August 25th, 2009

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Smash Hit 30 Q&A Survey from #1 Superstar Taegoon

Taegoon had filled out answers in a Q&A survey and posted it on his Daum cafe. He revealed information such as blood type, shoe size, foods, feelings about becoming a singer, and stars he has close relationship to as 2AM, SS501, Bae Seul Gi, others.

The rest of the Q&A answers shall be posted in a later date. Go past the cut for questions and answers.

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So nice! He really likes to share. I bet if he had 3 pieces of candy left, he would give all 3 to people who were hungry even if he had none left for himself.

Sorry 4 the trouble mods!
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Uee of After School Models for Anycall

Uee, a member of the girl group After School, has been picked as a CF model for Samsung Electronics' handset "Anycall."

Just four months have passed since her debut as a singer.

Uee, 21, whose real name is Kim Yoo-jin, appeared in two of the three recently filmed Anycall omnibus commercials, along with Lee Min-ho and Kim Hyun-joong, heroes of TV series "Boys Over Flowers." In the commercials, she showed off her lively, cute image while acting as the lover of the two celebrities.

So far, only top stars such as Lee Hyori, Eric, BoA and Lee Joon-ki have starred in Anycall commercials.

An official at Pledis Entertainment, Uee's agency, was quoted as saying that the agency has been flooded with phone calls from cosmetics and clothing companies seeking Uee to appear in their commercials.

Apart from performing as a member of After School, Uee has drawn popularity by starring in MBC TV's variety show "We Got Married" alongside Park Jae-jung.


I won't ever understand Korea's obsession with her or Sohee.
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Police Search for Suspect in Actress' Urn Theft

Police made public additional video footage of a man suspected of stealing an urn containing the ashes of the late actress Choi Jin-sil on Monday and placed him on a wanted list.

Launching an open investigation, the Yangpyeong Police Station asked for tips and/or cooperation from citizens to nail the suspect, offering a reward of 3 million won ($2,400) in cash.

So far, police have conducted a low-key investigation into the incident that took place on Aug. 5. However, they recently decided to change their method as little progress had been made.

The police showed new surveillance camera images of the suspect caught on Aug. 2 in which a man seemingly aged between his late 30s and early 50s is strolling around the tomb for about 13 minutes, measuring length and writing something.

In previously released images last week, a man, who police presume is the same individual, approached Choi's tomb, made a hole in it with a hammer, and took the urn, at 3:45 a.m.

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Jake Gyllenhaal
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Korean sports film draws over 5 million viewers

Ticket sales for the Korean ski jumping film "Take Off (Gukgadaepyo)" topped 5 million over the weekend, becoming the second most-watched local film among this year's releases, the Korean Film Council said Monday and Yonhap News reported.

Featuring the country's oft-overlooked national ski jumping team, the film drew more than 5.2 million viewers as of Sunday, its 26th day of screening
, the film council said.

"Take Off" is the second movie to surpass the 5-million viewer mark among this year's domestic releases following "Haeundae," and continues to top the local box office.

"Haeundae," a big-budget disaster film directed by Yoon Je-kyoon, has drawn more than 10 million viewers, according to its distributor JK Films, becoming the fifth Korean movie to reach the milestone.

Part non-fiction, "Take Off" spotlights a hodge-podge ski jumping team assembled to support a bid by the Korean city of Muju for the Winter Olympics in 1996. Directed by Kim Yong-hwa, creator of the 2006 box office hit "200 Pound Beauty," the film stars actor Ha Jeong-woo, who plays a Korean-American adoptee and former U.S. junior alpine skier.


SBS to make a documentary about 2NE1

Image Hosted by

A documentary about 2NE1’s success is set to be aired by SBS on Sepember 6th, 2009. The documentary uncovers the secrets of what goes into making a hit song. This documentary will cover past hit songs by artists such as Kim Gun Mo, Lee Moon Sae, Shin Seung Hun and of course now 2NE1.

An SBS official quoted that:

“We’ve completed filming and the production is now in editing. We’re trying to discover what, if any patterns exist in hit songs, therefore the documentary will analyze previous hit songs and artists as well as the present.”

The production crew of the documentary quoted:

“YG Entertainment’s 2NE1 is the hottest group at the moment. We have interviewed CEO Yang Hyun Suk, Producers Teddy (1Tym) and G-Dragon (Big Bang), to try to discover the secrets of how a hit song is created.”


more programs with/about 2ne1 = want ^^
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Daesung turns tricks on Hey, Hey, Hey remains prection while doing so

Big Bang was a featured guest on a recent episode of the popular Japanese show Hey! Hey! Hey! (Hey x 3). Since all members were present during the playback (Daesung included), it seems the recording for this particular episode took place weeks ago. I couldn't understand what they're saying but it was still funny to watch the interactions, they also performed their single "Gara Gara Go." In the past, TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki was on Hey x3 as guests previously on a couple of occassions.

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Source @allkpop [link]
Heyx3 Translation [moonychild@ibigbang.wordpress, thanks for finding that pincakes!
Video sources - Heyx3, DVD cut
czq ilu
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news from a band that you don't know/care about

Indie bad boys return with a new album
"We have no intention of enlightening people."

As soon as their music starts, you know it's Crying Nut. The five-member rock band has released a new album after a three-year hiatus. Their sixth album is titled "Uncomfortable Party," and my first reaction to it was that they're still the "bad boys" of the Korean music scene. Bold yet metaphoric and cynical yet humorous lyrics cleverly combined with simple, funky rhythms are, after all, what propelled this underground indie band to stardom.

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착한아이 (The Good Kid) from 6th album 불편한 파티 (Uncomfortable Party)

[BgBg] GD's sexy hair

G-Dragon dominates over girl groups (int'l netizens still suspect that he isn't a girl)

Girl groups are the hottest things around in the K-pop circles these days. Read: Brown Eyed Girls, T-ara, KARA etc. However, on the 18th of August, Big Bang’s G-Dragon dominates over them with the release of his first solo album Heartbreaker.

According to Mnet Media on the 25th, G-Dragon swept past the girl groups to clinch the 1st place in the TOP 10 charts of August (3rd week). In addition, 5 other songs (including A Boy, The Leaders etc) clinched the 1st to 5th place in the download charts. In, G-Dragon received a high score of 9.01 from around 30,000 netizens.

According to Mnet trend reports, G-Dragon enjoys higher popularity among female fans (53%) and his main fan base consists of those in their teens (36%) and in their twenties (27%).

Just on 18th August alone, recorded 13,000 visitors and related sites have also garnered about 60,000 visitors.

Brown Eyed Girls dominated the charts for the past 3 weeks but is now at the #2 place.

Source @ibigbang [link], @asiae [link]
Penelope is pretty.
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Hyori Returns to Stage in October with More Mature Songs.

South Korea's pop diva Lee Hyori will return to the stage as a singer in October.

According to press reports, Lee will resume her singing career in October with the release of her fourth album.
She released her third album in July last year.

"We are now collecting songs to be recorded on the new album, which will be more mature. We are trying to be perfect in producing the album, taking into account Hyori is one of the top singers in the country," an official at M-Net Entertainment, her agency, was quoted as saying. "We are also pooling ideas to come up with innovative dance performances."

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Sam is.
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Kim Myung-min Sheds 20 Kilos for Role

Actor Kim Myung-min in a scene from his new film "Closer to Heaven"

Constantly transforming, from a callous doctor to a feisty conductor, Kim Myung-min is an actor with many faces, but he was unrecognizably thin in the movie trailer for "Closer to Heaven" (working title), revealed to the press Monday in Seoul.

The 36-year-old star shed 20 kilograms to play a terminally ill man in the film and still carried a considerably thin frame and deeply sunken cheeks ― a striking contrast from past appearances as a tough detective ("Open City") or valiant general (TV soap "Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-shin").

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Yikes, I hope he didn't get osteoporosis.
Gooooooo Panthers!!!!
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Dramas, Stars to Compete at Seoul Int'l Drama Awards

"Being Erica" from Canada will compete for the Best Drama Award at the Seoul Drama Awards.

The Seoul International Drama Awards 2009 will be held for 10 days starting from Sept. 4
at various venues around the city.

A total of 169 dramas from 37 countries will compete at this year's event under the slogan "Enjoy Star & Story."

"The purpose of the SDA 2009 is to raise the profile of Korean series in the international drama market and to expand cultural exchanges," an official from the organizing committee said.

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SM Entertainment's new girl group f(x), consisting of members Sulli, Amber, Krystal, Victoria and Luna will make their first debut on September 2nd, 2009 at 5:00pm KST!

They will be showing off their fashion and music, as well as interact with fans and put on their first performance at the Seoul Samsung dong Fashion Center (삼성동 섬유센터)!

The event will last 1 hour, in which they will unveil their single LACHATA and the music video, as well as show off their special talents.

To support f(x), senior's Girls' Generation and SHINee will be in attendance at this showcase of SM Entertainment's newest girl group f(x)!

Oh and we finally get a good look at the mysterious Amber!


ngl, I'm sort of anticipating this. I want to see if they're good~
lee soohyuk » blink blink

More of f(x)'s Sulli revealed

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

More of f(x) member Sulli revealed.

SM Entertainment will be revealing more photos and profile of each member to upcoming group f(x) for the next 5 days from 26th August.

The first member to be revealed is Sulli. She is currently a year 3 middle school student and debuted as young role of SeonHwa Princess in SBS drama ‘SeoDongYo’ in 2005. She also took part in other movies like ‘Babo’, ‘Punch Lady’ etc and is known for her acting skills.

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G-Dragon’s FIRST LIVE Solo Performance! & Daesung is Homefree!

Big Bang's G-Dragon
will finally perform his solo album tracks for the very first time, on the August 30th episode of SBS Inkigayo!

In related news, Big Bang will be performing together on August 26th in Seoul at the Hongdae Live Hall. Fans are extremely excited about this, as It's been a very long time since Big Bang has been on the Korean stages.

And there's even more good news for Big Bang fans, as there is a high possibility that Daesung will be discharged from the hospital on either the 27th or the 28th.

YG Entertainment stated:

"Unfortunately, due to Daesung's accident, he won't be able to perform on the 26th. Regardless, Big Bang will stand in front of fans and put on a good performance."



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Suspect Held in Theft of Choi Jin-sil's Ashes

Police are questioning a suspect in the theft of the actress Choi Jin-sil's ashes, they said Monday. "The suspect was caught while demanding money for the ashes. We are investigating whether the arrested man is the actual thief," Yangpyeong police said.

Police earlier released CCTV images of a suspect taken on Aug. 2 at around sunrise, giving a clearer picture of the face than those previously released. W3 million (US$1=W1,242) for information about the suspect's identity and whereabouts is being offered by the police and another W30 million by cemetery management.

The thief apparently cased Choi's tomb thoroughly before stealing the urn. Police said CCTV footage shows the suspect wandering around the tomb for nearly 10 hours from 8 p.m. on Aug. 1 until 6 a.m. the next day."


SJ's CYs - SM Town goes Bowling


2009.08.23 (2009.08.25 17:53)

I played bowling.
Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, flaming charisma Minho, Yoona
vs Kangin,Donghae,grasshopper manager Sungwoo hyung, Taenggoo*
it was clear who won...VICTORY!!! hoohoohoo...
it was another game on who pays for the bowling expenses
Tim hyungnim the handsome who was bowling at the next lane
settled the bill without us knowing and left.
hyung thank you ^---------------^
so i treated kanginie hyung to soondaegook**

Taenggoo cannot bowl.
no. she's terrible at it.

* Taenggoo is girl's generation taeyeon
** this is soondaegook

source: hyukjae's cy
translated by: carolyn @

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