October 30th, 2009

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Ninja Assassin Offical Movie Website

The Official Web site for the movie Ninja Assassin staring Rain, is up and running. They have got info,Media(Wallpapers, icons and others) Videos plus more . Though not everything is complete it still looks awesome.

(There is sound so suggest you check your volume before clicking on over.And most of the menus and links are animated (sorry if i phrased that incorrectly. I screencap the menu picture below myself.) You can click on the picture to head on over to the website.

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10asia's Lee Min-ki Interview (and Photoshoot)

10: We heard that your schedule had been packed with interviews but this will be the last. Aren't you tired?
Lee Min-ki: My agency always tells me it's the last one. But it was supposed to be the last one two days ago. (laugh) I hadn't been that tired but I do feel a bit weird today. I was home the whole day yesterday and I was too lazy to go out so I ate all these health foodstuff like Chitosan and Omega 3 capsules which I think is the problem. I was wondering whether I should eat ramen but I felt too lazy having to do the dishes afterwards. (laugh)

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Source: asiae.co.kr - 1, 2

LOL He's a total workaholic.

SHINee's Ring Ding Dong MV is a Hit!

With the recent flush of boy groups, specifically BEAST/B2ST and MBLAQ, we definitely cannot forget about SHINee.

SHINee released their album 2009, Year Of Us into the market on the 22nd, and they have been having various music program activities with their title-song Ring Ding Dong. We all already know that their album was a big hit, as they have been dominating music portal sites as well as Hanteo's album sales chart. Their album is indeed a hit, but their Ring Ding Dong MV has proven to be a hit as well!

SHINee's Ring Ding Dong MV was ranked number one in "most viewed" throughout the month of October on YouTube Korea. How many views? Well, they had about 747,292 views (updated on the 30th, 8PM KST) on the "officially released" MV. If you include the amount of views from other Ring Ding Dong MVs uploaded by countless netizens, the amount would be well beyond one million views.

That's not all. SHINee's MV also took first place in "most commented" on YouTube Korea with 3,844 comments.

Stay tuned for their performance of Ring Ding Dong on this week's KBS 2TV Music Bank, MBC Music Core, and SBS Inkigayo.

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Lee Chun Hee for K.Will's MV

Actor Lee Chun Hee, who is also known to be a previous cast member on SBS Family Outing, will be cast in K.Will's title-song MV of his upcoming comeback album!

Lee Chun Hee garnered interest as he showed heavy tears for his role of the main male character in K.Will's title-song Miss, Miss, and Miss (그립고 그립고 그립다). It has been told that the filming staff was very impressed with his control of emotion. Although Lee Chun Hee is currently busy with his SBS drama Smile, You, he accepted to the role as soon as he heard K.Will's song.

The MV is about a man breaking up with a girl he loves, and will unfold his sad, dramatic love story through the MV.

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Park Shin Hye's interview with 10asia

She was once nicknamed “Randy Shin-hye (Randy Jackson + Park Shin-hye)” for the left-handed fastball pitch she threw as the first ball at a game in 2006. Between her as “Randy Shin-hye” and an actress, and the reason why viewers can quite easily close in on the gap between the Go Mi-nam in SBS TV series “Minamishineyo” as a girl in disguise as a guy always causing trouble versus the main lead actress stuck in a love triangle, is because that is who the true Park Shin-hye is.

That is why 10Asia’s interview with this girl — one who is more delighted to watch the Korean pro baseball series than eat dinner after an overnight shoot — was that much more delightful. Below is the conversation with the 20-year-old actress who, better than anyone else, knows where she came from and where she is headed.

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The Most Beautiful Girl in the......room

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Taegoon’s confession, “I had to lose 20kg in 2 months by having water and rice in order to debut”

On October 29 broacast of SBS Power FM “Choi Hwa Jung Power Time” Taegoon confessed that he was not able to debut until he lost 20kg.

Before Taegoon made it into his current company, he was turned down by many agencies with only the words “You’re too bulky.” Taegoon says, “I only ate rice, and I only drank water to lose weight. With that I also did 4 hours of exercise each day. But when I finally ate again I regained 10kg.” causing laughter in the studio. Instead of going to measures to be thin, Taegoon says the only thing he does now is try to stay healthy by controlling what he eats.

He also shared that if you drink water which had red beans boiled in it, you will lose more weight than from drinking normal water.

source: taegoon@wordpress

Edit: This one article is exaggerating, there is another one here that talks about the same thing, he says was eating too, but barely. he was eating only rice and drinking water.
F.T Island ~ Lee Jaejin fake sleep

10.30.09 “Docile Daddy” Seungho, “Prince Syndrome” Cheondung … MBLAQ 5 People 5 Colours

Cheondung, Mir, Seungho, G.O, Lee Joon

With their intense charisma, new group MBLAQ are capturing the stage. What are the five guys like in real life?
As I give them a pen and paper and ask them to write about the other four members’ real personality, laughter bursts out here and there – “Hehehe”.
“You have to write really honestly and well.”
Leader Seungho gently threatens the other members to write about him nicely. However, Seungho’s request is instantly thrown into the air and broken into pieces. And without a moment’s hesitation, the members’ exposés began.
“Joonie, you really need to wash.”, “What, so we’re really going to go all out like this?”
The members’ pleasant back and forth of attack and defence started. The following is a summary of the members’ words from pen and mouth, a refreshingly honest view of MBLAQ from MBLAQ.

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Translation: leira@absolutemblaq

Joon and Mir are partners in crime &hearts
zhang liyin » standing in the boundary
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New officially released Zhang Liyin photos!

1. 晴天,雨天(Moving On)
The title song, ‘Moving On’, is an R&B song with the heartbreaking lyric that beautifully interprets the moment of parting with the loved one through the expression like ‘Standing on the border between sunny and rainy day.’ A hit composer, Kenzie has arranged the song into very modern and outstanding taste based on the sweet Latin ballad.

2. 爱我(Love Me)
‘Love Me’ is a powerful dance song particularly interwoven with the elements of POP R&B and it expresses about the internal true heart of women, hoping for the men ‘to express more and passionately like a real man’. Henry from Super Junior M happily did the rap featuring to enhance the charm of Zhang Li Yin’s persuasive and powerful voice and the song itself.

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Source: Official Site

P.S. "Moving On" is expected to get a Korean version! It's supposed to be released yesterday/today or something.
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Taeyang’s Full Length Album: January 2010

After over a year and 5 months since the release of his first solo mini-album 'HOT', Taeyang returned with his song Where U At, two weeks ago.

As you may all know by now, Where U At is not actually the lead single of his upcoming full length album, but is instead a prelude to it. He put on one performance for Inkigayo and now that that's over, in November, he'll release his digital single Wedding Dress, and continue promotions until the end of the year for the song.

So with him promoting his single for two months, it begs the question: when is his full length album coming out? Well, no official date is confirmed but for now all that's been said is that his new album will be coming out sometime early next year in 2010. When asked what kind of a song Wedding Dress is, he replied by saying, "In comparison to Where U At, Wedding Dress is a song that everyone will like." Does that mean people didn't like Where U At? Does it mean it's to attract other people who don't like hip-hop by going in another direction like fellow YG singer, Park Bom's You And I? Or are we just over thinking this? I think so. Oh see, there I go, thinking again about whether or not I'm thinking too much.

Now I know many of you fangirls and boys are distraught but think of it like this: What better way to start off the new year than with Taeyang?


2PM Hanami CF with Jaebeom released in Thailand

It might seem like Jaebeom is back with 2PM but unfortunately it isn't happening yet at the moment.

The 2PM boys had landed themselves a CF deal in Thailand for popular Thai snack HANAMI (prawn crackers) a few months back, and the CF that you see below was filmed in August, when Jaebeom was still with 2PM. The 17 sec CF is just part one of a series so you can expect more to come.

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SM-TVXQ Contract w/r/t/ Income Distribution

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The Court has granted the injunction filed by the members of TVXQ against SM Entertainment.The Court found that the Contract between SM and the Members was unconscionable and against public policy. Following this victory, the Members are proceeding with the main suit to ask for the rightful shares of all income generated from their activities.

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Source: dnbn
Translation: Inklette @ dnbn
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com

Hongki & Park Shinhye's messages on 'You're Beautiful' homepage

2009.10.07 09:29:26

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Hello. I’m Park Shinhye playing both Go Minam and Go Minyeo in ‘You’re Beautiful’. Wow.. It seems like just a few days ago since filming began last August and in 17 hours…the first episode will go ion air. I’m really nervous so the moment I reached home after filming I came here (T/N: to the official homepage) to greet everyone. >_< I wanted to boast about ‘You’re Beautiful’! Speaking of ‘You’re Beautiful’…

It’s a drama that we shot with difficulty and sweating buckets under the extremely hot weather. It wasn’t just me but all the staffs and the actors had to do lots of moving around. We’ve got really interesting episodes and hope that we’ll bring laughter to everyone. Also, there are many scenes showing each character’s charms~ Hwang Taekyung’s aloofness ,Shiwoo’s chic, Jeremy’s cuteness, Go Minam’s strangeness, Uhey’s haughtiness, etc. Anyway, the more you watch this drama, the more charming it gets~~ >_
Because we were working so hard shooting this drama as one team! Stay tuned to ‘You’re Beautiful’ every Wednesday and Thursday, 9:55PM on SBS!! If you dare switch channels, Minam might appear and cause a public nuisance with her 3-step combo hehe!~ As the difference in temperature between morning and night is big, please be careful not to catch a cold!! I hope that you will fall in love with A.N Jell.. ^^

Thank you! This was Minam Shinhye!!

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Translated by: Sparkskey


Aww, Hongki was only a minute late.
BTW, I went through the tags and realized this wasn't posted before so I'm posting it even though it's a little..outdated.

MAMA Voting For Overseas Viewers Now Officially Opened!

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After all the hype and discussions following the announcement of Mnet’s new annual music event MAMA and also the nominees list, the voting has been been opened officially for overseas voters and fans!

Overseas fans can now head over to: http://mama.mnet.com/2009/AwardVote/AwardVoteForeign.asp and vote for the ‘Best Song of 2009′ award.

info source: kpop jjang

How to Crack Japan: The Big Bang Theory (BB Article in TIME)

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For the past 20 years or more, Japan has successfully sold its superinfectious brand of pop music in other Asian markets. Now the South Koreans want to follow suit. The vocalist Rain — among the TIME 100 in 2006 — remains the international face of K-pop, but a host of other artists are eager to follow in his wake. Their appeal to Western audiences remains niche — Rain himself has struggled to make an impression in the U.S., despite a ton of MTV appearances and onstage backup from the likes of Omarion and Diddy. That leaves Japan as the prime foreign market for the talented, preening young acts that South Korea produces by the score.

The most promising of these is Big Bang, a domestically successful five-man hip-hop group formed through a Making the Band – style reality show in 2006. A Japanese-language mini-album (With U) enjoyed some success in 2008. Big Bang now hope their debut full-length Japanese-language release — having entered Japan's charts at No. 3 — will deliver the coup de grace. The good looks of the creators certainly won't harm the disc's chances.

A self-titled affair, Bigbang serves up fresh tracks and reworkings of the group's old Korean singles. The tasty production, dance-pop beats, fluid raps and great vocal harmonies comprise an expertly fashioned example of globalized R&B. Tracks like "My Heaven" (a collaboration with top Japanese DJ Daishi Dance) and "Love Club" have plenty of dance-floor appeal. As for swoon factor, well, their track "Let Me Hear Your Voice" has been selected as the theme for the new Tokyo Broadcasting System romantic comedy Ohitorisama. If your work is popping up on Friday-night prime-time drama, total domination can't be that far behind.


WUUT. BB in TIME? Congrats gaiizz! :D

Added the Bigbang pic from the article
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Ivy comeback title song ‘Touch Me’ MV banned from broadcast

Singer Ivy’s comeback 3rd album title song ‘Touch Me’ MV has been deemed inappropriate for broadcast and banned by broadcast companies.

Her company said on 30th October, “The MV to ‘Touch Me’ has been banned from broadcast on the reasons of too many sexual and adult reference. It has been regulated for viewing only for those above 19 years old.”

It was also said that the scenes which were viewed inappropriate were the scene where Ivy dances with the male main character, and also other revealing scenes in the MV.

Ivy’s company also said, “This took us off place, we felt sorry that the MV was banned from broadcast because it is Ivy’s comeback after 2 years.” The company stated that they may not consider editing the MV at all.

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I love this bitch.