August 22nd, 2009

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JYP Entertainment apologizes for disappointment caused by Chansung

After Chansung's litter incident that bursted out yesterday, a representative of JYP Entertainment has stepped out and apologized for Chansung's behavior.

On 2PM's Official Daum Cafe, the representative posted a notice earlier today titled "Wild Bunny-related Apology":

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Source: allkpop

So now Korea idols = role models for behaviour? I understand the need for them to be conscious of their behaviour but NEGATIVE EFFECT ON FUTURE GENERATIONS?! To be honest, I really hate it when people blame the media for affecting the behaviour of the ~future generation~ aka "WHAT ARE THE TELEVISION AND INTERNET TEACHING OUR KIDS?!?!" The television and internet are not supposed to teach your kids anything, fucking period. The parents are supposed to do that. /rant

Chanbear must feel like shit now.
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SES Eugene: “SM – TVXQ Contract is a Shame.”

SES Eugene expressed sadness regarding contract conflicts between Dong Bang Shin Ki and SM Entertainment.

In the recent SPN interview with Eugene, she said “Not only Dong Bang Shin Ki, there are many entertainers are undergoing a contract relation difficulties. It’s more like the artist who is engaged to the contract is not familiar with the contract itself.”

“Being compared to the past, I don’t know if improvement has already been made. The past period contract was relatively too long and not flexible.”

Eugene explained the reason why after a rookie gained popularity, he/she tends to involve in conflict with the agency, “When being a rookie, you don’t know anything. The officers asked to hold the contract term and conditions without any understandings from the artist. However, when the artist has already been aware, he/she finally read carefully the agreement details in the contract, that’s when most likely conflict starts to arise.”

“It’s also because the contract difficulty which rookie are having difficulties to follow. Agency should consider to set more flexible terms and conditions that has variables to adapt depending on the changing environments.”

Source: SYC

What company is Eugene with now? Or the rest of the SES girls?

2NE1 can speak up to 6 foreign languages

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2NE1 has revealed their hidden talent through broadcast programme.

2NE1 was on KBS 2TV ‘Entertainment Weekly’ aired on 22nd August in an interview and when asked by reporter Kim TaeJin about their ability in foreign lanaguages they said, “We know 6 foreign languages from Tagalog, to French, to English to Japanese.”

And in the interview, Sandara Park introduced herself in Tagalog, CL in French and Gong MinJi in Japanese language.

Also the girls talked about each members’ role in the group – Sandara is the atmosphere-maker, Park Bom is the one in charge of aegyo, and leader CL is the ‘omma (mother)’, and youngest member MinJi is in charge of roasting bread in their dormitory.

Member Sandara Park also talked about their broken Music Bank trophy which she had posted the photos to online, “The production team has came and contact us telling us ‘We will fix it’ after knowing that the trophy became 2 pieces.”


SM Entertainment, “Super Junior HanKyung was not on a date, and is tired of paparazzi”

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SM Entertainment speaks up after photos of Super Junior members HanKyung and famous Chinese broadcaster Jia Ling were uploaded on a Chinese portal site.

A SM Entertainment representative said on 22nd, “HanKyung, Jia Ling and 7 other had went to play pool together. Even though they had all played pool together, it seems that HanKyung and Jia Ling stood out in the crowd.”

HanKyung is currently very popular in Korea, and is being followed by paparazzi often with much interests on him.

The SM representative said, “(HanKyung is being) tired out all the popularity. Because of the paparazzi, HanKyung is very tired.”

“There was also an earlier case where there were photos of HanKyung taken only with a female actress, when they had went out together as a whole drama team after filming, uploaded online. All these have caused HanKyung to be very tired.”

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TVXQ Changmin to start filming soon

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TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki's front man Yunho won't be the only one partaking in all the drama, DBSK's maknae Changmin will co-star with fellow SM Entertainment member Lee Yeon Hee in a drama of their own called "Paradise Meadow / Ranch." Paradise Meadow is a joint production between Samhwa Networks and SM Entertainment.

Star News is reporting that Changmin will officially begin filming for the drama in early September. Which should get some fans (especially Reina) happy. There's no official word yet on when the drama will actually air.

So it seems as Jaejoong, Xiah, and Micky are partaking in one type of drama... with SM Entertainment. While Yunho and Changmin will participate in another type of drama, fans would much prefer the latter.

Penelope is pretty.
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'Misuda' Girl Creates Controversy With Her Book

A popular female TV celebrity from Germany is creating a heated debate, if not controversy, with her book that apparently focused on the less than glamorous side of the Korean society.

Vera Hohleiter, a panel member of the popular KBS2 TV show, "Chat With Beauties" also called "Misuda" published a book in Germany, apparently highlighting her negative experience in Korea.

In the TV program, Hohleiter said on a number of occasions that she "fell in love with Korea." Her book, however, indicates otherwise, according to a South Korean blogger who lives in Germany and read the book.

On Thursday night, the blogger who identified herself as "a Korean student studying in Germany" posted a piece on a popular Korean Internet web forum. She said she bought a book, titled "Sleepless Night in Seoul" written by Hohleiter and gave it to a German friend as a gift.

Not long after, her German friend came back to ask her: "Is everything written in the book true?"

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BoA to Hold Xmas Concerts in Tokyo

South Korea's top pop star BoA will have her first Christmas live concerts in Tokyo in two years.

BoA announced on her Japan Web site earlier this week that she will hold the live concerts under the title of "BoA The LIVE X'mas." More recently, she has been active with "Girlfriend," her new collaboration song with Crystal Kay, Japan's top singer.

BoA's Christmas live concerts will take place in Tokyo on Dec. 4-5 and in Osaka on Dec. 8.

BoA, 22, who had been performing in Japan, released her U.S. album on March 17 amid high expectations and has since been stepping up her American activities.

She is struggling to repeat her success in Japan in the United States. Specifically, she has signed a contract with Creative Artists Agency (CAA), the No. 1 Hollywood entertainment agency.

Under the agreement, within North America CAA is representing BoA in all areas, including music, film and merchandising. The agency is mulling a U.S. tour in the second half of the year.