August 18th, 2009

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Sean, “Big Bang & 2NE1 are Lacking in Looks Compared to Other Idols”

Jinusean’s Sean conveyed that he wanted junior singers Big Bang and 2NE1 to be seen as musicians, not idol stars.

On MBC ‘Sunday Interview Person,” which was broadcasted on the 16th, explained about the negative views that the YG Entertainment who used to only go for original hip-hop and R&B had lost its color by planning idol groups.

Sean said, “The most basic things are laid down. It’s just that they are young friends, it’s not that our company particularly insisted on making them an idol group.” Laughing, he said, “To tell the truth, Big Bang or 2NE1 is lacking in looks compared to the other idols.”

He also said, “Rather than that we revealed them as idols, they’re friends that love music, it’s just that that they were young. I want the public to look at them not as idols, but people who are good at music, but younger than they thought.”

On the other hand, about the fact that idol groups are the general trend in the music industry these days, Sean praised, “In the past, idol groups were associated with pretty looks but now, talent is included in addition to looks.”

He said, “I saw Big Bang from 5th grade in Elementary school. I thought, ‘If you have talent and passion, lots of people acknowledge you.’ What they cannot win over others their age, they pump into music, and as a reward to their effort, I think they are receiving the love of the public.”

Outside of this, on broadcast that day, Sean pointed out the value of real sharing as the “Sharing Spokesperson,” and talked open-mindedly about things such as living happily with wife Jung Hye Young.

Source: YGWorld

~friends that love music~
[샤이니] #1

Former S. Korean President Kim Dae-Jung Dies


South Korea's former President Kim Dae-Jung died at Severance Hospital in Seoul on August 18, 2009, local news sources said on the same day.

The 85-year-old Nobel Peace Laureate had been hospitalized at the hospital for treating his pneumonia since July 13, 2009.

Hospital sources said that the former President Kim died at the hospital's ICU (intensive care unit) at 1:42 p.m. on the day.
He was wearing artificial respirator at the time of his death.

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NaRi before vs NaRi after

Miss Korea 2008 NaRi represents Korea for Miss Universe.

She has donned the bikini for the presentation show for 2009 Miss Universe on 17th August in Paradise Island in Atlantis.

And Korean netizens compare her bikini photo now and when she was at the Miss Korea 2008 pageant.

For the presentation show, the contestants have to do a swimming suit parade, evening dress parade and individual interview sections. And the points from this round will decide which national contestants will move on in the pageant.

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Source: sookyeong & TheMichelleRouillard

- This year's Miss Korea here

2ne1 me2day updates + autograph translations

A sexy, spectacled, midriff-showing CL welcomes you to this post.
CL: The glasses Dara unnie bought! From Philippines!

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Question: How did you feel when you got the first mutizen award?
Bom: When I first got it.. I was too excited to say something..... I was thinking (about) lots of people but.. among them... YG just came to my mind right there because I have always been a trouble

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Apparently, CL is sexy naked.

further translations of some autographs by annneonet
source: 1 2 3

special b-day gift for G Dragon


The V.I.P's out in Korea have very kind souls. In celebration of leader G-Dragon's birthday, which is today, the members of his fan site G-Dragon Supporters donated 12,000,000 won to The Catholic University of Korea Seoul St. Mary 's Hospital for patients diagnosed with blood cancer and are in need of bone marrow transplant surgery.

Under G-Dragon's real name, Kwon Jiyong, The Seoul National University Children's Hospital will donate 1,000,000 won to those with a rare illness known as glycemia and continue so on with the routine every month.


happy b-day for GD

GD jako TOP
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Kim Bum and Yoon Sang-hyun are the new publicity ambassadors

For the ‘2009 Korea Drama Festival’ that takes place at the Sinandong River in Jinju this coming October 1st to 15th.

Kim Bum and Yoon Sang-hyun will begin promotional activities as the new publicity ambassadors for the ‘2009 Korea Drama Festival’ on the first of October. The most noteable promotions will be held on October 12th and 13th, where both actors will present the best scenes of their hit drama to the public.

On October 12th, Kim Bum along side Kim So-eun, will attend the “Asia Star Night-Boys Over Flowers Special” and present the best scenes of the hit drama, “Boys over Flowers”. The Taiwan and Japan cast will also be present at the event.

On October 13th, Yoon Sang-hyun along side Sun Woo-sun, will attend the “Drama OST Concert” to present the best scenes of the hit drama “Queen of Housewives” and talk about various episodes that happened during the filming of the drama.

Source: popseoul

So Ji-sub: 'It's Good for Actors to Have Wrinkles'

"If I keep appearing in foreign productions, someday I'll get a chance to debut in Hollywood," says actor So Ji-sub, who is currently appearing in the Korean-Chinese movie "Sophie's Revenge."

At a news conference on August 13, prior to the movie's release, which is slated for August 20, So told journalists that he had gained more experience by filming in China. The actor said he had chosen the movie because he wanted to shed his "tough guy" image and try a lighter role.

In "Sophie's Revenge," So plays a doctor who likes to flirt with women. He betrays his girlfriend, Sophie, just two months before their scheduled wedding, and Sophie, played by Zhang Ziyi, embarks on making him come back.
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Choi Jin-sil appeared in dreams before ashes were stolen

It has been three days since the ashes of the late actress Choi Jin-sil were stolen. The late actress's mother is staying at Choi's younger brother's house in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul and praying for the safe return of the ashes.

Choi's mother was on the verge of fainting several times since she learned about the disappearance of the ashes on August 15. On August 16 she attended church to pray.

A person from Choi's former agency, who visited the graveyard along with Choi's family, said the bereaved family had been waiting anxiously for a call from police and praying because that it was all they could do. He said, "Like the actress's mother said on August 15, the most important thing at this point is the safe return of the ashes. The family is worried that even the jar containing the ashes could be damaged."

Several of Choi's close friends, including comedian Lee Young-ja, said they had seen the actress in their dreams a few days before her ashes were stolen. A person from Choi's agency said he visited Choi's grave two days before the incident because Choi had appeared in his dream and reproached him for visiting her so seldom.

Lee Young-ja also told the journalists from Yonhap News that she and other people who were close to Choi had been feeling unusually anxious a few days before her ashes disappeared.

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Entertainer Ordered to Compensate for Contract Breach

An entertainer must compensate for damages when they annul a contract unilaterally, even if the entertainment agency is not fulfilling its duty.

The Seoul High Court ruled Tuesday in favor of an entertainment agency in a case involving one of its entertainers, who broke her contract unilaterally.

The agency had failed to pay money owed to the entertainer, identified only as Lee. But according to the ruling, Lee was required to ask the agency to fulfill its contractual duties and cancel the contract only after the agency showed no intention of living up to them.

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Lee Byung-Hun, IMDB Top Chart 23.. zooms up 7 steps from #30

Hallyu star Lee Byung Hun's domestic as well as overseas popularity is soaring.

When Lee's Hollywood debut movie 'GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra' opened on August 7, the STARmeter had indicated a huge rise in top-search ranking for any Korean actor at the well-known movie portal. From a ranking below 1000, Lee Byung Hun had moved up to the 20th place which further advances to 23 as the blockbuster movie dominated the world box-office standing second week in a row.

Reflecting this, the men fashion line Maestro and Lee Byung Hun had signed an exclusive modelling contract. The movie NomNomNom starring Lee Byung Hun will open in Japan on August 29 while his drama 'IRIS' will be broadcasted by KBS on October 14 after a really tough filming and hectic schedule throughout the year.

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Transsexuals Will Have Easier Legal Sex Change

Male-turned-female transsexuals will no longer need to fulfill their military service before changing their legal sex in family records.

The Supreme Court said Tuesday that it had revised a regulation on transsexuals' legal sex change approval to delete the clause stipulating that when a man changes his legal sex to female, he should have already fulfilled military service or been exempted from it.

The clause was designed to prevent men from dodging the mandatory service by getting a sex change. Male-turned-female transsexuals, who have not changed their legal sex, used to be exempted from the service due to their "mental illness."

"It was not easy to tell whether the applicants aimed to dodge the service or not, so we decided to remove the clause," a court official said.

The revision will enable male-to-female transsexuals to change the records more easily, he said.

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Penelope is pretty.
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New Drama to Bring Modern Princess With Edge

From left, Yoon Sang-hyun, Yun Eun-hye and Jung Il-woo. The trio will appear in the new drama "My Fair Lady" that starts airing tonight at 10 p.m. (KST) on KBS.

Following the success of "Boys Over Flowers" early this year, KBS is bringing yet another stylish drama to television fans with leading stars Yun Eun-hye, Yoon Sang-hyun and Jung Il-woo.

According to the producer Ji Yung-soo, the drama "will offer humor and laughs, perfect for the summer season."

The storyline is simple: A former playboy, played by Yoon, gets himself a job as a servant of one of the richest and pickiest girls in town, and struggles to win both her money and heart. His plan takes a turn as a talented and rich lawyer, played by Jung, steps between the two characters.

The three actors showcased their new styles and personalities at a press conference last week in southern Seoul, and fans can expect an interesting transformation from the trio.

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lee soohyuk » blink blink

FIRST TOUCH with SHINee! (Interview)

Glittering, Sparkling YO!

Tohoshinki’s / DBSK's younger brother, rumored newborn star came!
After debuting last year they swept the rookie award and topped in the hit charts.
Korea’s Super Idol finally comes to Japan! Can’t help but support this five cute and fresh people ♪

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Source: Shuukan Jyosei Magazine
scans source
Translated by winkme @
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Rain, Yoo JaeSeok and Bae YongJoon voted #1 as ‘Influential individuals of Korea’

Singer Rain, gagman Yoo JaeSeok and actor Bae YongJoon are voted #1 as entertainers with the most influence in different entertainment fields.

A survey was done on 1000 people from 29th July till 12th August on 10 different categories of people for ‘Who are the people who moved Korea? (or influence Korea)’.

Rain was voted #1 under the singer category with 19.9% of the votes. Yoo JaeSeok was voted #1 amongst gagman with 15.2% of the votes, while Bae Young Joon was voted #1 for actors category with 10.5% of the votes.

In order of amount of votes:

Singer Rain, gagman Yoo JaeSeok and actor Bae YongJoon are voted #1 as entertainers with the most influence in different entertainment fields.

A survey was done on 1000 people from 29th July till 12th August on 10 different categories of people for ‘Who are the people who moved Korea? (or influence Korea)’.

Rain was voted #1 under the singer category with 19.9% of the votes. Yoo JaeSeok was voted #1 amongst gagman with 15.2% of the votes, while Bae Young Joon was voted #1 for actors category with 10.5% of the votes.

In order of amount of votes:

  1. Rain (19.9%)

  2. Yoo JaeSeok (15.2%)

  3. Kang Ho Dong (12.6%)

  4. Bae YongJoon (10.5%)

  5. Actor Ahn SeongGi (9.8%)

  6. So Nyeo Shi Dae (6.6%)

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Lee Minho works at Dunkin Donuts!


Ah, who cares if Lee Min-ho is overexposed following his Boys Before Flowers success; boy is cute, and talented. Actually, I did care that he was so overexposed when he was constantly in the news for CF deals and follow-up drama promotion, but he’s actually been lying low for a while now, and now I’m back to being eager to see him back in his next acting role.

On August 18, he participated in an event with one of the products he endorses, Dunkin Donuts, which held a teaching session at one of its stores with an instructor who talked about coffee and barista-ing. Lee Min-ho made some coffee drinks for customers at the store, Dunkin Donuts’ third, located in the Myungdong district.

i'm meena you're yoona

Here come the Wonder Girls featured on InStyle Magazine

The Wonder Girls have been South Korea's hottest girl group ever since their 2007 debut. Now that the Girls have joined The Jonas Brothers on tour, they're starting to make waves in America. Yubin, Sohee, Sun, Mimi and Yenny often rock a coordinated retro look—which reminds us of The Supremes' Motown style—but we've also spotted them in edgy pieces by Marc Jacobs and Lauren Moshi, not surprising considering that they count Beyonce, Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn among their style icons.

Bronwyn Barnes


Also, a recent WG tweet:

I saw them perform with the Jonas Brothers on Sunday. It was awesome! ^-^ My sis took the top pic.
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T-ara JiYeon and BoRam get scary

New female singer group T-ara members JiYeon and BoRam shows off their talents as actress.

The group is currently promoting their debut song ‘Lies’ off their debut album. And the 2 members are also involved in the drama filming to MBC’s ongoing horror drama ‘Soul’.

JiYeon said in an interview recently, “I returned back to the dormitory one day recently and I had ga-whi (experience when the body is asleep but the mind is awake). I also had dreams about the other members getting injured by a fire. It was really scary. And I get more experiences of ga-whi after I got involved in the filming of this drama.”

She also added, “There isn’t any much difference between being a singer and actress. I was already prepared for acting before and now I got a great opportunity to drama acting.” Another member BoRam also plays the younger sister of Lee SeoJin in the drama.

Source: sookyeong

In line with our KARA ghosts posts: here and here lol.
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EMI speaks up about GDragon’s plagiarism case

EMI publishing, which holds 2.5% of the copyright ownership of Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’ distribution in Korea speaks up about the plagiarism accusations to GDragon’s solo debut ‘Heartbreaker’.

An EMI representative said over a phone interview on 18th August, “In Korea, the issue of plagiarism in Korea has never been conclusive. But it is really jumping to conclusion to say that this is plagiarism.”

“We understand that the problem here is that the introduction to ‘Heartbreaker’ sounds similar to a portion of ‘Right Round’. Isn’t a shame that the whole issue is judging on a rap rather than the meldoy. Especially since the original composer to ‘Right Round’ includes more than 10 people, things will get complicated.”

The EMI rep also said, “We felt that this is very much driven by public’s opinion. It’s a shame. Even though it is right to express a view, in Korea it is not about arguing between right and wrong. We should wait for the judgement of the composers in America first.”

Meanwhile, GDragon’s representative has also said earlier, “Like our initial stand, we said that everyone should listen to whole song and not just the 30s to start talking about plagiarism. This song is not a plagiarism, we hope everyone gives support and love to the song.”

They added, “The issue of plagiarism is a very sensitive matter, it is may be something that can be easily concluded in one sentence by anyone, there is only those few people who can judge and really confirm that it is plagiarised work. There are many cases where a part of a song sounds like that of another. But we can’t call all these plagiarism.”

“We should listen to the side of the story by the original composers to the song in issue. Before that no one can say that it is plagiarised work.”

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Meanwhile, it has been said that the MV to ‘Heartbreaker’ has broken a record of 550K views in the same day of its reveal.

Source: 1 and 2, 3 at Sookyeong

Stay sane, guys.
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T-ara’s FRESH new look!

Rookie 6-member group T-ara (Tiara), who has been gaining much praise and popularity with their debut single "Lies," will be returning with a FRESH new concept!

Although T-ara will still be performing "Lies," they will change their hairstyles and clothing to be fresh and vivid. All I have to say is, I like what I'm seeing, these girls look great!

In addition, T-ara will also be releasing a swimming pool version of the Lies music video on the 19th. LOVE THE EYE CANDY!

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