August 28th, 2009

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Reason For Delaying Filming Of Paradise Pastures

The reason for the delaying of the first filming for the drama is only to complete it even more perfectly.

A member of the group TVXQ, Choikang Changmin, is going through an acting course which is why the shooting of the drama "Paradise Pasture" is being delayed. Although recently, TVXQ's company and 3 members of the group is involved in a lawsuit, but during that period, they emphasized that "the lawsuit and an a member's individual activities will not stop" and they have been preparing for other activities.

Recently, after ending their performance in Japan, Choikang Changmin returned to Korea. He received a very strict one-to-one acting course on days where he doesn't have to perform. Despite his busy schedule of travelling from Japan and Korea, he has not stop practicing his script and so long as there is time after the activity ends, he will not let go of it.

Choikang Changmin recently expressed that "there has been a series of things happening recently and I, indeed, feel a very huge responsibility. I only want to perform well in this acting challenge, that seems to be like a dream." and "When we are travelling to and fro from Japan and Korea, so long as there is free time, I will accept advises on acting. To me, acting is a new field and I am also looking forward to it and will have ample preparation."

Samhwa Networks and SM Entertainment collaborated for the filming of "Paradise Pastrues" and is planned to be released this year. In this light story and beautiful music to accompany the matured theme drama, Choikang Changmin will show everyone an unexpected and innocent but romantic acting. The first day of filming will be in early next month.

Reporter Nam Ae-Yeong (T/N: Translated directed from Chinese)

Source: [DNBN] + [neverend-scm]
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A VERY STRICT ONE-TO-ONE ACTING COURSE OK (also, how dodgy does ~Paradise Pastures~ sound?)
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BEG's Gain's acting debut

"BEG Ga-in makes her acting debut and shows her FRESH Face"

Brown Eyed Girls member Son Ga-in is about to make her acting debut through the movie "My Love, By My Side". From what I can tell "My Love, By My Side" is gonna be a tear jerking drama because the trailer starts out with a man on a hospital bed typing "kill me."

Son Ga-in talked about her worries about acting and her "fresh" face being on the big screen, "Since this is my first acting project I am very worried. There will be a lot of chit chat because I first debuted as a singer. Since I'm playing the role of a patient, I have to show my fresh face, and I worry about this the most. I worked with the best actors / actresses in Korea including Kim Myung Min and Ha Jiwon. They're very popular for their acting prowess. It will be an honor to work with them."

The movie will be released into theaters on September 24th. You can check out the trailer here:


i am so excited for this ♥
Hirasawa Yui

See stars transform on and off stage!

Stars all appear glam and cool on stage. But they also have a side of them which is simple and plain. Because the stars we seeing walking on the streets look normal like anybody else, taking a 180 degrees transformation from how they look like on stage.

Stars don the casual look when they are outside, the hairstyles and accessories they carry also changes – with either no makeup or they will go with sunglasses or hats.

A Sports Seoul reporter sports some of the stars and their features on and offstage.

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Omona's Fashion Police [Mnet 20's choice awards Edition]

Because we know that for events our favorite korean celebrities are not responsible for their outfits. Which stylist commited the worst crime?

Poll #1450258 Mnet 20's Choice Awards

Whose stylist should Omona's Fashion police arrest first?

Lee Hyori

What was the worst fashion crime?

2PM sandals
Lee Hyori's outfit
2PM Chansung's hair
2NE1 outfits
T-Ara leggings
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Sources: + google images (the korean police pic)
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Fans File Petition for TVXQ @ National Human Rights Commission

More than 120,000 fans of the K-pop idol group TVXQ, which is embroiled in legal battle against its agency, filed a collective petition with the human rights agency on Friday, judging a working contract made between three members of the group and their agency to be “unfair” and “inhumane.”

Three representatives of the fans visited the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) in Seoul and submitted the petition and a bulky package of papers with their signatures of support.

They said in a statement, “The contract banning TVXQ members from changing their agency for 13 years since their debut is the same as a life-long working contract, which is extremely disadvantageous to the singers.”

They claimed the period is far longer than that of other agencies. “Singers have the right to change their agency to one offering better conditions. Under the contract, however, they have no choice but to work with the present agency virtually until they retire. This is an infringement of human rights,” the statement said.

A NHRC spokesman told The Korea Times, “It will take at least three months to the complete investigation of the case.”

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LOL I kinda enjoy seeing SM's reputation going down the toilet.
『Jang Fucking Seuk』chu

this is a u-kiss update!

U-Kiss recently went to China. They were mobbed by fans at the airport. Their manager or somebody lost a shoe because of it.

Alexander also lost his ID while in China. They were so busy he couldn't go to the police station to report it as lost until six days later.

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There are also rumours going around that their upcoming album has been pushed back again, to October.

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sources: one, two, three, four (no direct link, just grabbed some pictures from the site), oh and five
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Yuri sleeps during movies

Yuri's secret is revealed by Yoona.

In the recent recording of SBS 'Intimate Note' which is to be aired on the 28th, Yoona stated, "I watched a movie called 'Mother' with Yuri. But she fell asleep ten minutes into the movie and woke up ten minutes before it ended."

Yoona continued, "A few days later at an interview, Yuri said her favorite movie is 'Mother.' We watched another movie together again, but Yuri fell asleep during that one as well. When the rest of us laughed at a funny scene, Yuri would immediately wake up and start laughing with us."

SNSD's honest and quick-witted testimonies will be aired on August 28th at 9:55PM.

Source: Newsen
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LOOLOLOL at "When the rest of us laughed at a funny scene, Yuri would immediately wake up and start laughing with us". XDDD
So looking forward to this episode of Intimate Note!

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Super Junior on a boat in Hong Kong

According to HK fans' news, SUJU have gone to HK to do some photo-shooting.
So all 13 of them will be present.

Till now, Heechul, Sungmin and Kangin arrived HK at yesterday noon, while M (Geng, Hae, Kyu, Ryeo and Won) arrived at night. That explains the photos of M in Incheon Airport. They are staying at a hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui and they are probably leaving HK on 30th.

However, because this visiting and photoshooting is not officially announced, so some news are not confirmed and maybe fake.

8.27 Night - Heechul, Sungmin and Kangin went to Lan Kwai Fong to shoot, while M went to Victoria Habour.

8.28 12:45pm - M are at Golden Coast. Yesung, Teuk, Hyuk and Shindong arrived HK and are heading to there.

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Source: Soompi Thread (#1), Soompi Thread (#2)

Don't really follow them much, but dang this shot needs a professional photobook version ASAP.

2AM’s Jokwon finally meets his match!

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2AM's Jokwon has finally met his ultimate rival! I didn't think it was possible for another Jokwon to exist, but he does, and he's Japanese!

On SBS Star King, a Japanese contestant named Taniguchi (27), who dreams of becoming a Korean entertainer, came on the show mimicking Jokwon - skinny jeans and all! He performed sexy girl group dances to a T, including 2NE1 and KARA, shocking the entire audience.

After that, he even challenged Jokwon to a dance off. Has Jokwon finally met his match? Find out when the episode airs on August 29th, 2009!


w/e Jokwon>all
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280809 KBS Music Bank!

  • HwangBo, Jewelry and Baek Ji Young’s comeback stages
  • Usual stages by 2NE1, KARA, T-ara, Brown Eyed Girls, FT Island, MC Mong etc.
  • Winner of #1 spot on KChart tonight: GDragon!!
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Other performing artistes

  • Norazo
  • Park Hyun Bin
  • Kyun Mi Ri
  • Hong Kyung Min
  • I the Tri Tops
  • Park Hye Kyung
  • Ten
  • Lee Soo Gun
  • Supreme Team
  • Hwang Bo
  • Cherry Filter
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090828 Surprise TVXQ Support Message Appears On 'Music Bank'

The message supporting TVXQ, the group currently in a dispute with their agency SME, has drawn a lot of attention.

On the episode of KBS 2TV's 'Live Music Bank' that aired on August 28th, the message appeared after 1st place nominee Brown Eyed Girls (BEG)'s stage and when only the title of first place was left to be announced.

When the camera that was filming the stage began filming the audience, one audience member held up a placard that read, 'I believe in TVXQ'. This message was shot by the camera for two seconds and garnered a lot of attention.

This message drew more attention as TVXQ is currently in a dispute with their agency, SME, regarding their exclusive contract. Also, TVXQ fans submitted a petition that had 121,073 signatures to the National Human Rights Commission of Korea on the same day on August 28th.

Video Source: 1
Info Source: 2 & 3 [newsen+DNBN]
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SNSD Upgrades Its Abode?

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Many twenty year olds across the world are transitioning lifestyles right now, moving into dorms and trading in their summer for college life... Similarly, Girls Generation seems to be switching into a new home as well - but this is certainly no ordinary dorm! Images have surfaced rumored to be the nonet's new apartment, and if these unconfirmed rumors turn out to be true, I've got to admit that I'm a bit envious of the fabulous upgrade!

With spring colors and a contemporary touch, these rooms give a clean and fresh ambiance - just like SNSD. It's even a bit reminiscent to the Gee era with the white and green scheme. What do you think?

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Nice crib.

Edit: These images were posted by a fan on soompi who clearly stated that these photos are NOT of SNSD's house but s/he said that places around the same area looked like this. It was only used to give fans an idea or image of what the girl's new home could look like. (Thank you, speakoslow, for notifying me!)