August 24th, 2009

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Boom loses lawsuit for contract termination paying up to 400 million KRW for loss

Boom loses lawsuit for contract termination with The Show Entertainment, paying up to 400 million KRW for loss

Boom (Lee MinHo) has been known to have lost a lawsuit with his previous management company in a court battle regarding contract termination. And he has to compensate an amount of 400 million KRW for loss from contract termination to the company.

An official from Seoul Central Court said on 23rd August, “The defendent will have to pay 468 million KRW.”

Boom has been signed on with The Show Entertainment from 2005 to 2010 and the contracts include exclusive belonging rights terms, and last July, Boom has revealed that he suffers from unjust taxes, unfair distribution of profits for album sales, loss of image through forced participation in night businesses.

With that, The Show Entertainment has filed for a lawsuit last December on loss from unilateral termination of contract on Boom’s side.

The trial department said, “There is no evidence proposing the 60% profits distribution in the exclusive belonging right terms from the calculations given by the defendent. Hence it is hard to acknowledge the reasons for the defendent’s termination of contract.”

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Omona :(
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T-ara tries to be SCARY!

The T-ara members are a bunch of clowns, as they dressed up as ghosts, ghouls and monsters to scare their staff members!


The members are known to be complete goofs and what was once just a joke, has actually come to fruition. T-ara decided to dress up as ghosts, and film themselves scaring the crap out of their staff members, so that they could upload it onto the internet. Little did they know how much hard work this was going to be, as they planned everything on their own, including the content and costumes. In addition, they even headed on over to the editing room, so that they could be a part of the video production.

Costumes include, Chucky (Boram), Nine tailed fox (Qri), Gangshi (Soyeon), Toshio from Juon (Eun Jung), a Vampire (Hyomin), and a Reaper (Jiyeon).

There is no date on when this video will be released, but it should be soon, so stay tuned!

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They are so sweet and silly! Precious girls.
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Taegoon’s 3rd Mini Album Coming Soon

Taegoon’s 3rd Mini Album Coming Soon

A message on (who sponsors Taegoon in Japan) with information about his third mini album. The release date is expected to be in late September, to early October after his 2 day trip to Mount Fuji with his fans. Additionally, 20 people who order through will be selected at random and receive an autographed copy by Taegoon. He is also said to be receiving both dancing and vocal training for over eight hours a day, as if he were still a trainee within his company preparing for debut. Fans look forward to seeing an improved side of Taegoon upon his return.

Currently Untitled
Long awaited album release information!
Release: Late September, or early October at the latest.
Random Autograph Deadline: September 31 (will already be opened in order to autograph the CD)

source but I translated the message from padox on my own.

He is so nice and friendly to his fans! An angel without wings.
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SNSD to make a SPECIAL CAMEO apperance!

SNSD's Jessica and Sunny will be making a special surprise cameo appearance on the sitcom, "Taehee Haekyo Jihyun!"

Jessica will be SHINee Taemin's English teacher and show off her skills, as well as sing her song "Nengmyun," the duet with gagman Park Myung Soo. Sunny will be working at a Bakery and show off her cuteness.

There will also be a mass Bollywood, opps Genie dance session, led by Jessica and Sunny, so watch out for that.

The episode of Taehee Haekyo Jihyun will air on August 26th, 2009!

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Uhm Jung-hwa turns bestselling author

For a movie, that is; it’s not a case of singer and movie star Uhm Jung-hwa putting out her own book.

She stars in the new movie Bestseller, which is the debut feature film for director Lee Jung-ho, who worked as assistant director under Jung Yoon-chul (The Man Who Was Superman). In it, she plays a sensitive, high-strung famous writer who feels she cannot write any more bestsellers. Not much information is given about the plot, but the movie will be in the thriller genre.

Bestseller beings shooting in mid-September.

Uhm Jung-hwa has been extremely busy these days; she recently appeared in the movies Insadong Scandal (with Kim Rae-won) and Haeundae (co-starring Sol Kyung-gu and Ha Ji-won) and the KBS drama The Man Who Can’t Get Married (with Ji Jin-hee). She also has an upcoming released planned in the omnibus film Ogamdo.

Source: Cine 21, Joy News
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Lee Dong-wook enlists

Lee Dong-wook headed off to fulfil his two-year military service requirement on the afternoon of August 24, sent off with love and chocopies. (Is there a better way to go?) He arrived at the training center in Nonsan, Chuncheong province, to undergo the usual five weeks of basic training there before being assigned to active duty. A crowd of approximately 100 fans showed up to wish him well.

In order to complete work on his latest film, Bean Paste, Lee arranged to film through his last day, wrapping his part in the movie on the 23rd.

Lee Dong-wook made his screen debut in 1999 in MBC’s Best Theater series, after which he acted in movies like horror film Arang and romantic comedy Perfect Couple, and television series like the trendy romance My Girl and dark drama La Dolce Vita.

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Gonna be JJH's turn soon.

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The puppy is so Prection!

suju ✖ icarus walks the short
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more about f(x) blah blah

The faces of the members to SM Ent’s upcoming girlgroup f(x), set to debut in September, are revealed.

The group previously released their teaser video on 24th August, getting the attention from netizens. The group consists of Korean members Sulli, Luna, Krystal; American Chinese Amber, Victoria – the 5 members will form Asia pop dance group.

Also f(x) known to be a Mathematical function, like the variable x in the function, the members will show a variety of charms and talents not only in the Korea but also in the rest of Asia.

f stands for flower, and x stands for the XX chromosomes in females – they will be a feminine group like flowers, and will be the best Asia pop dance group being the hot icon of Asia.

More photos will be revealed from 26th till 30th August on their official homepage.

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Flower Suga
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Yesung’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.08.24 04:26

2009.08.24 월 Monday 04:26[맑음]
Now 행복 (Blessed)

Giving a nothing like Yesung love ..

Many people who dote on me ..
For the sake of spending my birthday once a year together

Started preparing presents a few days ago..
And many people who gave me their wishes

Really really really thank you^^

Offering the big love from everyone ..

To my maternal grandfather who went to heaven last week and my parents who gave birth to me^^

I am a very blessed person ^^
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A man of few words yet many photos; as usual Yesung.
스물여섯 번째 생일을 축하합니다 예성오빠! Happy 25/6th Birthday Jongwoon oppa!!!!

Source :)
talking bout my girl [Sohee]

2NE1 to perform 4 songs for follow-up promotions of their first mini-album

Group 2NE1 will continue with unique promotions for their followup hit for their 1st minialbum promotions.

The girls released their first minialbum beginning of July with the title song ‘I Don’t Care’, and recently the girls went on a 5-day vacation, and will be coming back to promote the followup song from the album from end-August.

Normally for Kpop artiste, they will choose one song other than the title song as the followup hit to promote, but for 2NE1, they will be promoting all 4 songs ‘Pretty Boy’, ‘In The Club’, ‘Let’s Go Party’ and ‘Stay Together’ for their followup promotions.

YG Entertainment said, “After the release of 2NE1’s first minialbum, not only is the title song doing well up on music charts, other songs on the album were also very well-received, that is why we decided that we will not go with just 1 song for their followup promotions.

With that, the group will perform all 5 songs from the first minialbum. From debut, 2NE1 has been adopting special promotions tactics – with their 1 performance 1 week tactic and also debuting through a CF song ‘Lollipop’.


IMO they should've just stuck to "Pretty Boy" as their main promo song (not "I Don't Care") and do "Stay Together" on the side. I find "In the Club" and "Let's Go Party" kinda boring, ngl :(
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K.will and Mario for a music project ‘Colour Chocolate’

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Singer K Will will be singing a sweet love singer with Mario for the song ‘Chocolate’.

The song ‘Chocolate’ is one of the songs included in the colour project ‘Colour Chocolate’ like the previous projects ‘Colour Pink’ by SeeYa, Davichi and Black Pearl; and ‘Colour Purple’ by Shin HyeSung.

‘Colour Chocolate’ project will feature K Will, known for his previous hits like ‘Love 119′ and ‘Tears are flowing’, and Mario who is known for his hits like ‘Goodbye’ and ‘SuperMan’. They will work together with one of the best hits maker in Korea Kim DoHoon.

‘Colour Chocolate’ will be revealed through various music sites like Melon on 25th August.


asjdio. I've missed K.will sfm.