August 27th, 2009

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Seoul Central District Court officer revealed on August 26th that a representative of CREBEAU (위샵플러스) cosmetic company had filed lawsuit against SM Entertainment in charge of defamation issue on August 4th.

CREBEAU representative said, “The problem that is filed by 3 members who are also investors in our company is something to do with the unfair distribution income and to terminate the exclusive contract effect. However, SM keeps distorting the essence of the issue by saying that the main reason of their lawsuit is related to the cosmetic company. This is definitely a false representation and inflicts a serious libel to our company.”

trans: SYC

In the words of enacting, "SM MUST BE ALL 'FML'."
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Liyin confirms comeback month in messages to fans!


Hope everybody has been doing well! I really miss you guys~~
My single will be released around October or so. I've been in Korea all this time, everyday practising dancing and singing.
Throughout this time, I really miss you guys! Because I've been in Korea for seven months already, I've been preparing in Korea all this time.
Because everybody haven't received our news, I'm really sorry about it. However, even though I haven't had much activities, I've felt that I've learned a lot of things.
I hope everybody has accomplished a lot throughout the past seven months. Today, I came here to leave a message only with that wish!
I hope all my loving Chocolates will live each day to the fullest, use each opportunity to the fullest... Work hard in your studies, gain more experience, to create your own path!
We all have to work hard!!

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Source: Baidu, ifensi
Translations: Wendy @ Chocolyn
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AHASDFKSAFJASGFJA I MISS HER SO MUCH. October is too long a wait for me~~ T____T

P.S. Baidu is part Google, and part gigantic public message board. ifensi is Liyin's official Chinese fansite. :)
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Baek Ji Young and 2PM TaekYeon to perform ‘I Hate You’

Singer Baek Ji Young and 2PM member TaekYeon will be performing the song ‘I Hate You’.

Currently promoting her new song ‘My Ear’s Candy’ with TaekYeon, Baek Ji Young will be doing a special stage with TaekYeon on Mnet M!Countdown with the song ‘I Hate You’.

They will be presenting a new duo version of the song. And Baek Ji Young will also be dancing to the dance choreography of ‘I Hate You’.

The 2 will be presenting a performance of the song with a totally different feel on Mnet M!Countdown on 27th August.

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The group DBSK will temporarily suspend their activities. This has been reported simultaneously by all the main entertainment media in South Korea.

DBSK, whose members have filed a lawsuit against their management company, will complete all their planned schedules. However, all their schedules that have been planned before the lawsuit will come to an end on the 29th of this month, and they will have a period of time where their activities will come to a pause.

For the time being, TVXQ's last activity will be their performance at the open-air concert a-nation in Osaka, Japan, and they will take a break after that. Also, besides their scheduled concert in Shanghai, China, which will be held the following month, there will be no other group activities.

Also, with regards to the application for injunction to stop the exclusive contract (with their company) filed by some of the members, the ruling will be decided on the 11th of September. The ruling will have a large impact on their future activities as a group, which all the fans are concerned about.

In the meantime, one of the members, Yunho, will be making his acting debut in MBC's drama "Heading to the Ground".

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SNSD, #1 Album Sales in Thailand for 4 Straight Weeks

SNSD has occupied the top spot in album sales in Thailand for four straight weeks.

SNSD released their second mini album "Tell Me Your Wish" in Thailand on the 30th of last month. Since then, they have occupied the number one spot on the 'B2S TOP20' chart (July 27 - August 23).

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Thailand kpop fans are awesome, lol.

4Minute banned from OMNTD. jk, rly KBS

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4Minute who will be releasing their first mini-album "For Muzik," on the 31st, has just been banned by KBS!

KBS has determined that 4Minute's track "I won't give (안줄래)," has inappropriate lyrics.

Specifically these lyrics (오늘부터 너 한테 나 안줄래/ 이제 다신 내 맘 전부 안줄래/ 이젠 다시 너한테는 안 줄래~):

"Starting from today, I don't want to give myself to you / Now I will never give you my entire heart / Now I don't ever want to give myself to you."

Cube Entertainment stated:

"The lyrics for 'I won't give' is about the pure feelings of a girl to a guy. We are very disappointed that the lyrics were deemed inappropriate."

Ouch! I personally don't think it's that bad, but it does have a slight sexual innuendo. Then again, everything has a slight sexual innuendo to me.


wtf at the commentary lol, but sux4them
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f(x) member Krystal revealed!

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Another new member from SM Entertainment's new Asian Pop Dance Group "f(x)" has been revealed - this time it's Krystal Jung!

Krystal is the youngest f(x) member at 14 years old and has been receiving vocal, acting, ballet and jazz dance training since 2006. In addition to that, she can even speak Japanese, adding onto her arsenal of talents.

Krystal was also featured in SHINee's "Juliette" music video and of course everyone knows her as SNSD Jessica's younger sister.

Stay tuned for f(x)'s showcase debut on September 2nd, 2009!

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Whoa. She's a year younger than I am.


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So it seems Big Bang's Daesung has been discharged from the hospital ahead of schedule!

YG Entertainment stated to Newsen:

"Daesung was discharged this morning. The surgery was a success, however he must still recovery. Daesung should not move his back, therefore he will not be coming back for activities as of now."

Daesung had suffered major injuries from a car accident back on August 11th, but it looks like he's making a speedy recovery!


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sunny needs to stop acting cute

SNSD's Seohyun stated that Sunny needs to stop acting cute.

In the recent broadcasting of SBS 'Intimate Note' which is to be aired on the 28th, Seohyun stated, "Many people think Sunny is the youngest member in the group because she tries to act cute all the time," and "I wish she would stop trying to act cute all the time."

Sunny replied, "Whenever Seohyun sees me eating fast food, she would approach me and tell me that I will die very quickly if I continue eating fast food," and laughed, "Well let's see how long Seohyun lives."

SNSD's honest and quick-witted testimonies will be aired on August 28th at 9:55pm.

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translated by glucose @ soshified

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xD SeoHyun the nag strikes again.

-edit- Included another article. Mods, can you edit the tag to include seohyun? Well... assuming she has a tag. xD;


 Yes, you--the one sitting in front of the computer, constantly checking for 2PM updates and shamelessly rewatching Wild Bunny episodes. Listen up because your favorite dorky beasts have some questions they'd like you to answer.

In a recent interview with Nate News, the 2PM boys revealed that they were curious about three things and would like netizens to help clear things up. Their three questions were as follows:

1. "We've noticed the increasing love from fans. We're really thankful for all the love and support, but we would like to know WHY. What are 2PM's strong points as singers?"

2. "2PM is always showing fans our real selves. But even so, fans still want to know our true characters. Why would they want to know about our private lives? We're just the way we're portrayed."

3. "Whenever I watch shows on tv, a lot of people say that they're fans of mine. But when I leave the office or attend fan events, not many people give me presents or seem excited to see me. Is that because I'm a difficult person to approach?"

Alright, fangirls and fanboys! Your turn. Answer away.


My answers:
1. Gr8 music + Sexy dance + Pretty face
2. As craaaaazy fangirls/fanboys, we want to know everything. Everything~
3. You're too humble for your own good, EVERYONE IS CRAZY OVER U.

Seohyun Doesn't Like Boys

SNSD members disclosed personal information about Seohyun without hesitation.

In the recent recording of SBS 'Intimate Note' which is to be aired on the 28th, SNSD members agreed unanimously that Seohyun is like a "greenhouse flower" and continued to talk about her.

Taeyeon stated, "Seohyun does not like men. At her age, she should be interested and curious about that sort of stuff but she really isn't and that worries me." Sooyoung continued, "Seohyun is thoroughly self-managed. Even if our schedule is supposed to end at 3:00AM, she insists that she has to go to sleep by midnight to take good care of her skin."

Sooyoung continued, "At first I thought Seohyun was only joking. But she really does go to bed by herself at midnight." Hyoyeon also spoke about Seohyun's good habits, "Seohyun sets her alarm clock to 7:00AM and wakes up to it every morning. She wakes up at that time to read books while the others are still sleeping."

SNSD's honest and quick-witted testimonies will be aired on August 28th at 9:55PM.

Source: Newsen, Soshified

I lol'd a lot. This girl is too adorable and sweet. She really is still like a little kid!