August 31st, 2009

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GD shares his thoughts on debut, will also be sponsored by Louis Vuitton

*After shooting his first solo stage he had a short meeting with the media and said, "I usually don't get nervous but today I did. It's been a long time since I've performed in Korea but when I saw my fans I got less nervous and enjoyed performing. I've prepared 3 months for the 'Heartbreaker' performance. In the past Bigbang performances I haven't showed much of my dancing so it may be a little weird to see me dancing but I'll try my best to show another side of myself. Many people like Yang Hyunsuk, Teddy, Kush, Taeyang etc. gave a lot of advice. Whenever there was stuff that I didn't know I asked Taeyang who had the solo experience. Its natural that I feel a lack of something after my performance; my first stage was delayed a lot so I think the expectancy dropped a little. However I will improve so the fans can look foward to my performances. If I had to mark my stage today I would give it a 4 out of 10."

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I thought GD did a great job and looked like he had so much fun yesterday. It will only be more fun to see him improve. And the Vuitton sponsorship is so exciting!!

more news about gd's solo activities @ source.
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4minute Hyuna gives thanks and encouragement to her former family at JYP

Group 4Minute member HyunA is known to have sent her encouragement messages to group Wonder Girls who are currently promoting in America.

It was written under her message for ‘Thanks To’ portion from 4Minute’s 1st minialbum ‘For Muzik’ released on 31st August. She wrote, “Best team WonderGirls, SunYe YeEun YooBin unnie and SunMi SoHee do take care of your health in America and I’ll support you.”

She also thanked other JYP singers who had encouraged her when she came back into the Kpop world. She wrote, “2PM oppas, more hwaiting in the future. 2AM SeulOng oppa. Even if I don’t say thank you, you will know right? ChangMin oppa, thank you for the vocal lessons despite your busy schedule.”

She also did not forget to thank her family, “Beloved mother and father, tired? Went through much? Even if I am born again, I want to be father and mother’s daugther. I really miss you and love you. Let’s live happily for a long long time.”

Meanwhile, a MV teaser to ‘Muzik’ by 4Minute was also released today.


I think it's good that she can stay friends with WG and other JYP artists, even if she isn't at the company anymore.
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G-Dragon spikes Inkigayo rating

The G-Dragon effect was evidently reflected on the 30th August episode of Inkigayo through the tv ratings and the flood of fans waiting to see him perform live.

G-Dragon had made his long-awaited debut this past Sunday, following the release of his solo album on 18th August. More than 1,000 fans braved the rain to catch G-Dragon in action for the very first time. And fans were rewarded with a double song performance of Heartbreaker and Breathe by G-Dragon.

According to TNS Media Korea, the rating peaked at an impressive 17% when G-Dragon was performing. This was a phenomenal record, considering that usual average ratings for music shows are less than 10%. The average rating for Inkigayo on 30th August was 14.1%, a rise of 2.8 percentage points compared to 16th August.

G-Dragon's title song Heartbreaker and album has also dominated offline and online charts since it's release. And the explosive popularity was reflected on the 28th August episode of Music Bank, where he held off Brown Eyed Girls and 2NE1 to claim his first-ever solo K-Chart win, a result which astonished the Music Bank PDs.

G-Dragon is scheduled to record Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate on 2nd September, followed by his debut stage on Music Bank on 4th September.

Source @allkpop [link]

안녕하세요 여러분! Prection 포스트 Update

This message comes hot out of the Omona compound so buckle up. The omona staff is 슈퍼 해피 to announce that we added another trailer at our headquarts and it shall be known as omona_prection. This previously owned brand new spankin addition is open for business. If you're in the neighborhood feel free to drop off a untranslated article that you are curious about. We currently have translators for the languages Chinese, Korean & Japanese. Be sure to look over & follow the rules before submitting.

There is a 1 article per member a day rule for right now. Things will be adjusted in the future.

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GDragon ‘Heartbreaker’ up #1 on music charts, strong competition from 4Minute to look out for

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It’s strong competition up for group 4Minute between Big Bang GDragon.

For GDragon, he has occupied Monkey3 chart, being up #1 on the chart for 2 consecutive weeks for 3rd and 4th week of August with the song ‘Heartbreaker’, knocking Brown Eyed Girls off the #1 spot with ‘Abracadabra’. And 2 other songs from his solo album ‘Heartbreaker’ – ‘Boy’ and ‘Hello’ are up in the top 10 positions.

The rest of the results on Monkey3 weekly chart:

1. GDragon ‘Heartbreaker’
2. Baek Ji Young ft Taec ‘My Eye’s Candy’
3. Davichi ‘Hot Stuff’
4. Brown Eyed Girls ‘Abracadabra’
5. KARA ‘Wanna’

While for group 4Minute is moving up fast on various online music charts in just 3 days into the online release of their 1st mini album ‘For Muzik’. Also the MV teaser to the title song ‘Musik’ released on 31st August has already received overwhelming interests from fans. Already, their song ‘Muzik’ is up at #68 on the Monkey3 before the official release of the mini album.

All eyes are on how long GDragon will reign the music charts.

i'm so proud of 4minute! i knew they could do it! take him down! :3
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Bae Yong-joon’s fans donate to the LSH Foundation

It’s amazing what lengths fans go to to show their love and support for their favourite Hallyu star.

In conjunction with Bae Yong-joon’s 37th birthday on Aug 29, the People Who Love Bae Yong-joon fan club (PESASA) donated approximately 9.4mil won to the Lee Soo-hyun (LSH) Asia Scholarship foundation. The LSH foundation supports Asian students who are studying in Japan.

Lee Soo-hyun was a Korean studying in Japan. On Jan 26, 2001 the selfless man jumped onto the subway tracks at the Shin-Okubo Station to save a drunken Japanese who had fallen over. Lee was killed.

PESASA is a Japan-based fan club that initiated the project for their beloved BYJ. The group rounded up fans from Tokyo, Hokkaido, Aomori and Fukuoka to make the project a success. Two hundred and six BYJ fans donated to the cause, which their idol whole-heartedly supports.

This rather unique birthday present has taken BYJ by surprise. A rep from his agency is flabbergasted by the show of generosity and grateful to the fans for their contribution.

Source: kpopped
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Rain and Goo Hye Sun Turned into Patissier Couple in Tous Les Jours

Rain and Goo Hye Sun are transformed into Patissier couple in Tous Les Jours new CF.

In Korea’s domestic bakery brand Tou Les Jours latest CF, Rain and Goo Hye Sun are turned into handheld elf-sized mini Patissier couple.

Inside the CF, they were seen on the kitchen table busy preparing and baking bread. They prepared the dough together and Rain continued with by pouring almond syrup. Both of them then sprinkled the flavorings to make a huge bread.

This ad was difficult to shoot as almost every scenes were taken on an empty space. Both Rain and Goo Hye Sun were acting like a real giant baking a bread. But as time passed by, both of them showed remarkable progress in the CF shooting.

Rain and Goo Hye Sun’s Tou Les Jours latest CF will be released from 31st August afternoon onwards.

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Lee Seung Gi Sings His Love For Kimchi

Singer Lee Seung Gi, the endorser of Samsung Zipel, is becoming very popular among the mothers of Korea. Lee Seung Gi is also known as 'The Nation's Son' and this new CF for Samsung Zipel Kimchi refrigerator expresses why he deserves the title more than anyone else.

In the CF, Lee Seung Gi is off to leave the house when he catches a glimpse of a note his mother left him saying, "Son! I made new kimchi!". From then on that's where the cuteness starts as he begins to eat kimchi with his fingers, closes the door of the fridge with his bottom and so on. But other than the CF itself, I think the jingle, which Lee Seung Gi sings is super adorable! From his sweet voice singing the cute lyrics of "Mom made me kimchi" and his narrations of "Mom, thank you!", you can't help but to love this guy.

video source
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Big Bang break charts record for overseas artists in Japan

Big Bang's first Japanese major album "BIGBANG" debuted at #3 in the weekly Oricon album charts dated August 31, 2009. This makes Big Bang the first overseas artists ever to enter the Japanese Top 5 with their first three consecutive releases, i.e. their debut album, their first single ("MY HEAVEN") and their second single ("GARA GARA GO!!").

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Source: Big Bang's official Japanese blog
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SM Did Not Hand In 'TVXQ Documents'

The Preservation of Evidence request that TVXQ's YoungWoong Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu has not been followed through.The Seoul District accepted the three members' request and asked their agency SM Entertainment to hand in all documents relevant to this trial. However, it has been found that SM has not hand in these documents even though the 20 days the Courts gave them expired on the 26th.

These documents are crucial as the Courts even stated at the first hearing on the 21st that they needed documents relevant to this trial to come to a decision. The Courts stated, "After going through all the documents that must be submitted by the 26th, the Courts will come to a decision three weeks later on September 11th."

This is because these documents will determine whether SME's claim that TVXQ earned 49.8 billion Won as well as their claim that SME earned 148.7 billion Won is true or not. This means that TVXQ's income and output will all be revealed. Many fans have stated that the amount SME stated was TVXQ's total earnings was very questionable. A lot of attention was focused on the trial as many believed they would be able to reveal and eliminate all monetary problems and rumors about the agency and the group.

But in truth, it is hard for SME to adhere to this request. If SME submits all documents including account books, receipts and transaction, all their expenses and true income will be revealed. The secrets that may be revealed include 'company secrets' that SME has developed over the years to debut singers.

One representative said, "We have already shown as much as we can for this trial. It is impossible for us to hand in all our documents relevant to this trial."

Many fans have stated that the amount SME stated TVXQ earned was very questionable. They say that all the money from albums, events, CFs, photobooks, DVDs, and other services adds up to a staggering amount. Fans handed in a petition to the Human Rights Commission of Korea on the 28th stating that SME was violating the human rights of TVXQ with their exclusive contract.

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4Minute’s “For Muzik” is a Big Hit!

Although 4Minute was hit with unfortunate events such as a ban from KBS. All of that doesn't seem to matter anymore, because their first mini-album sales are experiencing explosive sales.

4Minute's first mini-album "For Muzik," has hit the 20,000 mark, in pre-orders only! Although, that was expected, because their songs are so damn sick. My favorite is "I won't give," unfortunate that it was banned, as I would've loved to see them perform that track.

Anyway, check out the album, mv teaser, and stay tuned for the full music video release of "Muzik" on September 2nd, 2009!

Source @allkpop [link]

It's a big hit you say?

2PM Debut USA 2010

Image Hosted by

You've heard the rumors and predictions, and now it's official - JYP is bringing yet another JYPE family member to the States! 2PM debuted with a splash last year and quickly escalated to become the Hottest performers of 2009. The seven-man team has been immensely popular not only for their catchy songs and acrobatic stage performances, but for their hilarious antics and distinctive personalities. Back when we were behind scenes with the Wonder Girls in San Jose, JYPE staff had tipped us that 2PM would debut in America in 2010.
Yes, not just a tour, but an official US debut!

So will 2PM follow the Wonder Girls' footsteps and promote their Korean songs, or will they start afresh with something totally new? I'm sure many of you have got a lot of questions, so stay tuned as allkpop provides further updates!

Make sure to check out our friends at 2ONEDAY, the best international 2PM/2AM fan forum!

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sushikabob89 for the tweet screencaps
DEBUT? yay! :D
although allkpop is kinda meh, but i'm praying to shisus it's true!
[SNSD - Tiffany] Eyesmile!

Jessica and her Younger Sister, f(x)'s Krystal, “Jung Sisters Fighting!”

So Nyuh Shi Dae’s (SNSD’s) Jessica (20 years old, Korean name Jung Sooyeon) has sent heartfelt support for her sister Krystal’s (15 years old, Korean name Jung Soojung) singer debut.

Jessica has said words of encouragement through Money Today Star News on the afternoon of the 31st for her sister’s debut into the music industry with SM Entertainment’s 5 member girl group, f(x).

Jessica has said, “My loving sister, I thought you were still young, but I am so proud that you are debuting.” Also “Since I have walked along the same path as Krystal, and we have seen, learned, and prepared hard together, I believe that you will do more brightly and well than I did.”

Jessica has also said, “I will always be cheering for you. I truly love you. Jung Sisters Fighting. I’m always here for you.”

Also including Krystal, members Victoria, Amber, Sulli, Luna of f(x) will reveal their debut song LA chA TA on the 1st. On September 2nd at the Seoul Samsung-dong Fashion Center, they will have a showcase, and on the 5th they will have their first performance stage on MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’

Source: Star News
Translation: kellykim10 @ aff(x)tion forums

2NE1 for Fila!

is an extremely hot commodity, as they have taken Korea by storm and swept the #1 spot on all music programs/charts with everyone of their tracks. Hence, 2NE1 has been signed to model for sports brand FILA!

The concept of this shoot was "Stylish Sport," which fits the image of 2NE1.

A FILA representative stated:

"Skilled and stylish, these stars are the best at everything, so they will be modeling for FILA. We are expecting great results from this photo shoot."

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Bada: "I picked 2PM's Taecyeon before Baek Ji Young"

Singer Bada (Real name: Choi Sung Hee) worked together with Taecyeon from 2PM, who is considered today the ultimate trendy popular idol group.

Bada has made a comeback in 2 years with her 4th album title "Yes I'm in Love" which Taecyeon features in. Taecyeon also features in Baek Jiyoung's "My Ear's Candy", and they both show off their sexy moves onstage. Even Baek Jiyoung the diva becomes "shy" in front of the beast idol group 2PM's Taecyeon's charms. Then how did Bada and Taecyeon work together?

"Jiyoung unnie is shy in front of Taecyeon? The Jiyoung unnie I know would never act in such a way... (laughs) When Taecyeon recorded with me, I thought he was the one who was acting shy. He was so shy and nervous, I even wondered what I should do to make him feel comfortable. I bought him donuts and texted a lot with him to become friendlier. Taecyeon even said that he's more comfortable around me than Jiyoung unnie"
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SOURCE: Newsen
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'Iris' T.O.P "I will show my potential as an actor"

The Big Bang member who transformed as an actor turned singer, Choi SeungHyun(T.O.P) is ready for his first acting challenge.

Choi Seung Hyun attended the show case for 'Iris' on the 31st at 8PM, located in Seoul Plaza KBS 2. He stated,"Frequently being appeared is not
neccassary, and that isn't what we should focus on." and 'I will learn slowly."

He said, "I haven't gone to the army yet, and in this drama, I got to hold a gun for the frst time." and "Truthfully, I haven't adjusted yet, and I'm trying my best to."
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Source: nate news
Pictures: newsen
Translated by [info]parkjinyoung at [info]omona_prection,