December 26th, 2009

SJ/hae: in action

2PM's Wooyoung hurt by long nails of fans, leaving his face with scratches.

The violent behaviour of 2PM WooYoung fans causing WooYoung to bleed on his face and arms shocked many.
2PM performed in a NB club in Seoul GangNam InGeun during the early hours of Christmas day on 25th December. With the news about their performance, fans have swamped the venus causing confusion and messy situation at the club.
And the problem happened when WooYoung was going up the stage, and fans who were trying to touch his face and arms, and hurt him with their long finger nails leaving scratches and blood stains on his face and arms.
A fan who was at the performance venue uploaded the video showing visible scratches and injuries on the left side of WooYoung’s face. His index finger was also covered in blood stains, causing many fans to worry. Blood stains were also visible on his clothes.
Member Nich Khun was seen worried and passing him tissue paper to wipe the blood stains off. And in order to have the excited fans to sit down, the members said, “For everyone and us to enjoy the performance, safety is the most important.”
Meanwhile, netizens who saw the video said, “Fans’ affection gone overboard”, “This is not affection, this is obsession”, “I’m worried about the safety of the members” etc.

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Source: sookyeong @ wordpress
Video source: SHINeeWorldKey@yt
Too much is too much.
2PM > Chan is rrawwwwr
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2PM shoots CF for Coca Cola

Last week, an employee from Coca Cola wrote on his blog that the company was going to use another male idol group (Shinhwa being the first) for an upcoming CF for Coca Cola. He said the reason they chose this group was because he'd seen them on variety shows and they had impressed him. Well, turns out this male idol group is 2PM!

They shot the CF this week and there's already some photos plus a behind-the-scenes Video:

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Why hello there, TIGHT PANTS. Taec's especially, I'm distracted. Also, why do they always ruin Chan's hair? DNW. Either way, congrats to the guys (or JYPE's Marketing Team) for scoring such a huge endorsement deal.

Sources: 2PM Online [Photos & Rumor about the CF] & Symbelmynevii @ YT [Video]
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Justin Chon wants to be a transvesite member of 2NE1 and Brian is his secret lover

From Disney’s “Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior” to the still box office topping “Twilight” series, Justin Chon has come a long way into Hollywood. But what does the public actually know about him? Who is he? Why are we even talking about this Chinese boy?

That is exactly why we are talking about him.

We got to sit down stand and soak in the warm California sun while getting to know this 28 year old Korean American Actor. (For those in Southern California, read until the end to find out where you can meet him and maybe get a little mistletoe action going on. Although he may be busy with Jill…)

PS: So tell us a little about yourself.
Justin: Iono, let’s talk about something interesting. I don’t feel like I’m that interesting.

PS: Just a brief introduction. I mean this interview is about you, so you must be somewhat interesting.
Justin: A brief introduction… hmmm… what you need to know to get to know me is don’t take me seriously because I’m like absolute chaos, I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do. [Basically], I try not to care what people think. I am my own entity.

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Source: Popseoul

Idk about you but I lol'd for life reading this.
씨엘 04

19th High1 Seoul Music Awards nominee list!

The nominee list for upcoming 19th High1 Seoul Music Awards 2010 has been revealed!
Said to be one of the Korean popular music award ceremonies established by Sports Seoul in the 1990s which contributed to many other award ceremonies later on, the 19th Seoul Music Awards awarding the best singers of year 2009 will be held on 3rd February 2010.

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Voting will start from 26th December all the way till 1st February 2010
Voting method is by using mobile phone and entering voting key
High1 Popularity award: Based 100% on mobile votes
For Bonsang, Daesang and Newcomer award: Based 20% on mobile votes

DaeSang winner history for the past 9 years:
2009: WonderGirls
2008: Big Bang
2006: Dong Bang Shin Ki
2004: ShinHwa
2003: Lee Hyori
2002: BoA
2001: Kim GunMo
2000: Jo SungMo

Source: YGL & Sookyeong.

Chinese TVXQ fans warn SM Entertainment on newspaper ad

I guess Japanese TVXQ fans aren't the only ones striving to put their feelings in print on Korean papers - Baidu BAR, a TVXQ fan group on Baidu, purchased an advertisement that was printed on Gyunghyang, daily Korean newspaper on December 26, TVXQ's sixth anniversary.

On the advertisement, the members of Baidu BAR left a message to SM Entertainment:

You are trying to cut the dreams that [TVXQ] has been creating for the past six years, and are hurting the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people who felt joy because of them.

Stop your actions that are hurting the five members. Let them sing freely without any constraints.

The storm will wither soon. We will protect them forever so that they are not harmed. We will forever wait.

We are always standing by TVXQ
- China's TVXQ Baidu BAR -

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Beast's bedroom revealed!

Photos of BEAST members sleeping in bed at their dormitory have been revealed online. While the members looked charismatic with their powerful dance performances on stage, they had looked cute while fast asleep in bed.

A staff said, “Those were photos taken for fun at their dorm. To show a different side of charms to BEAST.”

Meanwhile, BEAST will be holding their first fanmeeting for 3000 fans coming 5th January. It was initially set for 500 fans to attend but with 5000 fans applying for the fanmeeting, the company had to change plans to have 3000 lucky fans attend the fanmeet.

BEAST debuted in October with the title song ‘Bad Girl’ and is currently promoting the followup song ‘Mystery’.

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Source: kbites via Newsen 1 + 2

lmao their colorful blankets and the soft toys on DooJoon's bed are so cute.

top 10 people of 2009, according to 10Asia

In the entertainment industry, the end of a year is a season about watching and talking about “people”. Many media outlets select their “person of the year” and people flock to year-end awards shows to hear a quote from stars that they do not get to see often. <10Asia> picked our own figures of the year, but there is no red carpet or photo spotlights for the stars to enter upon. Our selection of “persons of 2009” are not top stars who attained the most popularity from the public, but people who changed the landscape of Korea’s entertainment industry and stimulated the public with experiences that we had not had before.

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source: 10Asia
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Mnet to kick off the new year with Taegoon documentary / Taegoon in an-an magazine next month

Mnet to kick off the new year with Taegoon documentary

On January 14, 2009, solo artist Taegoon made his debut with Call Me, calling the attention of many with his hot music video that starred TVXQ's Jaejoong and actress Park Shin Hye. Since then, Taegoon has released three albums, charmed his way into many fans' hearts both in Korea and overseas, and been dubbed the "2nd Rain" for his dance skills.

A year and two days after Taegoon's debut, Mnet will be airing My Name is Taegoon, a feature documentary with interviews, MVs, live performances from his performance at Sanrio Puroland (Japan) and other exclusive footage from Taegoon's career over 2009. The documentary trilogy will be broadcast on Friday's over a three-week period on on January 16, January 23 and January 30.

Stay tuned for this series!
source: allkpop

Taegoon Will Be in an-an Magazine Next Month

★ 10/01/20(水) 発売 「an・an / 美しい男性の身体 特集」

★ 10/01/20(Wed.) 「an・an / Special Feature: Beautiful Male Body」

an-an is a popular women's magazine in Japan ( )
[SNSD - Sooyoung] sky

IY G7 Team Special Stage at 2009 KBS Entertainment Awards

yt source: SmoothyEco3rd

We usually only get to see G7 members (SNSD Yuri and Sunny, KARA Goo Hara 4Minute HyunA, Brown Eyed Girls Narsha, Secret SeonHwa and T-ara HyoMin) in farming clothes and doing farm jobs on KBS ‘Invincible Youth’.

But fans are in for a treat as the 7 female idols take the stage during KBS Entertainment awards on 26th December doing sexy dance performances.

Love the performance or not?
source: sookyeong

Yes of course I effing love Kwon Yuri's ass the performance.


Jo Kwon's a beast!

2AM Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girls GaIn were seen having some skinship and little love fights on MBC We Got Married on 26th December.

The 2 were heading to the recording room to record their duet song ‘We Fell In Love’ and were talking about one of the interviews they did on the show.

GaIn said, “You said you would normally imagine having skinship with me? And that you would feel excited when you put your arm around me? What kind of imagination were you at?”. And Jo Kwon answered, “We are a married couple, I can’t even imagine?”

With that GaIn said, “I thought you are innocent and pure, but you are just like other men.” And Jo Kwon later revealed in his individual interview, “I’m also a man, am I not the same as the others? She says this only to me.”

Meanwhile, the 2 had met with pretty composer Kim YiNa and Jo Kwon could not take his eyes off her causing GaIn to feel jealous. GaIn then warned, “(Jo Kwon) is not as pure and innocent as he seems” and Jo Kwon then confessed, “I’m a ‘beast’ too.” and they broke into laughters.

Source: KBites

I often feel that I'm the only one in OMNTD who doesn't think Jo Kwon is gay (._.)

Hangeng, "So Nyeo Shi Dae hurt my feelings by mocking me"

A Chinese news site has recently put out an article titled "Hangeng has been belittled by SNSD" and caused a stir amongst fans.

The chinese media website reported on the 25th that "The reason why Hangeng has left SM entertainment is not only because of the displeasures of his contract and constraining his activities, but he received a wound due to the disrespectfulness towards him by other artists." also stated "Super Junior member Hangeng filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, Hangeng was also hurt in the past by Korea's famous group So Nyeo Shi Dae by their harsh words towards him. Why Hangeng left his company is not only because of his contract's unfair length and clauses, but also because he was neglected when he had gastritis and kidney illness from when he was working nonstop for two years."

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Translation by pinkiyoojin @ omona_prection


Kara starves themselves and Kahi is ashamed of her arms?

Han Seungyeon
revealed on SBS Quiz Sixth Sense, Kara's special secret diet.

Many celebrities like to lie and say that they just eat healthy to remain thin, but of course Kara is up front and honest as usual.

Seungyeon said, "We start dieting right before our album comes out. We love eating, so we just starve ourselves before an album. 1~2 weeks before shooting for our album jacket, no one eats."

During the same episode, another female idol revealed a secret about her body. When asked about a flaw in her flawless body, After School's Kahi answered, "My arms are a bit thick. When I gain weight, it goes to my arms."

But isn't Kahi nothing but muscle?

The episode airs on the 27th.

Source: Allkpop
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Kang Ho Dong is Best Entertainer on KBS again!

Famous MC Kang Ho Dong has hit gold again at this year's KBS Entertainment Awards.

Last year was an all time high for the plus size MC when he received the Best Entertainer award, but he has managed to hold on onto his crown this year!

Although he had to compete with long-time friend/colleague/heavyweight (no pun intended) Yoo Jae Suk, Kang Ho Dong pulled through with his role in "1 Night 2 Days."

In his acceptance speech, Kang Ho Dong apologized to his close friend Yoo Jae Suk and also thanked his mentor Lee Gyung Gyu. "It was 15 years ago. Lee Gyung Gyu said, 'I'm going to take responsibility for your shows. If you fail, I fail.'"

Kang Ho Dong has been all over the place this year, MC'ing for shows such as "Strong Heart" on SBS and "Golden Fishery" on MBC and this might be the first of many as we count down the year in the next couple of days.

Just like any major event in Korea, k-pop was a must have at the awards.

Invincible Youth group G7 performed a song while idol groups like 2PM and Brown Eyed Girls also added color to the ceremony with their own hit tracks.

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source: akp

yaaay hodong!
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KCM, Gahee, and Doojoon have the best celeb bodies?

KCM, After School Ga Hee, and Beast Doo Joon have been selected best celebrity body by a fitness trainer

Ga Hee and Doo Joon appeared on a SBS 'Quiz Show' when 'fitness' came up. A fitness trainer appeared who selected 15 people that 'seemed to have a good body' Ranking number one was KCM and the others were 2nd and 3rd.

The rest pretty much agreed with the ranking and were envious of Ga Hee and Doo Joon's figure. Saying 'With these bodies their performances should be good' The ranking for top lifting performer was tenses in the studio and heated up.

The trainer selected 100 celebrity panelists with 'fitness¡'this was lead to a heated discussion. The show will be aired in 27 days.

CREDITS: newsen (SOURCE);DOOSEOP@ B2ST Rising(SHARING) xmyheart@B2ST Rising (TRANS)

Mods, the original newsen article wasn't linked to.
SJ/hae: in action

KBS Gayo Festival revealed!

The performance lineup for upcoming KBS Gayo Festival to take place on 30th December has been revealed!
This year, we have some special stages lined up including couple dance stage by Son DamBi and Park Jin Young, and also special appearance from the 2Days1Night team.

-Broadcast time: 30th December Wednesday 9.55pm (1st part: 85 mins/2nd part 85 mins – Live broadcast)
-MC: Hwang SooKyeong, Han SeokJoon, Kim Kyeong Ran announcer
-Performing artistes: Super Junior, 2PM, So Nyeo Shi Dae, 2NE1, SHINee, KARA, Brown Eyed Girls, 4Minute, Davichi, LeeSsang, Lee Seung Gi, MC Mong, Kim TaeWoo, K Will, Lee SeungChul, Shin SeungHoon, Kim GunMo, Park Jin Young, Son DamBi, Baek Ji Young
-Special appearance: 2Days1Night team, Jang GiHa and Faces, DJ Park YoonJeong

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Source: Sookyeong @ wordpress
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