August 30th, 2009

『Brilliant Legacy』baby face

Lee Na-young steps into transgender role

Actress Lee Na-young, last in Kim Ki-duk’s Dream with Joe Odagiri, has begun filming her newest film, Dad Likes Women [아빠가 여자를 좋아해], in which she plays a (male-to-female) transgender character. In these still frames, we see Lee Na-young playing her post-op character of Ji-hyun, a role said to showcase lots of comic acting from Lee.

Directed by Lee Kwang-jae and produced by Harimao Pictures (Level 7 Civil Servant), Dad Likes Women is described as a “romantic family comedy.” Lee Na-young’s Ji-hyun is a photographer with a great career and love life, and Kim Ji-seok (Hometown of Legends) plays the make-up artist Jun-seo who showers her with affection. Jun-seo has good looks and a great personality, but his romancing skills lack a certain something (they “fall just 2% short”), and thus he has a bit of trouble winning Ji-hyun over completely.

Things hit a snag upon the appearance of Yoo-bin, a young boy (played by child actor Kim Hee-soo of Breathless) who calls Ji-hyun “Dad.” Conflict (and laughs) ensue.

The movie began its first shoots on August 17 and plans to open in December.

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090830 Inkigayo Schedule

Starts at 4:00pm KST

# Hot Solo Debut #
* G-Dragon

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Source: Soompi

FT Island, KARA and other popular singers for new campaign on SBS Inkigayo
5 singer groups – FT Island, KARA and others will be filming a video for SBS Inkigayo for an awareness campaign of the use of public transportation.

This campaign is also called ‘Blue Sky, Clear City together with Public Transportation’. An FT Island version of the campaign video will be shown on 30th August first, followed by KARA’s on 6th September. And the videos by other singers will be shown each week on the show until 27th September.

For FT Island’s version of the campaign video, the boys will be shown taking the 9th line on the subway singing to the campaign song. While KARA members will be shown taking the public transportation bus.

Oher singers involved for this campaign are Baek Ji Young and ShinDong.

Source: sookyeong
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SBS Inkigayo Performances [090830]

please bear with me as i edit everything in! :)

Highlights Include:

* G-Dragon's Solo Debut Stage
* Jewelry's Comeback
* Hwang Bo's Comeback
* Baek Ji Young's Comback
* 2NE1 'I Don't Care' Unplugged Ver.
* KARA wins! :)

G-Dragon - Heartbreaker

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source: here, here and here.

Hyori Voted Worst Dressed at the MNet Choice Awards

According to nemopan, Lee Hyori's Lady GaGa-esque outfit was the worst of the night at the MNet 20's Choice Awards. Right before her was Ha Ji Won and her very Michael Jackson-inspired outfit. Netizens had mixed views on the decision to "honor" the pop diva with title of 'Worst Dressed'. Some supported her daring outfit with comments like, "even trying to wear unique clothes like that is impressive," while others deemed it an eyesore, saying, "Hyori, you wear those 20cm heels in vain." (Side note, 20cm is 7.9 inches!)

Meanwhile, nemopan also dished out judgment on other outfits of the night. Here are the results:
Voted 'best': Ha Ji Min
Voted 'good': Han Hyo Joo
Voted 'bad': Ha Ji Won
Voted 'worst': Lee Hyori

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Kind of ironic considering Hyori won "Hottest Style Icon", huh? Who were your favorites and least favorites?

Source. More red carpet pix from the event here.

Rain plans to star in a new drama

Earlier this summer, superstar singer-actor Rain alluded to the possibility of taking another movie or television project, and now he has announced his decision to make his acting return with a drama.

He’s currently engaged in singer-ly activities, kicking off his 2009 Asia Tour (“Legend of Rainism”) on August 29 at Japan’s Saitama Super Arena. It was at a press conference at that event that he spoke of his drama comeback plans. Rain didn’t get into the details, saying merely, “It will have an entirely different feel from the movie Ninja Assassin.”

Speaking of which, Ninja Assassin will be released in theaters in late November. As for the concert tour, Rain follows the Japan opener with performances in China, Seoul, and Southeast Asia. Ever the overachiever, he added, “If possible, I’ll try for Europe and America as well.”

I know he’s been busy working on his two Hollywood films (Ninja Assassin and Speed Racer), but it still feels to me like he’s been out of the acting spotlight for a really long time. I like him best in kdramas, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing him on television again. I get the sense that many people write him off from his uncomplicated spoiled-superstar character in Full House, but while it is his most well-known (and probably most-watched) role, it was also one of his earlier projects and he’s grown in the five years since that drama. (Take, for instance, his role with Im Soo-jung in Park Chan-wook’s eccentric psych-ward love story, I’m a Cyborg But It’s Okay.)

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update on Wonder Girls/Sunmi's UFO replies!

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Hello everybody!
Today was last day off of our concert tour.
We moved here Canada after finishing last performance in Cleveland , US.
We took a tour bus ride for 12 hours and now I am in Montreal.
Wow if we finish 3 concerts in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa tomorrow, all of our concert tours that are about 50 concerts for 2 months will be done. Time really flies.
I can perform up to now thanks to the fans I meet and have korean food while our concert tour. Thanks a lot!
After finishing all concert tours here, we will come back to New York and do our best for our new album. Please support us.
This long tour will be my another happy experience in my life.
I miss you all fans.
Take care and I will always pray for you guys!
Thank you!!

Translation: SangSoo and


aww she's so sweet, and NEW ALBUM OMG

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Jun K's new teefs

Beast Idol Group, 2PM's power vocalist, Kim Junsu has been seen with a mask on his face at all appearances in the past few weeks. It was said that he was ill and fans assumed the mask was in order to keep him from getting other 2PM members sick as well. Just recently, Junsu took of the mask (well... kinda) and fans were quick to notice his face did look a bit different since "I Hate You" promotions which ended last month. His smile has definitely changed...

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Beast ▪▫▪ 광 → O(≧∇≦)O
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B2ST Documentary: Singing Competition Cut

Episode 2 of B2ST Documentary airred last night and can be watch here. During this episode the boys got split into 2 teams, Team A (Jun Hyung, Yo Seob & Hyun Seung) & Team B (Ki Kwang (AJ), Doo Joon, & Dong Won). They had a singing competition and what made it more intertesting was that they had to sing the same song. They also moved into their dorm. XD

So, what do you guys think about their singing ability?

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Rain's Asian Tour "Legend of Rainism" Concert @ Japan

Singer and actor Rain performs during the first leg of his Asian tour "Legend of Rainism" in Japan, Saturday. The singer will perform in Seoul this October.

Korean singer and actor Rain kicked off his Asian tour, "Legend of Rainism," at the Saitama Super Arena, Japan, Saturday and Sunday.

Unlike other performances for which the stage is symmetrical, 27-year-old Rain took a different approach, using an asymmetrical design with additional stage blocks and props on one side. Rain's agency, J.Tune Entertainment, explained that they came up with the distinctive look because the singer wanted to offer a bit of an edge.

After opening the concert with "My Way" and "Touch Ya," Rain paid tribute to the late "King of Pop" Michael Jackson by singing "Billie Jean" and donning the signature fedora and dance moves. In an interview with local press regarding the death of Jackson, Rain mentioned that the American singer was the reason he started dancing as a young student.

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Sources: 1, 2
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In other news, Yunho's filming a drama!

In this post: Yunho's interview, Char + Plot Synopsis, Promo Vids, Promo Pics
A fair warning: This post might take a while to load if you have dial-up...

“As I film Heading to the Ground, I feel myself maturing”

With his transformation into an actor still ahead of him, U-Know Yunho, the leader of Dong Bang Shin Ki, expressed these thoughts.

As U-Know Yunho takes his first stab at a traditional acting role in MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama Heading into the Ground, he said in a recent interview, “Like the drama’s title, I feel like I’m also ‘heading into the ground.’* However, I’m usually pretty fearless. That’s why I like the title.”

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I just noticed, Go Ara's name sounds like "Koala". LOL.
Julianne Moore
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Hard Work Is Everything for Ha Ji-won

Ha Ji-won

The success of the film "Haeundae," which became only the fifth movie in Korean film history to attract over 10 million viewers just 33 days after it was released on July 22, is in no small part due to Ha Ji-won, who plays the heroine. So convincing is Ha's Busan accent that even locals believe she is one of their own, but in fact she mastered the accent with the help of a dialect coach.

Directors, crew and other actors who have worked with Ha call her a tough, gutsy woman. She is known as a workhorse who cannot stay idle even between movies.

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GDragon With Your Boy B.I

With the title “With G-Dragon Hyung (Brother)…” B.I recently posted a picture of him and G-Dragon on his Cyworld mini homepage gaining attention from many more fans.

Netizens commented :

* “I’m so jealous! Introduce me to G-Dragon!”
* “That is your future right there, Work hard!”
* “Your stage was awesome today, looking forward to more!”

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Idol group members and their siblings, “the good looks runs in the family”

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Idol group members who are proud of their looks – how would their family members look like too? It really all runs in the genes.

On various online portal sites, many netizens uploaded photos of So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon, 2NE1 Sandara Park and Big Bang TOP’s siblings, gaining attention of the netizens.

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f(x) to make their debut on Music Core

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Following teasers and news earlier about f(x) having their showcase on 2nd September, SM Entertainment has released more details about their schedule on debut week.

SM Entertainment announced on 31st August, that f(x)'s first digital single, Lachata will be released on various music portal sites on 1st September, ahead of their showcase debut. SM Entertainment said that the song Lachata was produced by songwriter, Kenzie, and is a dance pop song with a touch of electronica hip-hop groove. The concept of the song is 'to enjoy life' with the witty catchy lyrics coupled with an upbeat harmonious melody.

Apart from that, SM Entertainment revealed that f(x) will have their debut stage on MBC Music Core this Saturday, 5th September, performing Lachata and they are definitely in good hands, since their sunbaenims, SNSD's Tiffany and Yuri are the hosts. The music video to their debut single, Lachata will be released on the same day, 2nd September as their showcase debut at Seoul Samsung-dong Fashion Center.


ngl, i'm excited to see what these girls can do. :)
Giselle - in the throng
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gd accused of plagiarising... again

A surprising controversy has arisen out of G-Dragon's new song 'The Leader.'

Big Bang leader G-Dragon's new solo album, which has swept over various music charts since it was released on August 18th, has been labelled controversial due to the similarity between one of his songs and SNSD's hit song 'Gee.'

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original source
translated by Glucose @ soshified
video 1 source
video 2 source

lol Can't say I don't hear it (I mean beat and lyrics are practically the same except for "GD GD") but I'm thinking it's more like sampling than plagiarising.