January 1st, 2010

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4Minute's Hyunah's Solo Single Jacket Revealed!

We reported just before the year was out that Cube Entertainment was going to debut Hyuna as a solo artist, apart from her group work with 4minute.

Into the first day of the new year, we have got a little more information about Hyuna's debut single together with her album jacket picture. According to bossa747, Hyuna's debut single will be titled Change and will feature Joonhyung from BEAST as well.

That's something to look forward to this January.

Many thanks to kyujay for tip.


fuck yeah Junhyung. And Hyunah looks great in that picture.

"Unknown Big Bang won Best Newcomer?" Jealous Japanese Netizens Attack

Korean idol group Big Bang, after winning Best Newcomer at Japan's annual Record Awards, has received harsh backlash from Japanese netizens. The netizens are protesting that Big Bang's record sales fall far behind other newcomers, and are asserting that there is a problem with the judging panel.

On the 31st, popular Japanese new blogs such as "Wild Yaeneung Show" and communities such as "2CH" were flooded with attacks against Big Bang.

The day before, at 6pm on the 51st Japanese Record Awards broadcast by TBS, Big Bang won the Best New Artist award.

The Japanese Record Awards are given out annually by the Japanese Composers Association. The Best Newcomer award is given to one group of out those nominated. Big Bang beat out Hilchryme, Maya Sakura, SCANDAL, among others to win the Best Newcomer award.

On the 20st, Big Bang appeared on TBS's Japan Cable Broadcasting Awards (Nihon Yusen Taisho) and won the Best Newcomer award. There, Big Bang went to the final nominations with Maya Sakura and Hilchryme. However, when Big Bang surpassed the Japanese groups and won the award, the Japanese netizens didn't hide their discomfort.

They used the 2009 record sales to attack Big Bang. Hill Crime sold 108,000 copies, easily overwhelming the 41,000 copies sold by Big Bang, so why did Big Bang win the award?

The netizens were quoted saying, "Some Korean boygroup I've never heard of or seen won the Best Newcomer award through shady judging" and "Record sales are an important criteria so what exactly is the criteria they used?"

Big Bang debuted in the Japanese music stage last June with "My Heaven." The reason for the low record sales is because the single was released later in the year.

source: kukinews.com
translated by hypocritical

Um... Yes, surprise?
NYC premiere

Tohoshinki shakes away break-up rumors and spoke of of this year's aspiration on "CDTV"

[TRANS] 10.01.01 "We want to keep doing our best," Tohoshinki shakes away break-up rumors and spoke  of this year's aspiration on "CDTV"

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The popular Korean group Tohoshinki, who is in the midst of having break-up rumors, performed on "60th NHK Kouhaku Utagassen" on the last day of the year, and later appeared on TBS' special program "CDTV SPECIAL! New Year's Eve Premium Live 2009→2010". When being asked by MC TAKAHIRO (EXILE) what their aspiration for this year is, Jaejoong stopped a moment and only said, "We want to keep doing our best like last year."

After the three members of Tohoshinki - Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun - filed a lawsuit to request for a provisional disposition to terminate the exclusive contract with their managing company, there have been rumors of them breaking up floating around. There are also rumors that the members cannot communicate normally and that their actions are being observed. However, in fact, on the rehearsal day of Kouhaku, it has been reported that the three members and Yunho, Changmin returned to their waiting room in two separate groups.

After performing "Stand by U" at Kouhaku, they chose to not answer the press corps' questions. At CDTV, they only said, "Good evening everyone, we are Tohoshinki" and sang the song which contained a message in its lyrics.

Source: Oricon News
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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taken from : joecesjohncual@yahoo.com @ soompi

SS501 Kim HyunJoong is #1 for “Male Idol Star who shines in Hanbok”

A poll followed by 300 voter is recently conducted by hanbokrent.kr, hanbok.us, hanvok.com and embrain.com.

The poll was held in the month of December 2009 under the category “Male Idol Star who shines in Hanbok”!

SS501 Kim HyunJoong wins the poll with 46.8% followed by Big Bang Daesung (21.1%) and 2PM Nichkhun (17.7%).

Meanwhile, Kim HyunJoong is also #1 for another poll of “Male Idol Star who fits well in Hanbok” with 42.2%, whilst 2nd and 3rd place went to the same person Big Bang Daesung and 2Pm Nichkhun.

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Translation: marinastory (K-Bites)
Source: Nate

Not really sure what the difference is between the two polls, but whatever.

Taecyeon and Yoona gets number 2 spot on Nate

Yoona and Taecyeon are searched heavily... on Korean portal site Nate that is.

Merely minutes after their performance on MBC Gayo Daejun, 2PM member Taecyeon and SNSD member Yoona hit the number 2 spot on Nate's most searched list together.

The performance was more than enough to get fangirls swooning and fanboys up in arms, so it's not a big surprise that radical netizens would rack up a huge hit count in such a small amount of time.

Other notable searches in the top 5 are Boom and After School's ex-member Soyoung, who are rumored to be dating, taking spots 3 and 5 respectively.

Stay tuned to allkpop for more on your favorite Korean celebrities throughout what remains of this year and all the way through 2010!

Source: allkpop

I'm waiting for the fanfics and fanarts to start reeling in.

G-dragon's tears were a mistake

It seems like Big Bang G-Dragon didn't cry on purpose after all. Some of you might have thought he had the tears during his performance of Heartbreaker at the SBS Gayo Daejun as an additional detail of the performance but that's not the case. Some other people thought he was crying about all the controversies he went through in 2009.

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credit: allkpop

it's what everyone thought but i dunno.. where did allkpop get this? (im a noob at finding original articles) did GD say this himself? it also doesn't explain his onstage sniffing.. unless that's what happens when smoke goes up your nose?

TVXQ to disband officially? SM "Groundless rumors"

Japanese press reports on TVXQ officially disbanding have shocked many fans.

On the 1st, Sports Nippon reported that "Korean band TVXQ is disbanding at the height of their popularity". It also reported that the relationship between SM and Jaechunsu has soured and it is impossble for the two to reconcilliate. They've now gone into discussions to disband the group.

This news hit the main page of Yahoo Japan's entertainment news, showing TVXQ's great popularity in Japan. TVXQ attended the 60th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen on the 31st

Sports Nippon reported that although TVXQ stood on stage together that day, the relationship between the 3 members and the other 2 didn't seem good; and although they share the same dressing room, they go back to Korea on different flights.

It also claimed that the single to be released on the 27th will be their last single and they'll release a best collection album on the 17th next month.

SM Entertainment's reponse to the report was "Those are groundless rumours' 'We didn't start any procedures for an official disbandment' A representative said "We haven't decided on our future plans for TVXQ"

Source: Yahoo! Korea
Translated by: sparkskey @ omona_prection
2pm ; wooyoung ; ILU JYP

Minwoo injured in a car accident

Minwoo of Shinhwa has suffered injuries from a car accident and is currently hospitalized, according to an acquaintance on 1st January 2010, although the accident happened before Christmas in 2009.

The car he was in, driven by a friend, slipped on icy road and fell 5 meters off of a cliff on the Christmas eve at a ski resort. Minwoo sprained his neck, waist and ankles and is also showing symptoms of concussion and has been hospitalized since the accident with no news on when he will be completely cured. It is lucky that he suffered relatively minor injuries, as the Audi he was in was completely destroyed and others in the car received much more serious injuries such as broken spine and ribs.

At this time, it is very unlikely that he will be able to attend his concert scheduled on 16th and 17th of this month, according to the acquiantance. It was to be his last performance before he goes off to the army for his military service this year.


Was wondering why this hasn't been posted yet. This is so sad! :(
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Lee Jun-ki voted top Hallyu Star of 2009

Korean actor Lee Jun-ki has been voted top Hallyu Star of the year in a survey conducted by a Korean business news publication, according to a press release by his agency Mentor Entertainment on Thursday.

In a recent poll titled "2009 My Vote for Top 6 Stars of the Year", Finance and Economy News asked viewers who they thought were this year's top six entertainers in the following categories; Male idol group, Female group, Solo singer, Male actor, Female actress, Hallyu Star, Drama and Film. Each respondent was allowed to vote for one star in each category.

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Winners in other categories of the survey were:
▲ Male idol group : TVXQ (received 56.6 percent of votes)
▲ Female group : Girls' Generation (41.1 percent)
▲ Solo singer : Rain (31.1 percent)
▲ Male actor : Yoo Seung-ho (34.5 percent)
▲ Female actress : Han Hyo-joo (52.4 percent)
▲ Drama : "Shining Inheritance" (33.3 percent)
▲ Film : "Take Off" (29 percent)

Source: asiae.co.kr

Kim Heechul Park Soo Jin "We got married"

In SBS's weekend drama "Love You 10 Million Times" (Screenplay by Kim Sa-gyung, Directed by Kim Jungmin, Produced by G&G Production), Kim Heechul and Park Soo Jin have finally Collapse )

Source: bizplace.co.kr
translated by hypocritical

Why is there no tag for Soo Jin? I have an obvious bias for her for sure, but she's adorable.
Screw it, they both look amazing. ♥
[SNSD - Sooyoung] sky

First swine flu victim of the year: Younha

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On the 31st of December, Younha had shown signs of an ordinary cold but it seems to have evolved into more. On January 1st, Younha began to have massive headaches and body pains when suddenly she collapsed, and was immediately taken and admitted into the Seoul University Medical Center.

An official said, "Currently her throat is very sore and her coughing is very severe. They've extracted her blood to run tests and she's quite exhausted. The hospital says that there's a chance that it is swine flu and she's already been treated with the Tamiflu, and as of now we're watching carefully over her health." Younha's tests results are to be finished and revealed by the evening of January the 1st.

With this sudden admittance into the hospital, Younha will not be able to perform her song We Broke Up Today on today's New Year's Day episode of Music Bank.

source: allkpop

hibari/chrome; some tyl lovin'

Fellow JoKwon/Gain fans, rejoooice!!!

2AM's leader Jo Kwon and Brown Eyed Girl member Ga-In portray a married couple on MBC's reality show We Got Married. Many fans have expressed the two actually look like they're dating and would make a cute couple. Well it seems some of the fans were right because Jo Kwon revealed having romantic feelings about his "wife".

In an interview Jo Kwon revealed, "I actually deeply considered whether or not I should actually date Ga-In nuna." with Ga-In responding, "Now that filming for We Got Married is over, every time Jo Kwon calls me on the phone he says 'nuna' and no longer 'honey' and it makes me feel a bit nostalgic."

What do you think guys; would Jo Kwon and Ga-In make a cute couple?

Source: AllKPop