August 21st, 2009

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Video Shows Man Stealing Choi’s Urn

Choi Jin-sil

Police have found a crucial clue in the investigation of the theft of an urn containing the ashes of the late actress Choi Jin-sil.

Officers from the Yangpyeong Police Station said Thursday that the images showed the theft at the cemetery in Yangsuri, Gyeonggi Province. "A man between his late 30s and early 50s approached Choi's tomb, made a hole in the stone tomb with a hammer, and took the urn, around 10 p.m. on Aug. 4, according to the surveillance cameras set up around her burial site," a police official said.

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ETA: Updated the article with some info from a newer article
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Enlistment News: Lee Dong Wook & Joo Ji Hoon to enlist

Actor Lee Dong Wook will be enlisting in the army for active duty on August 24th at the Nonsan army training center. Lee Dong Wook had just finished filming for his drama, Partner not too long ago and was in the midst of filming for his movie Bean Paste together with Lee Yo Won. But the sudden notice means that it's too late for him to apply for a deferment from the army. Lee Dong Wook will not drop out of the movie though and will continue filming for the movie, until 23rd August.

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Source: 1, 2 at allkpop

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ELLE (2009/09) Interview with TOP

"How about I mess up my hair for this cut?" "Is my face appropriate for the image?
Should I force it a bit more?" "Would it be okay to put on this watch or this ring for this clothing?"

TOP continuously put in his ideas for the photoshoot. He checked his attires, and monitored test-cuts closely. It's been a year since TOP last posed for . His face and body line was stronger and sharper than before. He was smiling more and talking more this time. It seemed as if it were a time for change for TOP. He is filming for KBS drama , and there are talks about his solo album. "It's my first time shooting for a magazine by myself apart from Big Bang; except when I was posing for merchandises. I always saved a lot of new sides of me. Actually, I couldn't really be in front of camera all the time. I have this thought that I need to show new sides of me to people. I want to surprise people. There is a reason why I always agonize before photoshoots. I am strict to myself."

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Donghae's Cyworld Update 090822

Eun Hyuk , Dong Hae , Si Won . . .
2009.08.22 03:27 [in the Haru folder]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Eunhyuk Donghae Siwon . . .

The members went to the east sea on our own.

Spent a very enjoyable time the feeling was very good.

Initially I wanted to upload the original photo . . .

I'll do that some other time . . . hehehe

Please look forward till the next time I upload photos . . . . hehehe

another member next time ? ? ke ke ke

Source: 이동해 cyworld
Translated by Joyce @

What a tease. :(

4minute delays “For Muzik” release

We reported a week ago about 4minute releasing their first mini-album, For Muzik on 24th August. That release date came from and no Korean news sites had reported on this then. usually puts their release date, a few days after it's released in Korea because of shipping and handling.

Three days ago, Korean news sites finally picked up on the news and announced the mini-album release date on 20th August. But it's the 21st of August today and still no mini-album release, what happened? Apparently, Cube Entertainment has delayed the release date by a week, and the new revised date is set at 27th August. A check over at indicates a new release date as well, 3rd September.

While we wait another week, listen again to their previous unreleased track MUZIK which was used for a Sony Walkman commercial back in July.

This delay will mean a head-to-head collision with Jewelry who will be releasing their 6th album, Sophisicated album on the same day, 27th August after they postponed their original release date as well. Although no reasons were given, I assume it's because of former S.Korean president, Kim Dae Jung's passing and the subsequent cancellation of all music shows this week which disrupted their planned schedules.

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sources: allkpop, youtube

4minute vs. Jewelry ?


taemin's gonna kiss a girl!

THJ episode previews have been released and it has been revealed that in episode 128, Taemin will purportedly have a kiss scene with Shim Eunkyung! Only on the cheek though. Also, SNSD's Jessica and Sunny will be making cameo appearances in episode 126. Jessica as Taemin's English tutor and Sunny as another bbang part-timer.

Episode 126 and 128 will air on the 26th and 28th of August respectively.


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B2ST Star Documentary Reality Teaser Revealed

B2ST -Pronounced 'Best'- (Boys to Search for Top - 보이즈 투 서치 포 탑) will be showing their journey on MTV Star Documentary Reality. The airring date will be this coming Sunday at 3:00 ~ 3:30PM Korean Time.
Look forward for their debut on September 9th.

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2NE1 Sandara has caught the eyes of FT Island MinHwan

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FT Island members appeared on KBS JOY ‘Ent News – VIP Interview’ which will air on 21st and revealed their ideal girl.

The youngest Choi Min Hwan said “2NE1’s Sandara Park catches my eyes lately. Even though I never got to talk to her, I like her. If there is time, I want to have tea with her” and received applause from members.

Following this, Lee Hongki revealed “I like After School’s Joo Yeon.” Then Choi Jong Hun said “I like Joo Yeon too” and created the rivalry. Specially Joo Yeon is 23, Lee Hongki and Choi Jonghun are 20. Thereby this is catching attention with just 3 years age difference.

Meanwhile FT Island releFT Islandased their official third album ‘Cross & Change’ last month, entered the top rankings on various music charts with title song ‘I hope’ and are continuing with busy schedule.


Sony ATV speaks up about plagiarism + Heartbreaker’ is #1 on illegal download sites

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Sony ATV Music Publishing which holds 10% copyright ownership to Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’ and 100% ownership to Oasis’ ‘She’s electric’ talks about their stand on accusations of plagiarism for GDragon’s solo album songs.

They sai, “The 10 composers to ‘Right Round’ have not all expressed their opinion on this issue until. We had sent samples of GDragon’s songs to the parties involved for the 2 songs ‘Right Round’ and ‘She’s Electric’.”

They added, “There are indeed similarities between ‘Heartbreaker’ and ‘Right Round’ and between ‘Butterfly’ and ‘She’s Electric’. But it is hard to say if it is plagiarism at this stage. We will all go with the final decision of the composers to the song.”

And about the never ending issues of plagiarism in Korea, Sony ATV said, “Samplying and remake of song by using part of the original song should be allowed. But sampling without persmission is not. The individual should try his/her best to make their own music/work everytimes so as to protect the copyright of others’ works. The piece of work should be the creator’s own expression and not just the idea or title.”

“Also there is this thing about following trend. There may be cases when people or music experts will listen to a song A and think that it plagiarises song B, but that is because listening to it makes one think about the special characteristics of song B.”

Meanwhile, ‘Heartbreaker’ is #1 up on illegal music download site PSP with 23% of the downloads accruing to the song. Not only that, songs ‘Boy’ and ‘The Leader’ featuring Teddy and CL are at #2 and #3. And other songs from his first solo album like ‘Hello’ and ‘Butterfly’ are also at #5 and #7 on the illegal download chart.


Daesung getting discharged next week

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After an operation to realign his fractured bones around his eye and nose areas on 19th August, Big Bang's Daesung has been recovering pretty well in the aftermath and will be discharged sometime next week.

YG Entertainment expressed that because of Daesung's spinal injury, he is still having difficulty moving around properly. But Daesung has already regained his appetite to that before his accident, and is looking forward to getting back on his feet again. YG Entertainment also said that the other Big Bang members often visits Daesung at the hospital to cheer him up, but no one has really spotted them because they always keep a low profile.

F.T Island ~ Lee Jaejin fake sleep

FT Island’s Choi Jonghoon, “Lee Jaejin Talks The Most About Girl Groups”

Members of FT Island disclosed secrets about one another.

In a recent recording for KBS 2TVStar Golden Bell“, it was revealed that members, Choi Minhwan and Lee Jaejin, were the most different on and off stage.

When asked by MC Kim Jedong, “Which member is the most different on and off stage,” Choi Jonghoon revealed, “Choi Minhwan and Lee Jaejin are both shy but they talked the most about girl groups off stage.”

Lee Jaejin also confessed by saying, “It’s true,” and added, “Choi Jonghoon always hang around the corridor outside the waiting rooms and doesn’t come in because he wants to look at the girl groups.”

On the question, “Which member does the most dirty acts,” Choi Jonghoon revealed that, “Lee Hongki always breaks wind in front of our faces,” and everyone burst into laughter.

Star Golden Bell” will broadcast on 22nd August (pm)

Source: Primanoona

Awww..the maknaes are growing up so fast.
F.T Island ~ Lee Jaejin fake sleep

FT Island, Fan Posts Birthday Message For Seunghyun On Press

FT Island’s Song Seunghyun turns 18 today. One of his fans posted a birthday message for him on newspaper, saying, “A very happy 18th birthday to FT Island’s rapper and guitarist, Song Seunghyun, the one who always looks good whenever he’s putting in his efforts”.

Source: Primanoona

Sorry if I'm posting too much FTI news :P
Anyway, happy birthday Seunghyun!
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Seungri to star in "Family Outing" in Daesung's place..."Warm Big Bang"

Big Bang member Seungri will participate in "Family Outing" instead of Daesung who was hospitalized due to a car accident.

On the 24th of this month, Seungri will fill in for Daesung and record "Family Outing" for one night and two days at an undisclosed location in Kangwon-Do.

"Seungri will fill in for Daesung as a fellow Big Bang member," said "Family Outing"'s Jang Hyuk Jae PD on a telephone inteview with Money Today Star News. "He will record one episode for now (two episodes' worth on TV). After that we will see how Daesung is doing and make further decisions later."

Jang PD also said "The cast and crew are all worrying [about Daesung] and we hope he recovers and reunites with the 'Family' soon."

Daesung and Seungri were to perform in the musical "Shouting" starting August 12, but only Seungri is performing due to Daesung's car accident on the 11th. Seungri will perform in the musical until the 23rd.

Also, "Family Outing" will not air on the 23rd due to Kim Dae Jung's recent death.

translations by filmsession
source (korean)

It's sweet of Seungri to fill in for Daesung...and I just watched Intimate Note yesterday and saw Seungri being jealous of Daesung's celebrity connections due to "Family Outing," so I'm sure Seungri can't wait to be on the show. But get well soon Daesung!
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Forever 21 to sponsor My Fair Lady

Joy News is reporting that popular American apparel company Forever 21 will be sponsoring the popular drama, "My Fair Lady" starring beautiful Yoon Eun Hye.

With the sponsorship, Forever 21 will be supplying "My Fair Lady" with the wardrobe/accessories for it's female characters.

This is pretty cool but not too surprising, because Forever 21 was started by Korean Americans Do-Won Chang and his wife, Jin Sook in Los Angeles back in 1984. Forever 21 has also supported other Koreans such as BoA in the past as well.

source: 1, 2
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update dump on DBSK's court case

SME Complains About The Preservation Of Evidence Request
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Both want to finish this up quickly
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Court wants both sides to agree
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SM "We've Lost 15 Billion Won"
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Junsu's 45 Million Won Advanced Payment Rumor..."Completely False"
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Without Revealing The Entire Contract, It Will Be Hard To Reach An Agreement"
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All from tohosomnia. Individual article links are under the cut. and tohosomnia are the same.

Some old articles here and here.

20K tickets to 2009 Asia Song festival given out in 3 hours

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The free admission 20K tickets to 2009 Asia Song Festival is said to be given out in 3 hours, showing the great interests for this year’s Asia Song Festival.

The first windown of free ticket download took place on 21st August from 12pm on Asia Song Festival official website ( And it was said that all the free admission to the tickets for this 1st round was given out in 3 hours.

It was also said that the enquiries by fans for more tickets were heated after the 1st window of the tickets give out ended.

Meanwhile for the 6th Asia Song festival 2009, some of the participating artistes are Big Bang, Super Junior, So Nyeo Shi Dae and 2NE1 from Korea, and there are also other participating singer artistes from other Asian countries.

It will take place on 19th September.


"I want to study because of 2PM"

‘Meeting with the Star,’ seen by reporter Park Jung Hyun
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Students chosen for the ‘JYP Center Tour with 2PM Event’ came to the JYP Entertainment Center on August 11, 2009. 2PM members themselves showed the students the recording room and taught them the dances. [Picture by reporter Hwang Jung Ok]
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so jealous of them, they got to learn the Again and Again dance ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
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Golden days for girl groups


At the start of the year, Girls Generation-fever hit the nation. Since then, heated up by the emergence of new idol groups like After School, 2NE1, and 4Minutes, the girl group scene is flourishing. Having passed two years since their debut, Girls Generation dominated the music industry in the first half of 2009.
The title song, "Gee," topped KBS' music chart for nine consecutive weeks, which was an unprecedented record for female singing groups. Also, 72,000 albums were sold, second highest among all contemporary singers. Consisting of nine members aged from 18 to 20, Girls Generation has attracted a mostly young following.

The groups' next title song,
"Genie," once again confirmed their top status. The song received an explosive reaction from fans. If their earlier song, "Gee," was a girlish approach, the new song emphasized mature lady images out of the nine girls.

New female groups joined the wave and fired up the atmosphere further.

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Star Hall of Fame Celebrates Choi Ji-woo

Actress Choi Ji-woo, one of the figureheads of the Korean Wave, will be honored by the Star Hall of Fame at the 2009 Seoul Drama Awards hosted by the Korean Broadcasters Association.

The awards committee on Wednesday said in a showcase scheduled from Sept. 4 to 13 at the Gwanghwamun Square in downtown Seoul, a special exhibition about Choi will be on display in the Star Hall of Fame booth.

The Star Hall of Fame was established in 2008.

The award ceremony will take place at the Olympic Park in southeastern Seoul on Sept. 11.


Joseph Bitangcol renews bond with ex-girlfriend Sandara Park on her recent visit

Recently, Sandara Park, who holds the monicker as the “National Krung-Krung*” of the Philippines during the peak of her popularity went back to the country to reconnect with her old friends.

As of late, Sandara is steadily gaining popularity in her homeland, South Korea. She is now known as Dara from the all-female group 2NE1.
Before Sandara left the Philippines a couple of years ago, her breakup with fellow teen actor Joseph Bitangcol was a huge issue.

PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) was able to get a chance to talk to Joseph last Aug. 17 at a media event. Joseph shared on what happened when he met up with Sandara a few days back for an SCQ* reunion.

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An online friend asked for the translation of this article and after all that work, I somehow felt compelled to post this up here. Somehow, it could give everyone a glimpse on Dara from a Filipino POV. Please feel free to state if there are translation mistakes.