August 19th, 2009

Daesung’s operation was a success(!!!)

According to sources at the hospital, Daesung was wheeled into the operation room at 11.30am and placed under general anesthesia. The operation on his fractured bones around the eye and nose area lasted for about four hours, ending at around 3.30pm. YG Entertainment said on the 19th, "Daesung's operation was a success and we will be focusing on his recovery now." His projected recuperation time is set at 8 weeks although that could be shortened depending on Daesung's condition. No operation will be done on Daesung's spinal chord which will be treated normally. But in any case, YG Entertainment will not rush Daesung back to work until he's near 100%.

Daesung's injuries have already seen changes made to his schedule. Daesung dropped out of his musical, Shouting which started on 12th August. He will also miss the recording of Family Outing between 24 - 25th August. In addition, Big Bang's Japan concert tour has been moved to early 2010 to accomodate Daesung's recovery.

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Idol packed Star Golden Bell episode has arrived!

The highly anticipated episode of the idol infested Star Golden Bell has finally aired! As promised the ladies of KARA and Girls' Generation and the boys of SHINee and 2PM were all packed into the show providing many laughs. Subbed versions of this episode have not yet been released, so for those of you who can't understand Korean just watch the videos for the performances and facial expressions for now. In particular, pay attention to Onew's face as the female MC declares her admiration for 2PM. Check out the idols' interactions in the videos below.

[UPDATED With subs courtesy of babyji91 (turn on closed captioning (cc)). Episodes 7 & 8 should be subbed by babyji91 soon. Thanks to mangosrock for the tip.

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I enjoyed the episode a lot, especially since I was really looking forward to it. Onew and Yoona need to stop being so cute ): And I fall for 2PM even more with every video I watch of them, ngl. >>
CL doesn't care!

Lee Seung Gi for 'Singles' Magazine

The popular singer and actor, Lee Seung Gi, sure did a great job of showing off his charm at the photo shoot for Singles magazine in Tokyo. For the photo shoot, Lee Seung Gi has shed his usual up-right image and showed a more laid back yet manly force.

Even in the hot and humid weather, Lee Seung Gi reportedly never lost his smile while consistently changing from one fall outfit to another, once again winning over the hearts of the female staff.

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Ryu ShiWon poses for 2NE1 for ‘Style’

A photo of actor Ryu ShiWon and girlgroup 2NE1 posing together to commemorate the girls’ cameo appearance on Ryu’s current popular drama ‘Style’ has been revealed.

Ryu ShiWon uploaded photos of the special 200th issue party for fashion magazine ‘Style’ in the drama on his minihompy lately.

He wrote, “The filming with 2NE1 whom I like. (2NE1) was totally cool and cute. Really thankful.”

Ryu ShiWon also added, “Even though the 30 hours of filming for the party over 2 days was tiring, with the help of the cameo appearance, it was fun. Really thankful to FT Island, 2NE1, 2PM and Bada etc.”

Meanwhile the party scene featuring the camero of 2NE1, 2PM, FT Island, Bada and Kang Ji Hwan etc was aired on 16th August.


Japanese porn star attends SS501 concert

“SS501, I love you!”

Top AV (Adult Video) star, Aoi Sora attended SS501’s Japan concert and it became conversational topic.

Aoi Sora watched SS501 Asia Tour concert held on 13-Aug at Budokan Tokyo, Japan. SS501 held 2 sessions of concerts at 1pm and 7pm which were all being sold out, affirming their high popularity.

Aoi Sora was no different from any other Japanese fans, waving her glowstick and enjoyed herself at SS501’s powerful stage. After Aoi Sora went to the concert, she also left a fan account in her official blog. Aoi Sora wrote “I went to SS501’s concert. This is the 2nd time I’ve went to watch their performance, and this time, I saw the performance by all 5 members. And it struck me that I must study hard in my Korean language again.”

Aoi Sora has many fans even in Korea. Besides Aoi Sora, the dubbing team who did voice-over for ‘Boys Over Flowers’ which Kim HyunJoong acted in, have also attended SS501’s concert in Japan.

Source: Asianfanatics
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SeeYa new member SooMi revealed

SeeYa’s new member SooMi has been revealed.

SeeYa’s company revealed the photo of SooMi on 19th August. SooMi is born in 1989 and is 170cm tall, not only has she got the looks, she is well versed in singing and dancing.

SooMi has previously in 2001 taken part and got through the preliminary round to SBS ‘Brilliant Voice’ which Park JinYoung has also participated in.

SooMi has dreamed to be a singer from young and has always taken part in various auditions. But her parents objected to her plans after she got through an audition and she continued with her studies.

Until recently, when SooMi was preparing to enter an airlines company, she has met with a staff from Core Contents Media and was persuaded to join the company. She will take over Nam GyuRi’s position in SeeYa from now.

SooMi said, “I’m very honoured to be part of one of the best female groups SeeYa but there is some pressure to it too. I will work hard to be like YeonJi and BoRam unnie. Even though I may still be lacking I will do my best.”

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Journalist Convicted of Falsely Accusing Actor

Actor Song Il-kook

A female journalist has received a jail term for falsely accusing actor Song Il-kook of violence.

A Seoul high court Wednesday handed down an eight-month prison sentence to 43-year-old Kim Sun-hee.
She had been indicted without physical detention for the false accusation charge.

Kim sued Song in January last year, claiming that the actor beat her when she tried to interview him near his house in Seoul. She made an entertainment daily reporter write an article titled, "Song beats up a female journalist, having her receive medical treatment for six months."

She was indicted for defamation and got a one-year jail term in a lower court. "We could not accept testimonies from other reporter witnesses, as they often changed their testimonies. We do not recognize Kim's claim that the surveillance camera records at Song's apartment were fabricated," the court said.

Kim had no external wounds, and the written diagnosis after the incident also did not prove her claims, it said.

"A heavy punishment is inevitable because Kim has neither apologized, nor showed a sign of regret, even though the case damaged the actor's image," it said.

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Actress on Magazine Cover With Daughter and Drunken Tiger in Cosmopolitan

Kim Hee-sun, one of South Korea's top actresses, has unveiled a photo of her baby daughter through a Seoul-based fashion magazine.

Kim, 32, appears on the cover of the September issue of Marie Claire Korea, the South Korean edition of international magazine Marie Claire, with her daughter Yeon-a.

Kim, a hallyu (Korean wave) star who gave birth to her baby in January, had stopped short of showing any more than Yeon-a's hands and feet on her blog.

The cover featuring Kim and her daughter will also be used in other Asian Marie Claire editions, according to press reports.

Kim married businessman Park Ju-young in October 2007 and has starred in numerous TV dramas with hallyu stars like Lee Dong-gun in "Smile Again" (2006); Kwon Sang-woo and Yeon Jung-hoon in "Sad Love Song" (2005); and Ryu Shi-won in "Propose" (1997).

She has also appeared in several movies, including the martial arts fantasy "Bichunmoo" and "The Myth" alongside Chinese superstar Jackie Chan.

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B2Y - 나. 원. 참. (Jeez!) MV Teaser and Mini Album Release.

B2Y releases their mini album 'Babyboys to Yearninggirls' and MV teaser for their title track, albeit low quality. If a higher quality one surfaces, do tell~

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B2Y (비투와이) ★ Babyboys To Yearninggirls
Album Type: Mini Album
Release Date: 2009.08.20
Language: Korean
Genre: Pop, Dance
Record Label: 투비컨티뉴그룹 (To Be Continue Group)
Buy It: yesasia

Track List:
01. 너만의 천사 (You're Very Angelic) [Preview]
02. 나. 원. 참. (Jeez!) [Preview]
03. My Love (내사랑 밉상) [Preview]
04. 너만의 천사 (Instrumental) [Preview]
05. 나. 원. 참. (Instrumental) [Preview]
06. My Love (내사랑 밉상) (Instrumental) [Preview]

After hearing all the tracks, my favorite would have to be 'My Love' since it reminds me of Davichi's 8282 because it starts off as if it were going to be a nice R&B/Ballad type of song but then it becomes all dancey poppish. 너만의 천사 is an alright pop ballad whilst the tile track 나. 원. 참. isn't as bad as I thought it would have been. Oh, and Jinwoong's makeup is surprisingly kind of cute. One side is enough tyvm.

On the plus side, they really can sing so that makes this young, mixed idol group better. And they're cute to boot.
Downside, there probably won't ever be a release for R-eal since the debut of this group = definite goodbye (because of Yoon and Jinwoong). Inseok's rap in Make L.O.V.E was so adorable too. :(

Source: 1, 2, 3
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FFA Time!

Welcome members new and old to the famous/epik OMNTD Free For All. This is a weekly post where you can post OT comments/questions along with ones that are relevant to the community, as well as make friends with your fellow OMNTD members.

FFA will be posted at 3-4 pm Vancouver time. Need help?

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Today's FFA is brought to you by Crazy Kpop Math! Thanks michi_michuu! Also, if you hadn't heard... GD released his first solo effort Heartbreaker this week and Omona was having a hard time functioning due to all the shaking and crying.
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Debuting girl groups stress talent, not just looks

The criteria used for judging K-pop girl groups have changed in the last few months, according to experts in the entertainment circle.

They say fans have started to assess group members on talent rather than physical appearance, which had long been the determining factor of their popularity.

This change has called for a revolution in casting and managing new artists, forcing many would-be singers to undertake tough training courses even if they have passed through selective rounds of auditions.

2NE1, for example, a group of four members named CL, Bom, Dara and Minzy, are widely respected for their singing and dancing abilities, according to executive directors at YG Entertainment. Fans say they are attracted to the group not because of their good looks, but because of their professionalism.

“I like them because they don’t try to just gain boys’ attention,” said Julie Yoon, a high school senior and a fan of 2NE1. “They seem like real experts in their field and I think that is why so many people support them.”

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Music shows on KBS, MBC and SBS cancelled for this week

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After the date for funeral for Korea’s ex-president Kim DaeJoong has been set, all 3 major broadcasting companies proceed with the decision for no airing of shows and comedies on their channels.

And with that, all 3 music shows for this week on KBS, SBS and MBC have been cancelled.

Announced on 19th August shows that will not be aired/cancelled:

* MBC ‘Music Journey LaLaLa’ on 19th August
* MBC ‘Show! Music Core’ on 22nd August
* MBC ‘Gag Ya’ on 23rd August
* KBS ‘Music Bank’ on 21st August
* SBS ‘WootChatSa’ on 20th August
* SBS ‘Inkigayo’ on 23rd August

But the following programmes will air as usual:

* MBC ‘Golden Fishery’
* MBC ‘Infinite Challenge’
* MBC ‘Sunday Night’
* SBS ‘Family Outing’

Ex-president Kim DaeJoong was hospitalised last month on 13th for pneumonia symptoms, he was given treatment but he passed away on 18th August at 1.43pm. The funeral ceremony will be held on 23rd August.


This means, no GD solo stage this week…

Yoon Eun Hye’s comeback drama in 2 years, netizens’ reviews “There is mis-casting”

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Yoon Eun Hye had her comeback drama in 2 years with ‘My Fair Lady’ on 19th August on KBS.


But viewers have voiced their disappointment with Yoon Eun Hye’s acting skills. Viewers have voiced that all they saw was grand accessories, branded fashion and arrogant walking in the 1st episode aired. Viewers also complaint about Yoon Eun Hye’s blurred pronounciation and awkward acting and expressions.

Yoon Eun Hye debuted as part of female singer group Baby VOX and made her drama debut in MBC ‘Goong’ and subsequently acted in KBS ‘Man in Grapevine’ and MBC ‘Coffee Prince’ receiving great reviews and raised topics amongst netizens and viewers.
So coming back after 2 years, viewers bear great expectation for her comeback drama. Yoon Eun Hye also revealed in several interviews earlier on how she had put in much time to get into the character for the drama.
But with the first episode aired today, there were many bad reviews and there were even accusations of ‘miscasting’ as said by many netizens.
Viewers went up to online discussion board after watching the first episode and said, “I think I expected too much.. It seems that it did get better than better”, “I think she lost the feel after resting for 2 years. It was awkward”, “This is like mis-casting”.
While there were others who said, “Bad reviews just by the 1st episode..we should watch more to find out better”.


cut her some slack, it's just the first episode...

SJ/hae: in action

Leeteuk pays condolence to South Korea former president.

Super Junior Leeteuk grieved over the death of South Korea's former president Kim Dae-jung*.

On August 18th, he wrote on his minihompy’s side bar "it's not an end, it's and. Rest in peace. If there's a meeting, there's a parting. That's life. I hate the separation so much." to describe his regretful feeling.

Next to the phrase, he put black ribbons tied in chrysanthemum as the condolence. He described his mood with "슬픔/sorrow*".

Idol singer gave a condolence for death as a memorial service drew people’s attention. Immediately after the death of former President Kim, Seo Taeji, Lee Junki, and other entertainers also paid their condolence, but for idol singer, Leeteuk is the first one. May this year, Leeteuk also paid his condolence for the death of South Korea's former President Roh Moo-hyun on his minihompy.

The former president Kim Dae-jung was hospitalized Yonsei University's Severance Hospital for 37 days because the symptoms of pneumonia. He passed away at 1:43 p.m. on August 18th. The hospital announced the death of former President Kim on 2:30 p.m.

To the deceased Kim Dae-jung, we sincerely hope that you'll rest in peace.

korean source
translated by 이데위 @ sjworld.
He's nice, really.

G-Dragon's MV trilogy to be completed with "Boy"

With the "Heartbreaker" MV released and "Breathe" [sexily] alluded to and on the way, only one question remains: what will be the final MV?

The answer is 소년이여 (Boy). The producer is Lee Gibaek. Some other pieces of his are Epik High's 'Map the Soul'. He's also recently worked with Supreme Team and Mighty Mouth.

He's busily working on the MV - look forward to it.

original article, translated by Beau @ bbvipz.

Netizens ask, “Who is the guy next to 2NE1 CL?”

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Some netizens dug out some old photos of 2NE1 leader CL, and one of them show CL posing with another pretty guy.

And netizens get curious, “Who is this guy?”

Netizens say:

* “Trainee from the same company, what is the big fuss?”
* “CL has a great body”
* “How can someone be so confident and come out so pretty like her?”
* “I thought I don’t like her, over confident”
* “The very first time I look at this photo I thought she was BEG GaIn“
* “Who is that guy? No one really answered the question”

There was no conclusion about this mysterious guy except for a guess that he is a YG trainee, some said he was her ex-boyfriend.