October 29th, 2009


DBSK and Other SM Artist's contract details released!

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translated by kokonut @ omgkpop.com

omgawd, the terms of the contracts are totally ridiculous. no wonder jaechunsu wanted to sue the company.. not getting paid when you're not the permanent guest for the show? that is outrageous. and DBSK's already the most famous group from Asia, I wonder how it would be like for the less popular groups..tsktsk

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uk 𝄆 숟가락 두게 [still].

Big Bang fans' opinions on them going to Japan from this week to November 16

One of the fans from DCGD called YG's fan manager to ask about this week's Music Bank schedule. However the fan manager replied by saying Big Bang's going to Japan somewhere in the middle of this week and said they're coming back on November 16. Therefore, there are no schedules this week. Big Bang's staying in Japan until the second week of November for their Japan schedules thus no schedules in Korea until November 16.

However the VIPZ admins called YG and received a reply saying that Big Bang could come back to Korea earlier too (before November 16); YG just gave us the furthest date possible. Changes in the schedule could happen.

So why are the fans mad?
-Nonsense promotions for GD's solo album that GD's waited 10 years for. Only 10 performances on air and only two times on the radio.
-Responding to the fans' requests to make the 'hoodies' with the G-Dragon solo album logo on it but why isn't YG responding to the demands relating to the promotions? Not even a word about these demands.
-Japanese activities, GD solo concert preparations, GD writing songs(for Iris OST album, Japan album and who knows what other albums), GD solo activities promotions, year end performance preparations, MAMA performance preparation etc. all going on the same time. I mean is this seriously possible to do all at the same time?
-Will this happen to YB's solo promotions too? (It is also known now that YB's full-length album will be released the beginning of next year.)

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It is true that they're all working their asses off, especially GD who must have so much on his plate right now...I was really surprised that "Hallelujah" was coming out now, and that the MV came out the other day, on top of solo promotions. I don't even know, everything just seems so scattered.
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JYP returns to the stage for year-end

Park Jin-young of JYP Entertainment announced yesterday he will return to the stage as a singer for a series of year-end concerts from Dec. 23-26 at the Olympic Park Hall in southern Seoul. Park recently made headlines in entertainment pages after the single "Nobody," which he produced for the Wonder Girls entered the North American Billboard HOT 100 chart at #76.

In 2007, the 37-year-old super producer released his seventh studio album as a performer after spending six years behind the scenes.

During that time the music mogul turned out hit after hit for groups under his record label like 2PM, the Wonder Girls and 2AM.

In subsequent years Park has stepped back in front of the microphone for year-end performances that have taken him around the country to Seoul, Bucheon, Busan and Daegu.

Known also as "ugly-sexy" for his seemingly haggard yet seductive stage presence, his suggestive lyrics and sexually charged dance moves have gained him popularity among legions of women.

Park debuted in 1994, introducing neo-Soul and R&B to the Korean mainstream.

source: koreaherald

IVY's new album & MV for "Touch Me" released!


Tracklist of the new album:
01. Sensation
02. Crazy
03. Touch Me
04. 눈물아 안녕
05. You Are The Ace (Feat. JR GROOVE)
06. Good
07. 왜 나만 아프죠
08. Adios
09. 여자라서
10. 안돼요 (Rap Feat. Day Day)
11. Left 2 Right
12. 어차피 잊어야 할 사람
13. Zoo (Rap Feat. 길미)
14. Peek-A-Boo
15. 보란듯이
16. Touch Me (Electro Mix)


the sexy comeback you were waiting for. not bad, not bad.
t: guam girl forever.
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[RADIO] 20091028 ChinChin Radio - MBLAQ

die of laughter. or not. the rest of the embeds can be found here.


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mods, you approved of this post... when it was already posted. i took out four embeds and just kept one where they act dorky. do tell me if i should delete this post. thanks!
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[RADIO] 20091029 SSTP - SHINee - Ring Ding Dong + Y.O.U + How Deep Is Your Love

someone tell me which program they were on. thanks! thanks, _ochre!

MINHO IS HERE. MOTRUCKIN' YES. and LOL @ onew at the end. wtf.

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EDIT! added the one of onew singing "how deep is your love". so effing lovely. ilysfm, onew bb.

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Big Bang and Sean for Hope TV 10/23/09, in which Seungri gives us all secondhand embarrassment

It's Big Bang week, apparently! :D

Reasons why this clip is amazing:
- Can we all just take a moment to laugh hysterically at T.O.P's face while Seungri is talking? It's very similar to T.O.P's face during this lovely rendition of "Sexy Back", which leads me to believe it is his special "Seungri what is this I don't even" face.
- Seungri bb....... why don't you just stand there and look pretty? :D...
- I love how Seungri and Taeyang take the tiniest sips of the ~precious, symbolic water~ that kids in Africa are dying for, and then G-Dragon just takes a huge swig right from the bottle, like "Shit, I'm thirsty and Idfc."
- TAEYANG TALKS A LOT!!! but not as much as Seungri lol.... oh maknae :'D

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Big Bang’s Seungri is going to school with SNSD’s Yuri

Big Bang's Seungri and SNSD's Yuri have both been accepted by Chung-Ang University and will start attending classes in 2010 as freshmen.

According to Chung-Ang University on the 29th, the two of them had beat out some tough competition to make it into the school. To be exact, a ratio of 23 to 1. Both of them will be majoring in theatre and acting.

Seungri had previously withdrawn from high school due to his activities with Big Bang, however last May, Seungri passed with a GED (Good Enough Diploma). Yuri had also gave up on a college education after graduating from high school in 2007. But both submitted applications to the university recently and were accepted.


Hurray for college education. GED? LOL
and note, Sooyoung attends the same university too. So Sooyoung is their sunbae. LOL


Boom leaves for the army, Leeteuk and Eunhyuk give their last goodbyes.

On the 29th of October, Korean entertainer Boom (aka Lee Minho) was sent off to active duty by his Boom Academy students, Super Junior's Leeteuk and Eunhyuk.

Boom had this to say about his successors of the Boom Academy, "I'm thankful for Leeteuk and Eunhyuk seeing me off, and I await to see good things from the Boom Academy from the two while I'm gone." Leeteuk and Eunhyuk said, "We hope to keep the cheery and fighting spirit style that Boom has kept alive on Boom Academy." as the three shared a heartfelt hug.

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Source: allkpop

Have a safe trip Boom. :( And no Boom tag?

SoYoung quits after school?

Although Pledis Entertainment denied that Soyoung will be quitting After School, it is still up in the air.

On the 29th, Soyoung's representative had a call with Newsen and stated:

"She has decided to quit the team and is currently in discussions with the label to finalize things."

In response Pledis Entertainment stated:
"Soyoung is currently sick, that's why she is taking a break. We have not come to any agreement, nothing is confirmed. It's because her body is weak, therefore we are still considering what to do."

So what's the verdict? We're not sure yet, but it looks like Soyoung has made up her mind. Stay tuned to allkpop for more developments.

source: allkpop,  newsen

Not at the fact that she might leave the group but at the fact that she's sickk enough to make her do that. I'm seriously worried about her T_T


G-Dragon Concert tickets sold out in 10 minutes!

I'm sure you guys were trying to find some way to get to G-Dragon's "Shine A Light" concert after watching the commercial. But unfortunately, you probably can't.

As soon as the first round of tickets went on sale, they were gone! In 10 minutes, fans had already reserved 12,000 seats at the Seoul Olympic Stadium. Approximately 10,000 fans fought for tickets and 1 out of 10 were lucky enough to get them for this highly anticipated concert.

But you still have a chance as the second round of ticket sales will open on the 30th. Which will most likely be just as challenging as the first round.

YG Entertainment stated:

"We tried to give more fans a chance to come this time. We had more seats available than the Big Bang concerts but it still sold out immediately."

This will be an epic concert as G-Dragon will perform songs from his album that were never performed before and I'm sure his fellow YG family members will come and support him on stage.


JYP to keep contract with JaeBum, “Time is the problem”

JYP Entertainment will maintain and keep its contract with 2PM member JaeBum, who has left the group recently and is currently staying in the States.

The contract period for JaeBum is 7 years. Currently, it has been over a year after his debut, and there are still 5 years left on the contract. So what remains now is when he will return to Korea to resume his activities, and what many calls “the problem of time”.

JYP will be holding an audition in Seattle coming 7th November, and through one of the officials from the company, JaeBUm has also been scouted during the audition by JYP in 2004.

It is still not decided if Park JinYoung will be present at the audition in Seattle. An official said, “Because of JaeBum, there has been much concern about the audition this round.”

JYP Entertainment has also been very careful when asked if JaeBum will return to Korea and resumes activities sooner. But what we know is JaeBum’s contract with JYP will remain.

An entertainment industry expert said, “Because his contract with JYP will be kept, it is high chance that he can return and resumes activities naturally, but time is the key here.”


Netizens choose JaeBum’s withdrawal from 2PM as 2009 top entertainment issue

Netizens have chosen JaeBum’s withdrawal from 2PM as the top entertainment issue of year 2009.

On cable channel E!TV ‘E! News Korea’ recently, they conducted poll on 2305 people online on ‘2009 Top entertainment issue’ and 640 netizens (27.76%) chose 2PM JaeBum’s withdrawal, and it is #1 on the poll. Following at #2 is the theft of late Choi JinShil’s remains with polls from 297 people (12.88%) and at #3 is girlgroup dance craze with 235 votes (10.19%).

Top 5 results from the poll:

1. 2PM JaeBum’s withdrawal
2. Theft of Choi JinShil’s remains
3. Girlgroup dance craze
4. Jang JinYoung’s death
5. Jang JaYeon’s suicide

On 29th October, the episode of E! News Korea, they also ran a report on ‘2009 Entertainment issue.cases best, and after that…’ .

sungmin peace sign

Super Junior 1st Premium Live in Japan DVD rescheduled release date

The official Japanese Super Junior homepage has announced that the rescheduled release date for the 1st Premium Live in Japan DVD (postponed earlier this month) will be 6 January 2010.

From my not-so-fluent Japanese, they basically apologise and say that they've rescheduled it due to Kangin stopping activities for the rest of this year. Checking yesasia and cdjapan, it doesn't look like it's back up for ordering yet, but I guess it should be in the next few days.

Unfortunately, there's been no change to the tracklist on the site so Miracle, Gee and Pajama Party are still missing...

Source: superjunior-jp
Vague translation from Japanese announcement by ayameko

Jang Geun Suk leaves message on 'You're Beautiful' homepage

[태경♡] 황태경입니다!  2009.10.29 10:47:11

Hello viewers of ‘You’re Beautiful’. This is Jang Geun Suk, currently taking on the role of Hwang Taekyung in ‘You’re Beautiful’. I actually planned to write something here before the series began but because of filming and my tight schedule…

I was really late this time ^^

It has already been a month since ‘You’re Beautiful’ started airing. We don’t have many finished scenes; we just shoot right before the episode goes on air. Therefore, both the actors and the staff are feeling the strain. Maybe it’s because we’ve got great teamwork on the set of’ You’re Beautiful’ or maybe it’s cause of the young actors, but this has to the most fun and enjoyable drama I’ve ever filmed.
I suppose most of you know this but we finally hit the 2 figure mark last week (for viewership ratings). Although there might be people who doubt that we could do well since we’re a group of really young actors, or people who might be more interested in other dramas that are currently airing, there are now more people who will go ‘Ah~’ when the drama’s title is mentioned and more people who remember this drama. We might not have the resources and support to make this drama a magnificent one, but through our passion and great teamwork, we, the actors and the staffs are working hard to show everyone that this is a good drama. And the lovely words and interest that everyone has shown us has been a great source of strength to us.

(I always check our search rankings on various portal sites ^^)

Truthfully, as the leader of AN Jell, I feel sorry to my dongsaengs. We wanted to show this drama to more people but the viewership ratings were lower than we expected. I started to wonder if it was because I didn’t manage to bring across the Hwang Taekyung character well or if it’s because of Jang Geun Suk that people cannot accept this drama….many such thoughts crossed my mind..

(Cause I’m an A blood type, you know) (T/N: Type As are known to be perfectionists)

But I don’t think that way now. I won’t dwell on just viewership ratings. Looking at the other younger actors striving so hard to embrace their characters makes me realize that I should be the one learning from them. I’ve thought of giving up because it was too tough. I didn’t expect it to be so satisfying leading this group of inexperienced young actors holding their scripts, joking on set and researching how to express a particular scene. ^^

This week’s episodes will be the half point mark for this drama. Recently, not just me but also all my co-workers have just been shooting continuously.

We’ll do our best all the way to the very end. Till then, please give us your love and opinions ^^

Jang Geun Suk as…..Taekyung preparing to shoot the 19th scene of episode 8 at SBS Ilsan Tanhyun G-Studio

translated by: Sparkskey
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『U-KISS』:< no u

U-Kiss gets ready for their comeback~

A teaser image and the tracklist for their third EP has been revealed. Their newest member, Kiseop, also leaves a message on their homepage, hoping that fans don't hate him!

Conti Ukiss [미니앨범]
01. Intro
02. 만만하니
03. OK!
04. 만만하니 (Mr)
05. OK! (Mr)

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sources: soompi, kimkibum1220.com (direct link unavailable)

The MV teaser it out!

Gif is relevant. Do you recognize the person on the left?