August 29th, 2009

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4Minute leakout from.... VENEZEULA?!

4Minute’s 1st minialbum ‘For Muzik’ has been leaked online.

The album is set to be released on 31st Augsut but on 28th August it was leaked out online. It was said that the album was first leaked out from Venezuela via Youtube.

Cube Entertainment said in an interview on 28th August, “The album was leaked out on 28th August, following the IP address of the first leakout, it started from Venezuela. We are in a very flustered state.”

The album is leaked in full 3 days before the official release. So for the sake, the album was revealed officially online.

The company is also discussing plans from now and tracking down the leakout.

The girls will promote the title song ‘Muzik’ from the album from 3rd week of August.

Source: sookyeong

LMFAO WHAT. You can hear the album here and view their concept pictures here

~Are you jealous of every little thing about my style
But you can’t copy me so carelessly~

Taemin kissed a girl, but did he like it?

Following this post, in the latest episode of Taehee Hyegyo Jihyun, SHINee's youngest member Taemin creates a scandal by sharing his first onscreen kiss, with a girl! The intense, lip-locking moment can be found at around 35 seconds into the clip. This hot student-on-student action continues at 8:40 when the girl kisses Taemin again!

Source. If a subbed version becomes available I will update this post.
Giselle - in the throng
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why tiffany couldn't participate on intimate note

The reason why Tiffany was not present in the filming of SBS's 'Intimate Note 2' has been revealed.

On SBS's August 28 broadcast of 'Intimate Note 2', SNSD members revealed the feelings that they secretly had of each other. On this day, only Taeyeon, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Yuri, Jessica, Sunny, and [Yoona] took part in the filming, causing viewers to guess at the reason behind Tiffany's absence.

SNSD's management company, SM Entertainment, told Newsen in a phone call on the 29th, "At that time, Tiffany's grandfather passed away, so she had to go to the U.S. While Tiffany was not in Korea due to unavoidable circumstances, the 'Intimate Note' filming took place, so she was unable to take part in it."

SNSD is currently resting after ending their 'Tell Me Your Wish' promotions on MBC's August 15 broadcast of 'Music Core'. Tiffany is an MC for 'Music Core' with Yuri and she continues to be as lively as ever.

On the broadcast of 'Intimate Note 2', SNSD members revealed their habits and how they act at home in a war of words. Seohyun, in particular, caught the attention of viewers due to her unique method of taking care of herself.

original source
translated by jreddevil07 @ soshified

Some of the SoShi fans here already know, I think, but I didn't see an article posted. Poor Fany... Wish her and her family the best. And no, I don't know why YoonA's name is in brackets. 8D;

Is Amber the Perfect Boyfriend?

With f(x)’s debut fast approaching, it seems that netizens have gone into overdrive attempting to find out as much about the group members as possible. Thanks to their Sherlock Holmes level snooping, we now have a better picture of the group member netizens have become so intrigued by.

Amber, the group’s androgynous 17 year old Chinese-American member is said to hail from Orange County California and was selected from an SM Entertainment global casting call in 2007. Since her arrival in Korea, Amber has established herself as a favorite among “Noonies”. The name comes from the response of “Noonas” (a boy’s elder sister) mistaking Amber for a boy at first; then later realizing that she is a girl and addressing themselves as “Unnies” (a girl’s elder sister).

It has been revealed that Noonies go to great lengths to learn more about her. A female clerk noonie purposefully made mistakes with Amber’s store purchase in order to coerce the girl to talk to her.

  • Noonies have asked Amber her blood type, which happens to be B.
  • They know that Amber, like her boyish persona, demonstrates what they feel are masculine qualities.
  • If Amber sees a girl holding something heavy, she will insist on carrying it herself.
  • When walking across the street, she checks for cars then leads her companions across the street gently by their arms.
  • She has often been seen walking around Seoul with Korean-American member Krystal (15) while speaking English; and was often mistaken for Krystal’s boyfriend because of her appearance.
  • She currently shares a dorm room with Korean member Sulli (15) and Chinese member Victoria (22)
  • She and Krystal have a brotherly relationship and like to joke around
  • One day when Victoria was sick, Amber was spotted entering the dorm with one arm wrapped around her while carrying multiple bags in the other.

    Thanks Nosey Noonies!

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    Please tell me that I'm not the only who cannot stand Seoulbeat's English.

    Not into SM artistes but I'm impressed by what I've read so far of her. :)

    And apparently, I've read from somewhere that f(x) stands for flower(x). 'Flower' for girls/women, and 'x' is like how you use it in algebra.

    Edit: Title's taken from the source, by the way :)
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    Hyori is a Shopper’s Heaven

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    After sweeping 3 impressive wins on Mnet's Top 20, Lee Hyori is back at work with her new CF for Interpark, an online shopping website.

    Short and sweet, the CF shows Hyori sporting different and casual outfits while being her adorably dorky self. If those pop-ups didn't exclaim what I was thinking while watching Hyori do her thing, I would have found them annoying. Meanwhile, our sexy diva is scheduled to have a tentative comeback in October with a more mature image. Can we hear a "Yeah, yeah, yeah" from everyone?

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    video source
    lee soohyuk » blink blink

    f(x) leader Victoria revealed!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    SM Entertainment has finally released information on the last member and leader of their Asia Pop Dance Group f(x)!

    Meet Victoria! Victoria was signed in 2007 in Beijing and was attending a dance school over there. She is said to be an amazing dancer.

    Victoria has already been featured in many music videos, cf's and other ads. She was featured in music videos for Kangta, Super Junior-M's "U" and SHINee's "Noona is so pretty." She had also filmed the Anycall CF with Rain, called "Anydream," for the Chinese market. And finally, she also posed for Spris with Lee Junki, as well as modeled for Samsung's LCD TV's.

    Stay tuned for f(x)'s showcase debut on September 2nd, 2009!

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    2NE1「11st」CF Making Film

    Many of you know that 2NE1 has signed a advertisement deal with online market mall 11st and as a result of this, many have already seen the CF that they did for 11st. Well, now the making of that particular CF has been released by 11st.

    The making of video shows you some of the unseen scenes and in-between takes, a more behind the scenes look at things. You can even see Bom push Sandara Park at the end of the video. Their hit single "I Don't Care" is played in the background throughout the whole video. I thought this making of video showed off their charming and cute personalities, check it out below.

    video source
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    f(x) Amber has many male idol lookalikes!

    Interesting character of the group – member Amber of upcoming SM girlgroup f(x) has many male idol lookalike.
    First ever for girlgroup member to have many male lookalikes.

    Image Hosted by

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    I thought this article was really funny, especially since she does look like all those guys but is also a pretty girl imo.

    More commentary and pictures at source.
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    090829 Music Core Perfs

    Jewelry - Bounce, Vari2ty

    Source: CodeMonMonSeason2

    Comeback, Special Stages - Jewelry, Yuri, Onew & Jessica,
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    Normal Stages - Baek Ji Young, Kara, BEG, Mighty Mouse, T-ara, Hwayobi, MC Mong, Chae Yeon, Gil Me, Outsider
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    Others - MC Cut
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    Sources are all under each video.

    - SIY is looking SO GOOD. So much better than Rally.
    - Yuri ♥♥♥
    - I still call for some rapper showdown Gil Me & Miryo omg :D

    Baek Ji Young, “I expected to get bashes from fans…”

    Singer Baek Ji Young has revealed her shock about not receiving any bad comments or bashes from fans for working with 2PM member TaekYeon for a sexy collaboration of ‘My Ear’s Candy’ recently.

    She was on KBS Star Golden Bell aied on 29th August where she revealed the responses of fans of TaekYeon.

    She was expecting bashes and hate comments from fans since she not only did a featuring with TaekYeon on the song, they also did various sexy dance moves on stage while performing it.

    She said, “I expected bashes from TaekYeons’ fans but instead I get requests from fans to take good care of their oppa. They thought of me like a mother.”

    With that MC Kim JaeDong said, “I think that even if you are the same age as TaekYeon, fans will not mind as much too.”


    Who whore it better [Maison Michel FW09 collection Black lace ears]

    Poll #1450715 Who Whore it Better?

    Who whore the black lace ears better?

    Olsen Twins
    Lady Gaga
    GD probably whores them better!
    I like 2PM traditional bunny ears better!
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    Olsen Twins: MaryKOlsen
    SNSD: Previous Omona Post
    Gaga: Celebrity Gossip
    Models: Maison Michel 1, 2

    Which ears do you like better? The mouse of the bunny ones? I might make some for halloween! Bwahaha
    Black Lace ears + pretty LBD= pretty halloween outfit :D


    Rest of Taegoon's Q&A

    since I'm a boldhead and didn't liked some of the Q&As that were done before, I did it myself.
    Now, that's just the rest (40) and 5 others where it was kixed up, wrong or sth was missing.
    but, it's also not 100 percent accurate, some things sound still strange :p

    and sorry for so much annotations D:

    태군~~ *__*

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    it's a cut from the whole thing, the numbers in front are like in the original.

    original sauce | all 100