battle.

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Lee Junki and Han Ji-min together in Hero

Finally, some news on Lee Junki’s new drama, Hero [히어로], which was announced last year but has remained rather quiet. The drama was first titled “Strange Heroes,” then “Unseen War,” and is now back to “Hero,” although the production indicates it is a working title.

Cast as the female lead is Cain and Abel’s spunky Han Ji-min, who plays a passionate reporter with a strong sense of responsibility who often grows furious at social irregularities. Lee Junki’s a reporter who rushes recklessly into accidents and incidents without fear; he’s also a guy “who doesn’t have much, nor does he want much.” As ordinary citizens, the reporters stand up against the inequalities between society’s masses and its very elite.

Lee Junki and Han Ji-min have both had very good luck with their last few projects; his Time of Dog and Wolf and Iljimae were both action hits, while her Cain & Abel and Yi San both enjoyed good ratings. We’ll see if that luck continues when they combine forces in this latest project.

Hero will begin filming in September when it finishes casting. The series will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays on MBC this fall.

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Brown Eyed Girls’ killer schedule, manager falls from exhaustion “Worries for the members’ health co

The health condition of 4-member female group Brown Eyed Girls members, who are currently receiving much attention with their hit song ‘Abracadabra’, are said to be on the red alert as they get exhausted in their tight schedule.

The girls are currently going through tight schedule going on music shows of all 3 broadcast companies to perform every week while also doing their choreography practice in between free time. And news came late that, because of this, their manager has recently fainted from exhaustion.

Their representative said on 14th August, “After their comeback, they have been appearing on various broadcast programmes and are crazily busy these days. After their schedule ended, they would practice their choreography till early morning. The members would only get that little of insufficient rest when they are moving around.”

“Their manager has also recently fainted. It is also because of the hot weather, now we worry that the members may also fall from the tight schedule too.”

Meanwhile, ‘Abracadabra’ is doing very well occupying the #1 spot on various music charts.

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SJ/hae: in action

Gdragon.. criticised for style again.

After all the interests stirred up about his new hairstyle with the concept photos to his upcoming solo album ‘HeartBreaker’ released recently, Big Bang GDragon will continue to model with his blonde hairstyle.
GDragon will be appearing as model on the cover of Nylon September issue for their 1st year founding anniversary.
And about having male model GDragon for the founding anniversary for a female fashion magazine, the editor to the magazine said, “GDragon is a style icon whom to him age and sex stands no meaningto him. This goes with the concept of Nylon as ‘new concept fashion magazine’.”
It was also said that the September issue of Nylon will be out on the same day of GDragon’s birthday on 18th August. This issue will include a 12-page special photoshoot with GDragon as well.

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Sandara's reunion with Filipino friends in showbusiness

credits to claye01

L-R: Melissa Ricks, Roxanne Guinoo, ABS-CBN staff, Joross Gamboa, Dara

In light of Sandara Park’s arrival in the country, Ruffa and Ai staged a reunion episode for the top five contestants of the first season of the hit reality star search Star Circle Quest. The taping took place yesterday at around 2pm and it will be aired soon. The reunion included runners-up Sandara Park, Melissa Ricks, Roxanne Guinoo, and Joross Gamboa. Noticeably absent is the search’s Grand Questor, Hero Angeles. It can be remembered that Hero had a misunderstanding with his then loveteam Sandara Park and mother network, ABS-CBN. Sandara, on the other hand, hand found a new career in Korea as part of the girl group 2ne1. She is now popularly known as Dara.



Nichkhun for Benetton Bicycles

Back in June, during happier times, a few of the members from TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki endorsed the 2009 Benetton Green Bike: Limited Edition. Well now there's a new endorser.

The bike was recently endorsed by 2PM cutie pie Nichkhun, who resembled either a fashionable paperboy or a really good looking tourist with a man-purse. Regardless, he would most definitely stop traffic.

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Court Accepts TVXQ's 'SM Preservation of Evidence' Form

On July 31st, three members of TVXQ, Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun, filed for an Exclusive Contract Validity Suspension and Provisional Disposition Request Form, and the Seoul Central District Court has accepted the three members' Preservation of Evidence Request.

The Seoul Central District Court has accepted the three members' Preservation of Evidence Request that they submitted on the 5th earlier this month through the Sejong Law Firm. This request was for the preservation of all receipts, transaction slips, account books and such to calculate the exact amount of TVXQ's income.

It has been found that the Court demanded that SM hand in all documents relevant to this lawsuit.

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This Is Why We Shouldn't Let Rookies Play...

Many of you noticed the somewhat messy performance that the chosen members from Kara, 4minute and T-ara put up earlier this evening on the 14th August episode of Music Bank. In a nutshell, Seung Yeon (Kara), Hyuna, Ji Yoon (4minute), Hyo Min, So Yeon (T-ara) were the 5 chosen ones that did Chae Yeon's Two of Us performance.

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IMO, Hyunah was a lot better in this, but what's up with her and Soyeon. I'll go ahead and say that netizens will be claiming "feud!" in no time.

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The Philippines Love KPOP

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Jessica Soho recently released a documentary in the Philippines about the KPOP craze that's currently brewing over there. For years, Korean dramas and movies have been very popular in The Philippines, but it's only recently that KPOP has been blowing up into the mainstream.

The first part of Soho's documentary features Sandara Park and her rise to fame. The much noted story about her less than stellar career in Korea, before becoming famous in The Philippines, and then her back in her own native Korea as a member of 2NE1. The first part also features The Wonder Girls and their hit song "Nobody."

The second part shows a crazed TVXQ / DBSK fan (Cassiopeia)... but not all is rosy in this documentary, as a Filipino by the name of Ramon del Rosario is angry that KPOP is somewhat taking away attention from Filipino artists. Overall, it was pretty entertaining to watch.

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Kim So Yeon injured for the 2nd time

Kim So Yeon’s “IRIS” shooting injury, needing 14 stitches

Actress Kim So Yeon got injured while shooting. As a result, her ligament was ruptured and needed immediate assistance. This is her second injury in 3 months, the first time was in May when she has to treat her injury with 12 stitches.

According to “IRIS” production team, Kim So Yeon has shown her enthusiasm in doing all those action scenes. Therefore, she got injured in the process, though it was as serious as people thought it could be.

In the meantime, the rest of the cast, such as Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Hee, Kim Seung Woo, Jung Jung Ho, TOP (Big Bang) have made “IRIS” cast so attractive and appealing. The production team spend about 200 million Won to shoot this drama all across Asia and Europe, including other overseas locations.

“IRIS” is scheduled to be airing on KBS2 TV on October 14.

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2ne1 love from fellow artists

Yoon Hyungryul talks about 2NE1

After the performance of "Nodam" in Seungnam, Seoul, what are your future plans?

Yoon Hyungryul: From now on, so I can be helpful in any musical I get involved it; for now, I am planning to concentrate on "Four-One's" activities. And to say anything, I am going to try hard so when I say "Four one", people will not ask "Are you 4minute's twins?" (laughs) Whenever I do interviews, they ask why I say "four-one" and I reply that "I am 2NE1's fan and Choi Soohyung hyung is 4minute's fan, so that's why I say 'Four-one.'" (Laughs)

Then who is your favorite member from 2NE1?

Yoon Hyungryul: Even though I like skills, I like Sandara Park the best. Hahaha.

source: 10asia + euniicutiee @ ygsecret21

Nicole (KARA) sings In the Club & thinks CL is her toughest competition

From ‘The Star’ Interview
(Nicole) is in charge of the rapping in KARA, we asked her who she thought her toughest competition was, now that a lot of female rappers are around. She answered “Of course its 2NE1’s CL. The powerful moves and voice on stage really surprised me, it was moving.”

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YG Live TV ratings increases

The ratings exceeded 3% and for cable tv, that's phenomenal because over 1% is already considered a huge success since typical cable ratings are around 0.1-0.4% supposedly. If I'm not mistaken, the ratings peaked at 3.699% when the fitness trainer was scolding Bom for eating corn.

source: it@bbvipz + dcrux&ncly@soompi

Btw, according to her me2day, Bom's in Maryland. :D