August 26th, 2009

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f(x) a “declaration of war” against 2NE1: ‘YG vs SM’

f(x), a "declaration of war" against 2NE1: 'YG vs. SM', who's this year's best rookie group?

The battle of the girl groups this year is just getting more and more interesting.

f(x)'s presence has become a declaration of war against this summer's reigning rookie group, 2NE1.

On August 24th, via Youtube and SM's broadcast, SM Entertainment revealed new five-girl group (x)'s debut music video "Lachata" teasers.

f(x) is a girl group that consists of group members Victoria, Amber, Sulli, Luna, and Krystal. This time, SM Entertainment's goal is not only Korea, but also all of Asia and perhaps even the whole world's entertainment industry, by preparing long and hard for a global, international girl group. According to SM spokespeople, f(x) will be performing powerful dance moves and songs.

This produces a "powerful" image for the girl group, which discards the old "cute" girl band image, thus becoming a formidable rival for successful girl group 2NE1. SM Entertainment has come out with a statement, saying that through the "powerful" group rivalry, f(x) will gain more popularity.

What's interesting is that both groups have been through long periods of time as trainees, and are both elegant and have long histories. 2NE1’s Sandara Park was a teenage star in the Philippines, who later returned to Korea to become a member. Gong Minji, stage name Minzy, has also raised a lot of attention, and Park Bom and CL, also YGE trainees, have become celebrities.

f(x) also has impressive history. Krystal, SNSD's Jessica's younger sister, has already been a hot topic among netizens. Victoria, a natural born Chinese citizen, has been through various interviews and auditions in China in order to be accepted into SM Entertainment. Sulli has also been a child actress since she was young.

What's more interesting about the rivalry between 2NE1 and f(x) is the competition between the pride of their two management companies. 2NE1's company, YG Entertainment, and f(x)'s company, SM Entertainment, are traditional rival entertainment companies when it comes to idol groups. Also, being the management companies for the two largest national bands, DBSK and Big Bang, the competition has now been transferred to the two girl groups.

Judging from the aforementioned points, in the future there should be growing tensions between the rival groups.

source: newsen
Korean to Chinese translations Chika @ 21.Impact
Chinese to English translations pasta & Luragon @ YGL
Edited by Luragon @ YGL

It's a bit early to say that f(x) is a threat to 2NE1 imo, but it'll be fun to see how things play out. Who will you guys be rooting for in the end?: SM or YG. I'm an SM girl myself. ;)
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100 Questions With 2PM, OK! Magazine Thailand

We understand that everyone has so many questions they wish to ask the 7 fresh faces of the group 2PM. Unfortunately, they do not have a lot of time to meet with their Thai fans because they are promoting their 2 singles A&A and I Hate You; both songs have risen to number 1 on the hot music charts in Korea, earning them the triple crown for both. They are here to promote both singles in Thailand and OK! Magazine felt that we should ask these 7 handsome boys 100 questions for the fans. Now hurry and flip the page and see what they have to say...

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<-- more pics at the site.

"You don't understand why Koreans: smoke a lot" do they really smoke a lot ??

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Choi Jin-shil selected as best newsmaker

According to a poll from a TV entertainment show "Yeonyyega Junggae," broadcast on Aug. 15, actress Choi Jin-shil was picked as Korea’s top newsmaker since the nation's liberation from Japan’s colonial rule in 1945.

The show surveyed 12,434 people ranging 12-60 years old. She gained about 26.9 percent support of the respondents.

Starring in many films, dramas and TV ads, the late Choi had been loved as a nation's representative actress. However, she had suffered from depression allegedly due to a divorce and rumors surrounding her private life. She committed suicide in October 2008, shocking the nation.


I have a feeling that she really never wanted to be a newsmaker, especially even after death.
Penelope is pretty.
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Girl bands flourish on S. Korean pop music scene, groomed for more than singing

They are young, leggy and attractive, their music light and perky, and their dance moves easy to learn. What's more, there are enough of them to please any picky fan.

From Girls' Generation to WonderGirls, 2NE1, KARA, After School and 4Minutes, girl groups are blooming on the South Korean pop music scene. Never has the industry, long dominated by boy bands, experienced such strong "girl power" before.

"In the past, one or two similar bands swept fans and earned massive popularity, while the rest disappeared quietly after a month or two. What we are experiencing is a brand new phenomenon in which several girl bands are sharing fans and popularity among themselves," said culture critic Kim Hong-in.

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SNSD Jessica will act in a musical

SNSD's Jessica will be making her acting debut in a musical.

She will take on the lead role of Legally Blonde the Musical which will start showing at Seoul Coex Atium on November 14th.
A representative said over the phone with Newsen that "the decision (Jessica's role in the musical) is almost finalized". This will be a chance for Jessica to make her acting debut as a musical star. Jessica has recently drawn attention for her blond hair during the Genie activities.

Legally Blonde the Musical is a Broadway musical based on the hit 2001 Hollywood movie. Along with Jessica, Kim Dong Wook ("National Representative") will play the male lead, with actors/singers like Kim Soo Jin, Jun Soo Kyung and Cho Jung Hwa in the supporting cast.

original article

(sorry for the crap translation. first time translating word-to-word :l)

Bend.... and snap!

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Girl Group T-ara Reveals their "Beauty Know-How"

The modern and sophisticated, yet feminine-imaged girl group T-ara are revealing their beauty secrets to their female fans.

T-ara's makeup brand (the brand they use) Jadilla J's "Showy Gloss (lip gloss)" had a release celebration, and at the event "Beauty Class from Stars", they each revealed their make-up secrets.

The event on the 26th opened with a famous makeup artist teaching, then it followed with singers T-ara during the second portion.

During the first portion they discussed upcoming fall makeup trends and tips, customers tried out the makeup and received coaching about makeup styles from experts. In addition, singers T-ara discussed their team's makeup know-how through a question and answer session.

Showy Glass is used by Nam Gyuri, Shin Ae, Yuri, Baek Jiyoung, Hwang Inyoung, Shim Eunjin, Amy, and other artists, creating a lip glass mania that has made it very famous.

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So gorgeous!
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HwanHee to release solo album coming September

HwanHee, one half of R&B duo Fly To The Sky, will be having his first solo album.

HwanHee has recently signed on with H Entertaiment exclusively as singer and producer and will be releasing a solo album.

HwanHee’s company said, “He will not only be promoting as a singer but also be over-looking at the company’s operations. We are looking forward to not only HwanHee’s own music but also other artistes we will groom.”

Source: sookyeong

Thai site scams Lee MinHo fans

The “Boys Over Flowers” character, Lee MinHo has recently been in a fan meeting scam.

On one Thailand site, they were selling tickets to a Lee MinHo fan meeting with the exact date and the location as well. What is the catch you ask?

Only the fact that this fan meeting wasn’t even going to take place. On the 26th, when Lee MinHo’s entertainment heard about this news, they firmly stated “We never have been notified of a fan meeting in Thailand, and we are not looking forward to any.”

In addition, they stated, “We were surprised to hear that there had been a scam. We need to act fast on it because everything would just end up hurting the fans.” On the sites it stated that on October 24th, 2,000 people will be gathering at the Bangkok HuAhMakInDo Stadium. They sold the front seats for 800 dollars with the hotel and food included, and rest of the seats for around 200 dollars.

The site even states that Lee MinHo will sing 2 songs, play games with the fans, and a movie will be shown to the fans as well.

Source: sookyeong


2 Teasers for Yunho's drama "Heading to the Ground"

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Info Source: 1 & Mr.TVXQ
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Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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I don't know about you guys but I'm pretty excited about this drama! And does Yunho's hair remind you of a semi Joon Pyo perm?? Anyway, countdown to September 9...
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I Don't Care 3rd Remix Unplugged Version!

2NE1's "I don't care", conquering this summer's music market is releasing its third third remix version.

Claiming first place on KBS 'Music Bank' for five consecutive weeks, SBS Inkigayo for 3 consecutive weeks, 2NE1 grabbed all three: online sites, album sales and broadcasts. Recently, each week they have been showing a new remix version on broadcasts. In the idol world, this unique third remix version shows extremely different colours and is eye-catching.

For the past while, although they have been rookies, rather than performing as if on their own, they tried to practise a lot and wanted to show a new image. As a result, Rollercoster's Jinwoo, 1TYM's Song Baek Kyeong, participated in the remixing of the song. On the 30th's SBS Inkigayo, they will be showing the 3rd remix 'unplugged' version, which is completely different from the previous fast remix versions, and even compared to the original version, it has a 180 degree different feeling.

YG entertainment's representatives said "The past while, I Don't Care has been receiving overflowing love. We want to thank those who have been giving their love to I Don't Care and with this coming 30th's unplugged remix version, this will be the conclusion of the 'I don't care' activities, and starting from next week, the 4 other songs will be shown on broadcasts in order".

original article: here
trans: GEE @
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Unstoppable High Kick 2

MBC Sitcom "Through the Roof High Kick" had a production meeting "Ilsan MBC Dream" on the 26th of August at the center of Gyeonggi Province, at 2:00PM.

During the meeting, Lee Soon Jae, Kim Ja Ock, Oh Hyun Kyung, Jung Bo Suk, Choi Daniel, Shin Se Kyung, Suh Shin Ae, Yoon Si Yoon, Jin Ji Hee, AJ, and Yoo In Na had time to take pictures.

Also known as, "Unstoppable High Kick 2," in the long run, "Through the Roof High Kick" two sisters that barely arrived in Seoul will be moving into Soon Jae's assailed household. "Unstoppable High Kick" can be seen in an illusion of one breath, shown by PD Kim Byung Wook and Lee Soon Jae helping attract attention.

The sitcom challenges, Jung Bo Suk and Oh Hyun Kyung as husband and wife, MBC Drama "Queen Seon Duk" Princess Chun Myung (teen) Shin Se Kyung, "Thank You" Suh Shin Ae, as the 2 sisters barely arriving in Seoul, and Lee Soon Jae being a little older than 60year old Kim Ja Ock. A romantic comedy expecting a lot of attention.

"Through the Roof High Kick" starts airing on September 7th.

Just so you guys know, "Through the Roof High Kick" and "Unstoppable High Kick" have different story lines.

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source: 1 (self translated), 2
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Suspect Caught Over Actress Urn Theft

Chung Ok-sook, mother of the late actress Choi Jin-sil, bursts into tears as she takes back Choi’s recovered ashes at the Yangpyeong Police Station, Gyeonggi Province, Wednesday. Police arrested a 41-year-old kitchen utensil installer Tuesday night in Daegu and the suspect confessed to the crime.

A 41-year-old man suspect was arrested for stealing an urn containing the ashes of the late actress Choi Jin-sil, police said Wednesday.

The Yangpyeong Police Station said the suspect, identified only as Park, was picked up at his home in Daegu around 11 p.m. Tuesday and then taken to a station in Gyeonggi Province.

"The suspect, a kitchen utensil installer, has confessed to the crime," said Woo Jae-jin, senior police officer in charge of the operation.

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SJ/hae: in action

Kim HeeChul, “UKnow YunHo lives like his drama character now”

Group Super Junior Kim HeeChul talks about the acting passion of his SM Town family member Dong Bang Shin Ki UKnow YunHo.

HeeChul was present at the press conference of his comeback drama SBS weekend drama ‘Thousand times I love you’ and talked about UKnow YunHo’s recent conditions.

He said, “I talked a lot with UKnow, and we spent fun time together. He is a friend with leadership and does well in everything. And he is recently living his drama character. He wears his training suit and uses dialect.”

“YunHo really like acting and wants to do well. He is living like his character well and brings out his drama character well.”

Meanwhile the first episode to UKnow YunHo’s debut drama ‘Heading The Ground’ will be aired on 9th September.

Is it just me who thinks that Chul and Uknow doesn't match up with each other?
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f(x) member Amber is revealed! [EDIT: LARGER PICS ADDED]

f(x) member Amber has been revealed! Often mistaken for a boy, this little tomboy made it into SM Entertainment's upcoming girl group during SM's 2007 global auditions.

Amber is Chinese-American and from Orange County, California. She's been receiving vocal, rap, Korean and dance training in Korea, since the beginning of 2008. Definitely not a long time, so perhaps she's just naturally talented?

Fluent in English, Chinese and now Korean, Amber's main strength's are her voice and powerful rapping. She also stands out a lot, due to her charismatic and tomboyish looks.

Stay tuned for f(x)'s showcase debut on September 2nd, 2009!

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I'm sort of indifferent to this f(x) craze. *dodges flying tomatoes*

Ready, set, FFA!

Welcome members new and old to the famous/epik OMNTD Free For All. This is a weekly post where you can post OT comments/questions along with ones that are relevant to the community, as well as make friends with your fellow OMNTD members.

My Wednesday FFA will be posted at 3-4 pm Vancouver time. Need help?

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no weekly recap, sry bbs~
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Korean Fashionistas want you to level up your style

On the 26th in Seoul Jonggu, at Myungdong's Noon Square, a launching part for fashion department store Level5 was held.

Level5 is a shopping mall with a total of 9 floors with stores like MANGO, Zara, Steve Madden and many other global brands. During March of the next year, an H&M store will be launched throughout the 1st to 4th floor.

To congratulate the opening of Level5, 5 top female stars of Korea attended the launching party, which took place on the 5th floor of the shopping mall.


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source: nate news
source #2
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Happily in love, Song Hye-kyo

Actor Hyeon Bin is so lucky to be loved by the top actress Song Hye-kyo!She has been in a magazine shoot and interviewed through HIGHCUT magazine's 11'th issue.

The staff say that she is always smiling, light hearted, and happy just like a person in love! After "Worlds Within" drama the relationship between Song and Hyeon grew and became lovers that became a hot topic!

The two are the same age born in 1982 and they made public their relationship to the press last July.

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30 Q&A Survey from Taegoon-Part 2

30 Q&A Survey from Taegoon-Part 2

Taegoon had filled out answers in a Q&A survey and posted it on his Daum cafe. The second set of questions have been posted. This time, he tells his fans about his memories, more food (again), and his first love! He also includes a message to his fans and alot more information.

The rest of the Q&A answers shall be posted in a later date. Go past the cut for questions and answers.

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So nice and sweet!

If I still had my contract with Disney Mobile I would dial his phone number and call him and we would have a conversation.

edited thanx wassereis!
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Cherry Filter Returns With “Rocksteric"

Rock band Cherry Filter is returning to the scene with a new original album for the first time in three years. The album is titled “Rocksteric”, which is a play on the word “rock” and “hysteric”. They chose this title due to their promise to show the Korean music scene what true rock music is.

Their first single will be “Pianissimo”, which is a love song about swallowing all of your painful memories for the sake of the person you love. Unlike their past cheerful hits like “Romantic Cat” and “Flying Duck”, this song promises to be lyrical and poetic.

A representative of Cherry Filter stated, “The Korean mainstream music scene right now may be concentrated on idol bands, but they (Cherry Filter) believe in the power of rock… They’ve been working for the past three years for the sake of this one album. With the conviction that people can be touched not by trends, but by good music, they have decided to make their comeback with ‘Rocksteric’, which contains a more paroxysmal rock mentality.”

Always willing to experiment with new sounds, Cherry Filter takes their rock music to a new level. Cherry Filter's latest album mainly features simple straightforward rock, but they've also integrated elements like techno and strings.

“Rocksteric” is set to hit stores on the 27th, and Cherry Filter will perform their comeback stage also on the 27th at Mnet M Countdown.

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Personally, I really enjoyed it. It's a nice change compared to all the current autotune filled releases.

Source: 1, 2, 3

Ae Ja VIP preview event

For the the movie Ae Ja, that actors Choi Kang Hee, Kim Young Ae, Bae Soo Bin, and Choi Il Hwa, there was a VIP preview of it, on August 26th at 8PM, at Seoul Yongsangoo CGVYongsan.

On this day, actor Han Hyo Joo came too.

The movie 'Ae Ja" is about a mom and daughter who do not have a close relationship.
They learn that they have to separate, which makes the movie a sensitive story.
the character of the daughter, Park Ae Ja, is played by Choi Kang Hee.
The mother, Choi Young Hee, is played by Kim Young Ae who returned as an
actress after three years. 'Ae Ja' will premiere on September 10th.
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Article: newsen translated by: [info]parkjinyoung
Pictures: photoro, newsen