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New Drama "My Secret Romance" to Air Simultaneously on OCN and Dramafever

DramaFever will premiere its original K-drama series “My Secret Romance” on April 17 both in the U.S. on its streaming platform and in South Korea on cable channel OCN. It marks the first time that DramaFever will stream a show in the Americas simultaneously with its overseas broadcast. New episodes of “My Secret Romance,” running 40 minutes each, are set to stream every Monday and Tuesday at 9 a.m. ET on DramaFever with English, Spanish and Portuguese subtitles.

Starring Sung Hoon and Secret idol group member Song Ji-eun, "My Secret Romance" is the story of a man and a woman who have a one-night stand. They meet unexpectedly three years later when the woman comes to work as a new nutritionist at the company cafeteria where the man works. He’s the resident prickly second-generation chaebol.

Like in all good romantic comedies, there’s a love triangle, and rookie actor Kim Jae-young is there to fill the third leg. Song Ji-eun’s character used to have a crush on him way back in the past because of his warm friendly demeanor, but now they’re best buddies in a strictly platonic relationship. He’s a successful travel writer and the owner of a book-bar that’s right downstairs from Song Ji-eun’s apartment.

Sources: Variety | Dramafever Youtube | Dramabeans/HeraldPop

OCN seems like a strange choice for a romcom, but they created a new drama timeslot just for this, so I hope it turns out well for them. Ugh at the "prickly chaebol" though.
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